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I got a couple things to say.  First, thank you to everyone who tagged me in this.  Second, thank you to the man who fixed that pelican's hair.  I think that that was nice.  Third, that noise really does remind you that dinosaurs and birds are related.

Pterosaurs, however, not more related to pelicans than dinosaurs.  Pterosaurs, straight up reptiles, but this is a pterosaur that probably hunted like a pelican and had a big pouch that it could catch things in from the ocean, and I wanted to tell you about it for a few different reasons.  First, it just looks like a big terrifying pelican, and I love that, but also, its scientific name is ikrandraco avatar and I can tell that that is a relatively recent discovery because this is an Ikran, and it's from the movie "Avatar".  Its name is ikrandraco avatar.  It's this dragon avatar.  They're just--there are two avatar references in one name.