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John: So sometimes when I'm trying to figure this stuff out, Hank, what I do is I imagine a much larger situation. So like, imagine a building. 

Hank: Uh huh. 

J: (laughing) That has an arm. 

(Hank wheezes) 

J: The building's arm has a hand. And that hand is in a gigantic bucket of water. 

H: If this was a job interview and I threw you this question, and oyu gave me that response, I'd be like, "Hired." If you just take a bucket and you put a lemon in it, then that bucket weighs more. Right? The lemon, if it was just sitting on a scale, it would weigh a certain amount. You put that lemon in a bucket, it increases the mass of the situation.

J: Yes. Yes. 

H: So now, you have a lemon man. 

(John chuckles) 

H: And he's got a lemon arm with a lemon hand! 

J: I think the weight of the bucket increases by one lemon.

H: Uh huh.

J: And I think the weight of the lemon person has to decreases by one lemon. 

H (overlapping): ...decreases by one lemon! 

J: Right?