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Bonus clip from our episode "How To Pin An Insect" - enjoy the lil' tiger beetle!
See the full episode here:


Producer, Writer, Creator, Host:
Emily Graslie

Producer, Editor, Camera:
Tom McNamara

Theme music:
Michael Aranda

Created By:
Hank Green

Production Assistant:
Katie Kirby

Major thanks to Gracen Brilmyer for all of her help in creating this episode, and Alexandra Westrich for pinning some insects for us!

Additional resources/instructions from Oregon State University:

Filmed on Location and Supported by:
The Field Museum in Chicago, IL

Thanks to Tony Chu, Seth Bergenholtz, Katerina Idrik, and Andrés García Molero who translate as fast as tiger beetles run!
Gracen Brilmyer: No broken legs.

They're really the ninjas of the beetle world. You can find them in a lot of sandy forests or, around here, you can find them in the Indiana Dunes. You really just have to make a little bit of a fool of yourself sometimes if you wanna catch one, 'cause they run really fast - they have really long legs - and they also fly pretty well, and so they'll run and then have spurts of flight, and you just have to scramble to try and catch one.

Emily Graslie: They can run like five and a half miles an hour.

Gracen: Yeah.

Emily: Which is insane. That's an equivalent of a human trying to run 480 miles an hour.

Gracen: And both the adult and the larva are predatory, so the adults are obviously great at hunting, and the larva are as well. They burrow themselves with just their heads sticking out, and if like, another arthropod, like an ant, walks by they can just snatch it up really fast.

Emily: And this is the larva?

Gracen: Yeah. Ninja larva.

Emily: I don't wanna mess with tiger beetles. 


Emily: It still has brains on it.