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Hank gets in a car crash, his dad marches on Amsterdam, everyone makes friends with foxes and we assure you that there is only one kind of money. It was a very busy week, Hank went to Amsterdam and back and America and the world continues its convoluted path toward the future. But don't worry, it'll all be over when The Flood comes. Luckily, our koala has a swim vest.

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HANK: why is this kola wearing a life preserver

KATHERINE: yes, it’s a child swim vest

HANK: on the koala

KATHERINE: yes, kolas can’t swim

HANK: okay

KATHERINE: just being prepared

HANK: pretty far away from any open water. Orin likes to put that on sometimes

KATHERINE: yeah, he does

HANK: decide to put it on the koala. He like goes into his closet and grabs it and it is like hey

KATHERINE: put this on me

HANK: put on my swim vest I’ve never been in the water before

KATHERINE: I don’t know why I just like it

HANK: now he just likes to wear and beat his chest with it. And this koala looks very cute with it

KATHERINE: yeah. Its not really the right size for the koala

HANK: I mean… it fits

KATHERINE: it fits-ish

HANK: yeah

KATHERINE: he’s ready for the flood, its raining right now hank

HANK: it is, started

KATHERINE: it started

[theme music starts]

HANK: my name is hank green and im famous on the internet

KATHERINE: my name is Katherine Green, and I am not thrilled about it

HANK: *laughs* were about to take a look at the last week in the life of all of us and also in the life of me by checking out and reading and critiquing my twitter feed welcome to

BOTH: delete this!

[theme music ends]

HANK: did we talk about… no we haven’t we didn’t talk about that

KATHERINE: I don’t mind your job

HANK: alright, im glad thank you

KATHERINE: it’s the fame I don’t…

HANK: yeah

BOTH: [laugh]

HANK: so, we’re going all the way back to March 18th we apologize for uhh being late this week. I just got back from Amsterdam and uhh we were not able to record on our normal schedule so-

KATHERINE: yeah, two days late, it’s cool

HANK: yeah

KATHERINE: we usually record Sunday night its Tuesday

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