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Shira: Hey, Shira Lazar here at VidCon with Josh Sundquist, and now you just came off from stage, you did your whole presentation, how was it?

Josh: It was really cool. I mean, yeah, the cool part to me was how like, I'm... I like YouTube a lot and these people, like, know YouTube, so you can make, like inside YouTube jokes, references to things like that which is fun for me, but yeah, there's a real enthusiastic crowd and it was awesome.

Shira: So you speak a lot, a lot of motivational speaking, tell people how you ventured onto YouTube. What's your story?

Josh: Yeah, well, you know, I first got onto YouTube actually like a few years ago as a way to, like, promote my demo videos as a speaker, and so that's what I had for years, and I'd just put up materials that I was, for my speeches, and that's how I'd get hired, was people would see that and then yeah, just recently, I was like, "Man, I should do vlogs as well". So now I've been doing vlogs as well, so yeah, it's, I'm a big fan of YouTube, it's awesome.

Shira: Do you feel like it's important to connect with people even between, you know, your speeches and everything?

Josh: Yeah, yeah, that's actually why it's really awesome, because then it's like... 'Cause when I go speak, you know, like, next week I'm speaking at a conference of like 12,000 high school students, and so something like YouTube is so great, 'cause then they can go home and like, keep watching my videos and so it allows me to sort of keep up that group of fans and yes.

Shira: What type of things do you like sharing with people?

Josh: So I tell stories about my life, about having one leg, mostly funny stories and then some serious stories about having cancer and I was at the Paralympics as a ski racer, so it's sort of a story about overcoming adversity.

Shira: And so do you feel like this community, it's been very empowering for you to be part of that?

Josh: Yeah, it has, you know, and what I was talking about in my speech was the cool thing to me about YouTube is that it's unique in that it's a place where a person with a disability like me can be on there and if they so choose not really reveal that they have a disability, which is not something that I can do in ordinary life, so I think it's really empowering for people like me and people with any kind of disability.

Shira: So great. You've been meeting all your fans and people that watch you?

Josh: Yeah, yeah, it's cool. It's... Yeah, it's cool, and what's cooler to me is just to, like, see people that I've seen on YouTube, like last night, I walked into like, the speaker meeting, and just like, all of the famous YouTube people were there, and I was just like, "Wow, this is amazing". Like, you're like, and it was, it's like, cliché to say, but like, everyone was, like, way taller or way shorter than I thought, I was like, "What? You don't look anything like I thought!"

Shira: Reality strikes. So what does the future hold, where do you see all of this?

Josh: That's a good question. I had a book come out this past January which became a national bestseller, which was great, but that was kind of like, what I had been working towards for like, two or three years, so now that's out and obviously I'm continuing to give speeches, so I'm trying to figure out what do I do next, if I wanna like, focus on vlogging all the time or sort of worry about, I don't know, yeah, I'm trying to figure it out. But yeah, it'll have something to do with telling stories, probably in speeches and in YouTube and in books.

Shira: What tips can you give people out there who wanna follow in your footsteps?

Josh: You mean, like, to be a speaker or to be on YouTube?

Shira: I guess use YouTube to share what they have to say.

Josh: I guess I would say probably the most important thing, I think, on YouTube is like, to be honest and to be yourself. I think what's different about YouTube, I've done some stand up comedy as well, and like, for stand up comedy, you have to be like, this very unique sort of hilarious, but on YouTube, it's like, you can just be kind of your own sort of hilarious and eventually, like, the people that connect with your style of humor will come to you, so I think that's cool about YouTube, is that, you know, if you're trying to be on YouTube, like, you don't have to try and mold yourself to be like anyone else, you can just go on it and be yourself, and that's why I recommend it to people.

Shira: Cool, thank you so much!

Josh: Yeah, absolutely.

Shira: Great to meet you.