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Created & Directed by: Rhett & Link
Written by: R&L and Dan Avidan (
Music Production: Andrew Huang (
Produced by: Stevie Wynne Levine
Director of Photography: Benjamin Eck
Editor: Benjamin Eck
Production Designer: Rachel Kondrath
Art Director: Nik "Tails" Taylor

Robot: Hank Green -
Cosplayers: Trisha Hershberger and Meg Turney -

Additional Cast/Crew:
AC (Miami): Alexander Alexandrov
AC (LA): Joel Gerlach
Robot Dancer: Nick Bishop Employee: Danna Pycher
Art Dept. PA: Nika Kolodziej
PA (Miami): William Youngman
PA/Grip (LA): Chris Frederick
PA (LA): Jen Matichuk
Intern/BTS Video: Alex Swickard
Addtl BTS Video: Jason Inman
Subtitles: Brian Jaggers
Special thanks to: Sword and Stone
Thanks to: Steven Leeds and the whole team, Collective Digital Studios, Matt Raub & team @ NODE, William Feldman, Meltdown Comics and Becca Canote for her Google Glass.

Thanks for watching and sharing this video! Beware: this video contains hidden annotations. And thanks for reading this far in our video description :) Súlon gwanna nîf lín, Hû ú-gaun!
Be your mythical best, -R&L
Geek: What do you think you're doing nerd?

Nerd: Did you just call me a nerd, geek?

G: Yeah, Nerd.

N: Yes I am a nerd!
Bookworm I'm studious
From my cerebral cortex to my gluteus
Back in kindergarten
I aced my college entrance exam
Now, I'm no rocket scientist
Oh wait, I am
When I pour my Alpha-bits
I get nothing my straight A's
My retainer and headgear connect
To a back brace
I've got a pocket-protector protector protector
I broke my glasses on purpose
So I could tape em together
Run back to Reddit
And type stuff no one will see
You're a geek
That means you're just a
Hipster wannabe
G: That's right I'm a geek
I've got brains and a personality
I wear my glasses sincerely
And my T-shirts ironically
There are some things you
Can't learn in a class
Or else I'd sign you up for
'Intro to How not to Be a Social Outcast'
You're just so early 2013
I was the cool form of uncool
Before uncool became a thing
I use an app to pair pork
With the perfect Bordeaux
Too bad there's no app
to neutralize your B.O.
While you're lost in Second Life
Letting your fingernails grow long
I'll be syncing up my
iPhone, tablet, TV and your mom
N: Sure, grooming's not my thing
But I don't care
I look so good in chainmail
That it's not Renaissance Faire
G: Doesn't LARP stand for
Loser and reject party?
I'd rather cosplay with hotties
Than play fake army
I tried Dungeons and Dragons once
And I died
Of boredom
But I'll still kick your
Assassin's Creed post-mortem
Mario Party's the only one
You get invited to
Your life is like Skyrim
An endless quest of Solitude
N: Ooo you beat Angry Birds
You're not a gamer 'cause you
Battle your friends with words
You click on cute icons
I execute commands
Do you really need a "genius"
To teach you Garage Band?
G: I landed
The first ROFLcopter
And took in orphans when I was 12
'Cause I'm an early adopter
I can wear Google Glass
without looking like a dweeb
OK, maybe not
But I can Yelp us
Some good pho to eat
N: You need 16 gigs of RAM
To watch a Steve Jobs Doc?
I keep an actual ram in my PC
His name is Spock
G: I'm a new console
Your face is birth control
I troll Brony sites
You look like an actual troll

N: I'm fluent in C++
[std:: cout << "You just suck! n";]
Can your iPhone autocorrect
Your dumb haircut?
G: Hold on a second
Let me tweet this infographic I made
That illustrates the fact
You'll never get to
N: I just haven't met a woman
Of a high enough caliber
The only dates you have
Are on your Go-Go-Google calendar
G: You're losing this battle
Your foam sword won't help
In the future you'll
Randomly access this memory
And crap yourself
N: Did I mention I built a dancing robot?
Robot Hank: No one gives a Shatner
About your skinny jeans
Do you even know
What URL means?
N: You don't know what you're Tolkien about
(In Elvish)
Much wind pours from your mouth
You cowardly dog
You are ugly
And your mother dresses you
Go kiss an Orc

N: You know

Both: You are a classic example
Of the inverse ratio
Between the size of the mouth
And the size of the brain

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