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This week's questions:
1:56 What do you think about Pres. Obama's article on the ACA in JAMA? Is it ok because it's relevant to healthcare in the US, or bad because it politicizes a scientific publication?
4:06 My son was recently diagnosed with ADHD/ODD, and his pediatrician recommended a gluten-free, dairy-free diet. He has improved on this diet (placebo?), but I can't find any good research. Thoughts?
5:35 Should I be concerned about the possible health risks of ingesting too much maltodextrin? I drink Soylent and am wondering if the high level of maltodextrin contained within it is unhealthy? Thanks!
6:50 Hi, I've just seen a video on infant self-rescue and I was wanting to know you're opinion as a pediatrician?
8:29 Are there any long term side effects of Accutane? I'm in my 4th month, and still no side effects!
9:08 What is the most effective management of common cold?
11:14 What evidence is there for blue light, specifically from LEDs, being bad for you? Saw a sign at the eye doctor advertising special lenses to protect you from "eye strain, retinal damage, sleep problems and ADHD" caused by the blue light from LEDs. As a physicist, I am deeply skeptical that the narrowband blue light from LEDs are any worse than broader band blue light from supposedly safe sources. What does the research say?
12:56 I don't trust Dr. Google to diagnose me -- at all -- but sometimes searching yields a plausible fit for my symptoms. What's the best place to start when talking to a physician?
15:02 Hi! What does the recent developments with Aetna mean for the ACA?
19:46 Can you dumb down what a single payer system is to a Tweet length?
20:11 I have a question about a video in the past about Wisdom Teeth removal and why the US like to remove them, can you list some reasons when/why it should be removed?
21:06 Your opinion about "Quantum Medicine" and "Quantum Therapy". Are there any proven benefits of this or is just a gimmick? Are there any particular areas where there is a proof of help to the patients?
22:32 Hi Carroll! Why are some infections diseases more prevalent in certain age groups? i.e. MeningitisW on16-19 year olds? Thanks.
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