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Troy or Kujmous as you may know him from social media is what I like to call the 12th man of the Internet. He cheers on creators like the fans of a football team and on regular basis positively impacts my emotional health. This is why I asked him to talk with me about cognitive dissonance, a psychological conflict brought on when one's behaviors are different than one's beliefs. This happens a lot in my life: killing animals is unethical/eat meat; abstinence is the only 100% effective method/use other protection methods; our government is really unhealthy/live here anyway. Troy accepts me in my wobbly attitudes and actions which makes it easier for me to continue doing what I do for others. We're a team.

SEXtra Credit: Select clothes, shows, jewelry etc. for the following day and lay them out nicely folded or hang them up prepared to put on in the morning. This way the first bit of energy you give to your day is for you. See if this energy and kindness inward projects energy and kindness outward. Is there a stronger continuation of kindness if it starts from yourself?
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