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When I think about whether or not to have kids the two biggest arguments that come to mind are "no, don't add 59 more tons of CO2 to the planet each year" and "yes, we need more kids in the next generation to care for older generations as they age." It's confusing. And it's not simple. In addition to these reasons there are hundreds more -- emotional, cultural, economic and so on. Research shows that the more educated a person is the less likely they are to have children and this is often brought up to encourage people who intellectually prevent pregnancy to have children for the sake of society. There's social pressure, tradition, wanting independence, and adventure.

What I hope to do in this episode is to share some of the most common arguments for and against having kids while offering a third option to the debate -- fostering and adoption. I don't know what is right for any one person (though I do judge) and there's a lot of factors to consider (some I don't know of or understand).

As I share in this video, I have parented 12 kids as a foster and or adoptive parent. I started when I was 27 and it's now been a 10 year experience. Recently someone asked me to talk about this in a video so this is an effort to do that. It's certainly not everything I have to say on the topic including everything I've learned about sexuality from parenting. I chose not to go into a lot of detail because I"m still trying to sort out how to describe my experiences while preserving the anonymity and or confidentiality of my kids. What I can tell you is that I'm thinking a lot about how and if there's still interest, I will do my best to share more in the future.

Stay curious.

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