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The unpredictability and lack of precedent for the path we are on can feel unnerving at times, but having these recurring times to help us understand where we're headed is really important. It's also such a great luxury to have moments when I just get to be creative for a little while.

I even wrote a song this morning!! Well...a chorus...but still!

Again, pizzamas is ending very soon:

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Stay tuned till the end of the video to find out what's in the bag.

Good morning, John, it is Friday; my final day of Pizzamas, the final day of Pizzamas. 

As usual, it has gone by far too fast and I have ended Pizzamas with more video ideas than I started it with. So, I guess I could just do this, which makes sense, because in 2007, I did, we did this! This was every week!

So I guess I understand how we did it back then, but I don't really understand how we are still doing this now. There is something confusing but also really lovely about doing a thing that isn't a thing.

I think a lot in a visual metaphor of paths. A path is nice because, like, people have been on it, and so you can see ahead, you know where you're going, and you know where you're going to end up. But I think it's safe to say that this community is off of most of the well trod paths. So sometimes it feels like we can't see very far ahead, and I can guarantee you, we don't know where we're going.

I hope people don't think we have a destination in mind. We don't. But it's exciting off the path! High chances of tripping and falling? Absolutely. Occasionally uncomfortable? Sure. Chances of ending up somewhere you didn't expect? Very high.

The exceptional story teller and video maker, Johnny Harris, left a comment on my last Pizzamas video.

"i've been a die hard fan of this channel for one decade now. but I still don't understand what pizzamas is. and I kindof love that."

Me too! And I love it so much! Like, every year I kind of know what Pizzamas is a little less, which is perfect. It's confusing, but it's low stakes and it's lovely. What is Pizzamas? What is Vlogbrothers? What is Nerdfighteria? Like, I feel a little like I'm bragging right now, but, like, it's not fitting into any of the boxes that have been defined well. I'm sorry, it's just, this isn't what your normal YouTube community looks and acts like. Which is great! It makes it hard to talk about sometimes, which can be bad, but also it makes it so that we continue to be under the radar, which I like. Let's stay down here.

Anyway, it used to be that Pizzamas was, like, extra work for me. Now it's less work because I don't do the rest of my work, and it just becomes a time when I get to be creative all the time. It's like a creative vacation where, instead of working on work, I work on a different kind of work that isn't work. I mean, it can be hard work. Like, I worked very hard on that facebook video; there was a lot of sitting and staring and researching and writing and editing, and editing, and editing and forgetting about lunch and etc. But even after all these years, making a Vlogbrothers video never feels like going to work. Like, the goal isn't productivity; it's just making things and seeing if people like them, which maybe is part of why we started donating all the profit from Pizzamas. Like, it helps it not feel like work if we're not making money.

Speaking of which, at the beginning of Pizzamas, we thought we were going to do some discount codes throughout Pizzamas, and we said that we were to the people who we're going to get text messages. But then we felt bad about it because we were like, it felt like punishing the people who bought early, that was mean. So we decided not to do that, but we also said we were going to, so as a middle road, let me present to you the coupon code "NICKELBACK", which will give you 5 cents off of any order at 
And if you don't like that idea, it was John's idea. If you do like it, it was also John's idea. I'm just the ones who clicked the buttons to make it happen. And if you're doing gift shopping right now, I think the only other Vlogbrothers thing we're doing before the end of the year is the re-launching of The Awesome Socks Club. Just so you know what's going on in our commerce schedule.

And finally, I would like to introduce you to my cat. Its name has not been decided yet; it turns out it's difficult to choose a name when a four-year-old is involved. So at the moment, everyone, this is "Kitty". He has tried on a lot of different names; they all fit him differently, but we have not settled on a name yet. But regardless, already I love him so much. He's so cute. And no, you do not get to vote on the name-- that's up to Orin!

Thank you all so much for a wonderful Pizzamas. The Pizzamas store will remain open through the weekend, but this is the last time that I will be telling you on a video that is a place where you can get Pizzamas stuff. 5 cents off with the coupon "NICKELBACK", all profit goes to charity, and none of these items will ever be available ever again after this Sunday, and John, I will see you on Tuesday.