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In which Hank announces the launch of GAMES WITH HANK!

Also, thanks to all of you spending time watching pre-rolls, we're giving money away to independent creators! The first to grant recipients are:

Kelly Kend:
Physics Girl:

My interview with Kelly is on HanksChannel:

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Good morning, John! Welcome to Games with Hank! So a  few years ago, I started HankGames, because I'm Hank and I like games! And when you said "Hey, I wanna come and also play video games on HankGames," I was totally into that idea!

And frankly, what you do at John Plays FIFA, where there are these fictional soccer players, who have a life together and are raising a child and both happen to be named John Green, while simultaneously raising actual money for the ACTUAL team that exists in the REAL life, SO MUCH money that in fact, now, Nerdfighteria's logos are on the uniforms of that team! THAT'S A REALLY COOL THING, and I don't wanna take away from that.

But the thing I wanna do is different, and I wanna upload a new Games with Hank episode every single day of the week forever, and I feel like it's different enough that I wanted to start a whole new channel dedicated to it, so THAT is what Games with Hank is!

We're starting out Games with Hank experimenting with this. This is the Oculus Rift, you put it on your face. You basically, suddenly, are in a new world. Anybody who has spent any amount of time with the Oculus comes out of the experience thinking "Oh my God! Everything's gonna change!" It's completely different, from any other media experience I have ever experienced.

I'm starting out on Games with Hank with three days of me playing a horror game. HERE'S A COUPLE OF CLIPS FROM THAT.

Hank while playing: A nice house, with frien- OOOHAHA, oh jeez, oh jeez, oh jeez, fart, fart, fart, see, this is nice.. Space, lots of room, the furniture's floating. Play the.. play the music. AAAAAAHHH!!!

It's difficult to convey how scary this is! When I take the Oculus off at the end of the game, I'm like "Oh, right, I'm here!" These virtual communities  that have become very real to me, I know that it just happens on the computer screen, it's clearly not a physical space, but the human condition is that things occur in physical space, so if things are occurring, we sort of apply physical space to them, but we don't do a great job of it. But this COULD do a great job of that.

Now the really weird thing about all of this is that physical spaces tend to change very slowly; that's not the case on the internet. Youtube changes its design and suddenly I feel like somebody just redesigned my whole house! Why did you do that?! I had a house, and I knew where the bathroom was, and now I don't, and I'm like "Where is the bathroom?! WHERE DID YOU PUT THE BATHROOM?!" That's an uncomfortable feeling!

Now in Games with Hank, we're gonna be playing video games with the Oculus and other kinds of video games, of course. But the clear potential once you put this thing on is so much greater than that for the future of all kinds of entertainment, for the future of sports, of art, of education, of music, of exploration, of adventure, of medicine, of politics!

I know that I'm extra excited right now because I've just experienced something that is really weird and different, so probably take this with a grain of salt: but holy crap, man!

I think, what we're gonna have to be ready for, is a lot of people saying how this is going to destroy civilization, and a lot of people saying how it's going to save civilization, but here's my stellar prediction: neither of those people are gonna be right.

Just like the internet, it's gonna be a mixed bag, but it IS going to change things! And I also will make NO predictions for how it will actually be used! People will try LOTS of things! And some of those things will be extraordinarily amazing and will resonate with what it is to be human. As you could tell, pretty excited about it.

TWO QUICK UPDATES! First, John, your punishment: I've decided that you should get a tattoo! But I know you don't wanna get a tattoo, so instead, you're gonna get a tattoo without any ink in the gun! It's just gonna hurt a lot, and you won't have anything to show for it.

Second, Vlogbrothers has had pre-rolls on it for over a month now, which means that we have a big pile of cash that we're distributing to awesome creators! One of those creators is Youtube's Physics Girl, who we're giving an equipment grant to!

And the other is Kelly Kend, who's working on a documentary about consent and sexual assault. Kelly's documentary raised $10,000 on Kickstarter, which she spent all of already working on the film. I found her stuff, I reached out to her and I said "Here's some of Nerdfighteria's money," she's very excited about it. I did a little interview with her and I'll put it up on Hankschannel.

John, I'll see you on Tuesday.

I mean, I really think if you remodeled this place it could be quite nice. You might want to instead just wanna burn it to the ground, though, if you have the option.