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JB: Guess what?  I am still backstage at VidCon. I haven't left!  (laughs)  Once!  But, it's the end, which is sad and slightly glorious because I'm here with John, and I just want a lot of recap.

JG: Ahhhh...

JB: (interrupting) How do you feel about this year's VidCon?

JG: Tired.

JB: Yea.

JG: We, Joe and I've both been, like we're both out on our feet essentially.  He's pretending to have a lot of energy.

JB: (laughs)

JG: Blargablragablarg. That's how I feel. I'm so, I mean I'm so excited, it's been an amazing, amazing two days.  I can't even believe all the stuff that has happened.  It's crazy. I'm just so grateful to everyone for being here, I'm so grateful to the YouTube community, it's crazy.

JB: You're saying it's been a great two days, and it has, the conference has been two days, but it's been much longer for you.  Just real quick: how long does it take, for you to get this going? When do you start planning for the next years VidCon?

JG:  Well, there's a big team, it's not just me, I mean I don't do that much.  Seriously. I'm not just being modest.

JB: How bout the team.  Let's say the team.

JG: The- My brother will start working like next week. 

JB: Crazy.

JG: So, he's gonna take like a week and- but yea.  I mean, but we- we love this, this is- this is such a privilege, to be able to be here with you.  I mean, to a lesser extent you, but to be able to be here with Phil,  I mean, that's really special.

JB: (laughs) I love Hank.

JG: (laughs)

JB: Hank is a good guy. 

JG: Yes, he is. He is the better looking brother.

JB: Ah, what's been your favorite part of this years VidCon?  Give me like, I'mnsay, top three, you can say one, whatever.

JG: Alright, I love the Gregory brothers playing Double Rainbow, 

JB: They destroyed it.

JG: They destroyed it.  Bear came out on stage to sing with them, there were tears in my eyes.

JB: Ah you ahbesemum. (Mumbles)

JG: Actually, I was on a really interesting panel about education content on YouTube, and there were four hundred people in the room, and they- they- more wanted to come in, but no one else was allowed in, and it's pretty encouraging to know that you can sell out a panel about educational videos, so that's pretty awesome.

JB: Speaking of that, is Crash Course and SciShow-

JG: Check it out!

JB:And a, they're two of my favorite shows right now, they're amazing.  

JG: Thanks, man.

JB: Watch them.  Annotations!

JG: Agugabagugabguggauoh.  

JB: It's good stuff.  From what you learned from VidCon this year and the years past, what do you think, ah, the future holds for next years VidCon?  What new things do you wanna bring to the table?

JG: I mean, we just wanna see the conference continue to grow, but grow sensibly, ya know?  I mean, we don't want it to get, super crazy.  This was a big jump for us, to go to seventy two hundred people, but we wanna to, you know, stay here for a while...This feels good, this is fun-

JB: Yea. Isn't it?

JG: Yea, lets just do this again?

JB: Let's do it.

JG: You know, with more.

JB: One more day of VidCon.  Let's just do it.

JG: No, no, maybe- maybe, next- next year.  Next year.

JB: Okay, next year.  

JG: Alright.

JB: Uh, anything else you want to say, anything you want to kick to, anybody you want to thank?

JG: I want to thank all of our volunteers.  This would not be possible if it weren't for VidCon's volunteers. And they- many of them have worked tirelessly like twenty hours a day. So...

JB: Ya.  They're great.

JG: They are amazing.

JB: I was talking to the Fine Brothers and we were like, how many people have you come across that were just helping you get
somewhere, or getting you something with a smile on their face, and you're like, "How is your day going?  How long have you been doing this?" And they go, "I've been doing this for twenty hours today."  And they've been great about it!

JG: They've been really cool. So, yes, I- I can't thank them enough. 
JB: Yea, and I'm saying thank you to them through the lens.


JB: Well thank you.  Ah, John Green thank you for this, 

JG: Thanks buddy.

JB: Thank you for VidCon, thanks for talking to me here, ah, I'm Joe Bereta at the end of VidCon, this is John Green, ah, see you next year?

JG: Indeed.

JB: Mhmm.