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In which we explore the great city of Richmond, Virginia, and think about its history as well as its present.

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Quirk Hotel
Rappahannock Restaurant
Lamplighter Roasting Company
Early Bird Biscuit Co.
Reynolds Gallery
1708 Gallery
VCU’s Undergraduate Juried Fine Arts Exhibition
The future site of The Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU
Sub Rosa Bakery
Libby Hill Park

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I knew two things about Richmond, Virginia when I arrived: One, it was the capitol of the Confederacy during the American Civil War, and two, it has a really great art school within Virginia Commonwealth University, with lots of good faculty, which was the reason I was there.

The collision of past and present encapsulated in those two bits of knowledge were immediately present as we drove through the city. How does a city like Richmond become a center for art and culture, and why? This is what we wanted to know.

Speaking of the capitol of the Confederacy, our first stop was the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, which is on the grounds of the former Robert E. Lee Camp #1: A home for poor and infirm Confederate vets. And you pass the headquarters of the United Daughters of the Confederacy on your way in.(?~0:44)