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Hi! We’re SciShow.

We make videos that make the absurd reality of our planet, our selves, and our universe understandable. 

We are excited about science, and we think that’s pretty normal. 

One thing we’ve discovered through experimentation is that, even though our content is very popular, it’s impossible to fund solely through advertising. 

Ads value all eyeballs equally, and they don’t really consider how engaged or interested or fascinated the brains connected to those eyeballs are, and they certainly don’t value how correct or well-researched the content they precede is. 

So SciShow needs support, and you are that support. At least we hope so.

Around 50% of SciShow’s budget is raised through crowdfunding. 

Without it, we would be doomed, and so would all of the content we’re uploading on SciShow, SciShow Space, and SciShow Kids. 

We want to keep that content flowing, and we want it to be free for the whole world to watch.

In order to keep that dream alive, some people have to pay. Not everyone, but a select few. 

If you think you might be one of those people, check out our campaign and the rewards available below.