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The fact is the audience of Sexplanations has consistently been amazing. When we started fundraising for the show, to create something sustainable, you were onboard right away to see that this never had to be a financial or professional burden for me. Jamie who is today's co-host and I witnessed from the beginning your outpour of support and generosity. We cheered for you as you cheered for us. We built care packages for you together and organized your messages and questions so we could show our gratitude. So I wanted to talk to Jamie about what it's been like to create the funding side of the show, how it's changed over the last four years, how I've changed. We also discuss Jamie's relationship to sexuality, the religious conflicts with sex before marriage, cognitive dissonance, and the value of prioritizing our sex lives so we have passion and knowledge to share with others.

Sextra credit: Give money -- ;oD Be kind yourself. Take a bath, squirt something like beet juice into the tub for every shame you can think of, and then drain the tub and let the shame wash away. Urinate shame too!

**There's a clicking sound during the replay of the Sexplanations YouTueb episode, that's because there's a timer counting how many hours go into each portion of creating the show.
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