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In which many goals are scored and some songs are sung.

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How do you win a game? Only hitting the A button and the B button. The John Green story.

Get to your husband! And score! And score! Oh! Bald John Green from other John Green! Two men who love each other and know how to put the ball in the back of the net!

...fair on them for that. C'mon. Yeah! There we go! YES! We're back! Bald John Green, John Green! Upon his mustache! We're keen! He gives it all for the team! Bald John Green, John Green!

...but I think, hopefully- Oh! Take a bow, son!

Oh, Leroy Williamson!!

Oh! Get a goal! Get a goal! Oh!

This is my specialty... how good am I at free kicks? Rhetorical question; I'm so good.

C'mon. To your husband! Oh-ho ho! John Greens, John Greens, Bald and Other John Greens! They're the best forwards that Swindon Town has ever seen!

...then whom he loved- has loved so much for so long- WHAT IS AIR?!

OHHHH! What are you ta- [Maric Maric hugs another guy on screen]

Oh, he finishes it! Yes! How do ya like them apples? We are going to round 2 of the Capital One Cup! It's a historic day for Swindon!

And that's really- OH! He's big! He's tall! He's also short and small! One size Fitz Hall! One size Fitz Hall. He's big! He's tall! He's also short and small! One size Fitz Hall!

At least I made that guy go into his net. That always amuses me.

-unic. But not me! OH! Oh, you're beauty with his first goal of the season! know, is so good with her- OH! Leroy Williamson!

That was great. Great pass, there, Bandalovski. You're fired. Oh, just kidding. Great tackle.

Collins! Collins! To John Green! It's a goal!

Oh, oh, oh! Oh, get in son! YEAH!

Here's my advice: OHHHHHHH- [Guy gives Maric Maric a piggy back ride]

...taking his trademark seriously. Ohh! You beauty!

To... Leroy Williamson! GOAL!!!

You just got loved good and bedded well, sir!

...romantic interest- Oh, Leroy Williamson! Yes! Go punch the goal keeper.

...could be a little bit better. Oh, like for instance, if John Green scored in the ninetieth minute!

Oh, I hate myself! Best wish- OH, we won, we won, we won! Congratulations to the swoodil- wait...wait, did we win?