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In which John follows Hank's lead but does him one better by making a 16-part video. Topics discussed include our forthcoming podcast Dear Hank and John, Hannah Hart's trapeze talents, my forthcoming visit to Brazil, Rosianna's arrival in America, AFC Wimbledon, the various charitable exploits of nerdfighteria, and the Paper Towns movie, among many others.

Hank's Podcast because Awesome:
AFC Wimbledon DFTBA scarves:
Tab for a Cause:
DFTBA Records:
The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck:

Thanks to Sheridan for Hannah on the trapeze and Rosianna for everything else as always.

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Good morning, Hank. It's Tuesday. I liked the sixteen-ness of your Friday video so much that I'd do a sixteen part video of my own today.

Part 1: The intro. Done!

Part 2: Our one week fundraiser for Save the Children's work with Syrian Refugees has raised over $15,000, which means $30,000 with matching, which is a lot of money and makes me feel better about the world in general and my post-operative mouth pain in particular, so thank you.

Part 3: Our podcast. It's going to be called Dear Hank and John, or as I like to think of it, Dear John and Hank. It'll feature us answering questions from nerdfighters and dispensing second rate advice and giving you the latest news from AFC Wimbledon and Mars. Nerdfighters, if you want to send us a question or a problem, you can do so. We're at

Part 4: In the meanwhile, you can listen to the Tour Because Awesome Podcast, featuring Hank and his friends. Link in the dooblydoo.

Part 5: Hank, last night I had this weird dream that my friend Hannah Hart was a professional trapeze artist working with a trapeze collective called "The Flyerz" with a 'z'. No real story there, I just wanted to share that image with you.

Part 6: Hank, DFTBA Records has a new CEO Jo Garrett. She's great and she's a nerdfighter, and she's gonna help DFTBA Records get people awesome stuff in a timely manner.

I'm so bad at counting. What part are we on? I don't even know. Part 5? I'm gonna say Part ...7.

Rosianna is here! Hank, we have stolen Rosianna Halse away from her native land of England and brought her here to the United States with a fancy visa. I can't yet reveal to you the full awesomeness of this, but soon.

Anyway, part 8: Nerdfighteria sponsored AFC Wimbledon are going to stay in League 2 again which is great news! They finished the season in 15th, so they are still a full-time professional team, and if you play the next FIFA game, you can still be AFC Wimbledon and see our shorts in video game form. We also have some of these awesome Nerdfighteria Wimbledon scarfs still available at -- link in the dooblydoo.

Part 9: In case you're wondering why I'm in front of this white wall, new video background coming soon.

Part 10: Over at hankgames, I'm currently taking a moral journey through the video game "Grand Theft Auto," exploring the question of whether people truly wield power or the will to power ultimately wields people. Also, how do you play this game without running over people's feet?

Part 11: Bank of Nerdfighteria update. So Hank, ad revenue from this channel Vlogbrothers gets split in half between the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck, Nerdfighteria's charity, and a fund that sponsors educational content online like "Physics Girl" and "The Financial Diet." So far, for this year, the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck has raised about $40,000, mostly from people watching ads on Vlogbrothers, so thank you for ingesting all of that advertising.

But we've also gotten a bunch of money from "Tab for a Cause," a browser extension that allows you to make money for charity just by surfing the web. Really does work, it was built by Nerdfighters, there is a link in the dooblydoo.

Part 12: If you are a teacher or a student who uses CrashCourse in school your life is about to get better because thanks to Bill Gates we are building curricular materials around the videos like lesson plans, and primary sources, and other stuff that I don't understand very well because I am not an educator. But look for that stuff rolling out before the new school year.

Part 13: The Paper Towns movie. Hank, the Paper Towns movie comes out in like 56 days in the United States, It comes out at different times at different places. Why? I don't know the movie business is strange, but I will be traveling around the world to support the release of the Paper Towns movie at least going to Brazil and the United Kingdom, and also probably some other places. I hope I'll get to meet lots of nerdfighters.

Part 14: July 24th is not just the release date of Paper Towns; it's also the first day of VidCon. Oh that should be a relaxing day. Anyway VidCon tickets are probably gonna sell out in the next couple of weeks, so don't get mad at me for not saying anything about how they were about to sell out because I just said something!

Part 15: Oh my god, I can't believe the Paper Towns movie comes out in less than two months, it makes me feel that weird fear/excitement/strangly-throat thing. you know that thing?. I have a complicated relationship with that feeling, Hank, but all things considered I would recommend it over mouth pain.

Part 16: The outro. Hank, I will see you on Friday.