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Ha, I'm live again.  I think.  It crashed my whole phone.  My phone was like, I can't do this, I'm sorry.  I know that I'm designed to work with YouTube and everything, but not today, my friend.  Hi.  We've got snacks here for everybody today.  You okay?  Rachel, what are you doing?

R (offscreen): Yeah.  I had to go wash my hands.  

H: You're allowed to wash your hands.  

R: Huh?

H: You're allowed to wash your hands.  What'd you do?

R: Sneezed on me.

H: Oh, well, I appreciate that.  

R: Well, it's the warehouse.  People touch things and mail.  So.  

H: How many treats did we get?  Was this just the leftovers?

R: Yeah.  I think everybody's already--

H: Everybody's already treated up?

R: I think so. You don't want a cooler background?

H: Oh, yeah.  Cabinet?

R: Yeah.

Brandi: Okay, thank you.  It's a little--there you go.

H: Yeah. We--that was Brandi.

B: Hi!

H: Brandi helps keep all of our creators happy, is that mostly your job?

B: Mostly.  

H: Yeah.  

B: A little bit of website stuff.  Mostly--

H: Packing orders every once in a while.

B: Every once in a while, yeah.  

H: So everybody who was here before and lost--I lost the ability to livestream from my phone.  My phone just, it wouldn't do anything.  I didn't have to turn it off but the YouTube app did eventually crash.  My Thanksgiving was good.  I know that 88strings , you asked everyone, but I am included in that. 

It was great.  I had a good one and we had lots of good food.  We did it at my parents' place they were renting 'cause they came to visit town and the--whoaaa, is that a live spider or is it just--what is it?  It's just dust.  It's okay, it's just dust.  I thought I was--it was moving.  Um.  In surprising directions.  Didn't--it looked alive.  We have a bunch of new creators on  Hot Thai Kitchen, for example, is a new creator we've got.  We also got this mannequin thing to wear shirts for us, which is new, 'cause a department store in town was going out of business and we got them inexpensively.  Another one here, this one only has one arm, but who needs it?  Looks like we've got, I think Feminist Frequency pins getting their product shots done over here.  What is that?  

B: Rainbow Rowell.  

H: Ohh, nice.

B: New posters.  

H: Cool.  

B: We've got Jackson Bird, new zines and pins.  More Feminist Frequency.  

H: Oh, and this is--

B: UpisNotJump

H: UpisNotJump.  

B: Yes, these are awesome.  

H: Good, good.  

B: Aaand, ta-da! Hot Thai Kitchen.

H: Hot Thai Kitchen. And also I see some Absolutely Remarkable Thing posters.

B: Yup.  

H: That's nice.  There's this text poster, and this is April and Maya hanging out, and this is the giant awesome Carl with caution tape around him, I love it.  Um, and let's go talk to Keenan about how shipping works.  Oh, he's not there.  He's here somewhere.   

Offscreen voice: He's in the back.

H: He's in the back?  Okay.  Well, I mean, I can tell you roughly how it works.  We have two little printers, number 1 and number 2, they are not creatively named, and they--when Keenan pushes certain buttons on this machine, then labels come out.

K: Correct.

H: Which I can't show you because they have peoples' addresses on them.  We can strategically block out this Canadian's address.  Okay, this person got a pin of the month and shrimp heaven now, so a McElroy fan here and this is the thing that gets stuck onto your package when we send it to you.  This person got a bunch of stuff!  They got--so this--then this gets--so how do you know what size of mailer to stick this onto?

K: I don't right now.  It's as you pick it, you will find a box that it fits in. 

H: Okay, okay.  So for you, you go pick and then you make a stack and then you fit it in for something like this where there's 17 different things in th--they got, oh this is a bunch of Pizzamas stuff.  Oh, important question.  For packing Pizzamas stuff today, does that get the coin?  

K: No.

H: No.  It's only orders that come in today.

K: Correct.

H: Okay.  That makes sense.  Umm, so, wow, look at this.  Who are you?  Marguerite from Canada, no, California, got a vlogbrothers bobblehead set, Absolutely Remarkable Thing signed book bundle, Be Nice decal, Nerdfighter crest hat, Be Nice dad hat, Pizzamas past sticky notepad, Pizzamas past pet leash, fidget spinners, 18-inch Pizzamas button, our actions build our world poster, and Pizza John throw pillow.  Man!  Marguerite.  Um, people asking, for every order that goes out this weekend or for the next 1000 orders?  This weekend.  

Offscreen voice: Uhhh, next 1000 orders starting today.

H: Next 1000 orders starting today get our little 10th anniversary challenge coin, 'cause DFTBA's been open for 10 years.  This is our third warehouse in that time and when we started it was just like, me and Charlie McDonnell were our only creators and Alan, who is the co-founder and there's Dave, who runs everything.  

Dave: How are you feeling about 10 years?

H: How am I feeling about 10 years?  Really good.  I think it's great.  I was just, we were just going through the sponsors of the first VidCon, 'cause we're having our 10th VidCon and we were like, we could give a special deal to all of our 10 year sponsors, and the only companies that are still around are us and District Lines.

D: Wow. There we go.

H: That sponsored the first VidCon, and AuraBrush, which got acquired and yeah.  I mean, Sysco is still around but they were sponsoring a flip camera which is not a thing anymore.  

D: Oh.

H: So the fact that we still exist is pretty good.

D: Yeah.  What did you imagine when you started ten years ago?

H: Um, well, I called it DFTBA Records and regularly called it a record label so maybe I didn't imagine it quite correctly.

D: It's still, we still sometimes call it DFTBA.

H: I still call it DFTBA Records, and we do have a section of the warehouse that still has CDs.  

D: A small section.

H: It's there.  I'll take you there.  It's in the back.

D: It's up high.  Everytime someone orders a CD, someone literally climbs--

H: You have to go up a ladder.

D: --up stairs and goes and gets one.

H: Okay.  I didn't know that it had been moved up.  A couple months ago, it was still doing well.

D: But we still have a fair number of creators that were in that first year at least.

H: Oh yeah?  Who's here still?

D: Charles.  

H: Charles Trippy.

D: Still here.  Uh, do we sell Molly Lewis' CD?

H: Molly Lewis, yeah, that'll go out every once in a while.  

D: Uh, Chameleon Circuit CDs, we still sell their CDs.  Uh, who else?  

H: A fair amount.  Me!  

D: Well, you and John.  

H: John! 

H: Alan.  We still sell some Alan Stuff.  

D: I think so.  Uhh, a lot of musicians.

H: Yeah, a lot of musicians were around that are still around.  Back when it was supposed to be a record label!

D: Look at the Wayback Machine and see some...

H: Yeah.

D: --really old looking website.  

H: Which Dave did in preparation.  

D: I didn't even do those.  Those were ones Alan created.  

H: What's Dave watching?  He's watching this.  He's watching this very livestream and listening to Lake Street Drive.  What's that?  

D: Sound.

H: Chill 38 year old music.  

D: 38 year old, I wish.  That's nice.  

H: I don't know.  You look the same age as me.  

D: Yeah, okay.  Who's older?  I'm three years older.  

H: Okay.  Oh, wow.  I guess I should have known that.  Um, and yeah.  So everybody is now saying that they're going to order a bunch of CDs just to make everybody go up ladders.

D: That's--actually, that will make us happy.  

H: Yeah.  We'd love to get them out of the warehouse.  I don't know that we're gonna print new ones.  

D: So what do you think the next 10 years are gonna be like?

H: Uh, I don't know!  I mean, like, I never could have predicted something like Life's Library, which, because DFTBA's doing the fulfillment for that, is like a big part of our business.  

D: Subscriptions in general.  

H: Yeah!

D: I think, are great.  Flair club!

H: Yeah, DFTBA Flair Club, quarterly flair.

D: Starting Jan--you can order it now.

H: It will ship on January 2nd after we get through all the Christmas stuff.  It'll make life easier for us, and--

D: We will be--I think one day we'll do socks and pins again, but I think for right now, people have enough socks and enough pins.

H: Yeah, enough socks, yeah.  Well, no one--you never have enough pins.  Don't be ridiculous.  I'm trying to make challenge coins happen.  That's the future.

D: Okay.

H: I've got enough now--'cause we did one for every Project for Awesome since like, 2013 or '12, and so I've got enough that I'm actually getting a stand for my challenge coins and put them in a thing on my shelf.

D: Oh, that's a good idea.  You can tell--a sneak preview of the second quarter of the Flair Club is gonna be--with that tote bag we were talking about, that has places for all the pins.  

H: Oh, yeah, a pin tote bag.  

D: Yeah.  

H: By the time you're--by the time you fill up that tote bag up with all your pins, it probably weighs 20lbs.  I was always--I recently had a thought: I wonder if I have enough pins to make a full set of like, armor.  Just pin it all over my whole body.

D: You--I mean--

H: I have enough pins in the warehouse.

D: Yeah, we can make one for you.  Take all of the old pins from the pin club--I think subscriptions are probably a big thing over the next decade.

H: Yeah.  I like subscriptions.  I think that it's a great surprise to get in the mail and I also just wanna like, keep finding people who wanna make good stuff for their audiences and have really--have built really great communities, like the McElroys.  Just love working with them.  

D: It's great working with them.

H: Yeah.

D: It's always just really fun to get emails from creators you didn't know about who end up doing really, like, this guy Matt from UpisNotJump is absolutely hilarious and I had never heard of him but I spent all afternoon watching his videos.  Or like Hot Thai Kitchen.  

H: Oh, cool!  I think that's where it was.  Pizza John fidget spinner.  Those are still for sale.  

D: Yes.

H: I saw, I just saw somebody's order slip that had it on there.

D: Yeah.  

H: So.  

D: We kinda--we were like three months behind last year.

H: Oh, cutelittledevil says, "More patches, all the cool ones are sold out."  Dave.  Dave doesn't like patches.

D: I don't.  I'm in the wrong demo for patches.  All the cool ones--what do you mean, which cool ones?  

H: Which cool ones are sold out?  I don't know.  "Hello, I'm French, do you like Fortnite?"  I'm fine with Fortnite.  I love watching other people play Fortnite.  Patches, pins, more pat--people are into patches.  

D: Oh, we just launched valleyfolk patches.

H: We did.  The valleyfolk patches are very nice, but probably not interesting if you don't like valleyfolk.  But if you don't like the valleyfolk, just go watch it.

D: It's hard not to like the valleyfolk.

H: Because then you will have a new favorite show.  

D: Yeah.

H: Katherine and I watch the valleyfolk in bed now instead of like, Netflix.

D: It's so--it's so funny.

H: It's so good.  I love them.  I'm so happy that they're back.  What's your big eyes?  Titansgrave news?!  No.  I have no Titansgrave news, I'm sorry.  

D: I think we still sell the five gold--

H: Five gold in a party?  

D: I think we do.

H: I think I designed that.  No, I didn't.  I got somebody to do it really fast.  I don't know.  I don't think I did.  "SciShow Tangents merch?"  It's a little early, you guys.  We're on the second episode.

D: Oh, you know what we didn't do for Black Friday that we will do is Delete This merch.  

H: Oh, yeah, that's gonna start at PodCon.  

D: Probably.  Maybe we'll launch it online like, before PodCon.  

H: For the Delete This fans out there, yeah, and also if you have good ideas for creators that we should work with, we're always looking for those.  

D: Email us.

H: Email us.  What,


H:  'Cause info...what's--what's our customer support?

D:, but easier to--

H: Yeah, you'll get Brandi--

D: You'll get me at creators.

H: Oh, you'll get Dave.   

D: If you know someone you want us to sell for, get on it.

H: Get ready, Dave.  This is our poster section.  Got a lot of posters.  They don't take up a lot of space, which is nice, and then, I don't--we must have overstock posters somewhere, but that's why we have all of the upper area for getting around, getting the high shelves.  We got these high shelves maybe two years ago?  The nice ones, we used to just--everything was just these racks, which are fine, but they only go up so high and then we invested in this, so we've got a lot more space in the same amount of space, which was great. 

H: Um, yeah, so that we, like, here's the periodic poster overstock, of our giant CrashCourse periodic table, and, what do we got, 86th and Ditch poster, John Green.  We've got How it Should Have Ended poster.  We just grab a thing and see what happens.  Ski on Mars, why not?  Whoa, a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single podcast, um, the McElroys are selling generic podcast merch. 

H: Ooh.  So if I remember correctly--oh my God, I knocked a box over.  If I remember correctly, the--so here's a bunch of Pizzamas merch that haven't gone out.  I'm wearing one of my Pizzamas shirts right now, so it's just--they're on the shelf for packing the packages and if we go all the way back here, I think, nope.  It's moved . Looking for the CDs.

H; There's CD overstock.  We've got some vinyl.  This is our vinyl section.  Yeah, the CDs aren't up.  These--the overstock is, but yeah, here's Incongruent and Ellen Hardcastle, Harry and the Potters, the Caulden Road.  We do sell Alan's stuff still.  When I Was Your Age, Matt Maggiacomo.  Thing, thing, things.  Driftless Pony Club.  Got a bunch of Driftless Pony Club.  We've got some Charlie McDonnell.  I don't know what that is.  Rob Scallon.  This is a Rob Scallon CD! 

H: We sell a few zines even, which is also back here in the corner, which I love.  These are over--like, overstocks of the Harry Potter Alliance's magazine and then we've got some Joe DeGeorge zines, Practical Mushroom Forager's Handbook, here are our podcast shirts.  WheezyWaiter.  It's like a wonderland.  I always feel like it's a wonderland. 

H: It's just--everywhere you put your hand, there's something else special happening.  Here are Pizzamas boxes that haven't been folded yet.  This is the penny press that we use during the Project for Awesome to press--I don't have any pennies--to press pennies with designs on them.  It's just a crack, it's a hand crank.  I think that we may eventually invest in a system that does not require this motion, which is a bit much. 

H: But thank you to all the volunteers over the years that have come in to crank that penny press, including many of my close, personal friends.  Um, so here's receiving, this sort of first aisle is where we put stuff as it comes in. Obviously there's a lot of flats and like, packaging materials generally.  These are hardware, we've got like mugs and cups and wine glasses.  That stuff stays in boxes so that it stays safe.  And these are the boxes that get turned into boxes, which is a constant battle to continue building boxes.  It's not the funnest job in the warehouse.  Backpacks.  You packing mugs?

Offscreen: Yep.  Pizzamas mugs.

H: Pizzamas mugs!  Have you made a lot of boxes today?

Offscreen: Hmm?

H: You made a lot of boxes today?

Offscreen: Actually, those were made the other day. 

H: Nice.

Offscreen: I'm just using the ones that we got.

H: Doing the easy part.  

Offscreen: Yep.  I wouldn't call it the easy part.  I'm trying not to break the mugs.  

H: Yeah, yeah, yeah, pack it so that they don't break.  Look at what we got here.  So we pack the mugs in their own individual boxes and sometimes if you order more than one thing, we put the mug box into another package and then...what do the different stacks mean?  I'm gonna do this from a distance so you can't see any addresses.  Do you know what the different stacks are?

Offscreen dude who is no longer offscreen: Are you calling me?  Um, so we've got different orders.

H: Yeah.  Yeah.  

Dude: Like, this is the vlogbrothers bobblehead set, the Pizzamas button, and some of them have--Kris does most of this.

H: Yeah, stacked by the kind of orders that are in them.

Dude: Yeah, they're basically similar, they most likely get stacked together.

H: Right.  Cool.  And then if somebody orders two of one thing, somebody circles the two so that you don't just get one, 'cause it's confusing.  

(Muted conversation because someone has his thumb over the microphone)

H: Yeah.  There it is.  Oh yeah, that's a thing.  Hey buddy.  So how long have you been doing, working here sometimes?  

Meg: Uhh, since September?  Yeah, a couple months.

H: How often do you come in?

M: Every day.

H: Oh wow!  Thanks!  

M: Yeah, some weekends.

H: Cool, that's great.  

M: Yeah.  

H: Glad we have the time for you.

M: I am also glad.  

H: This is the big--there's a box of the coins.  These are heavy, man, when you put a bunch of them together.  They come in little sachets for you so that they don't have our little fingerprints all over them.  I would not have called this a sachet until today because I was hanging out with a British person and she used the word 'sachet' and I was like, sure.  

M: Isn't that a way you walk?

H: Yeah!  It is also that!  Are they related to each other?  Yes, I mean, I've--I've watched many episodes of Drag Race.  Are we still selling Pizza John Pizzamas pizza cutters or is this just the overstock?

M: Products of Pizzamas past, yeah.

H: 'Cause there's only like three of them left in there.

M: Yeah, all of this is like, stuff you guys sold or re-sold a couple of years ago? And like, aprons, pet leashes, plates, balloons--

H: Oh my God, from the party pack, right, paper plates.  

M: --from the pizzza box.

Keenan: Make sure people know we've got free international shipping too--

H: Oh, free international, it's--above $50, all shipping is free no matter where you are.

M: (distantly) And if you have questions you can email us.

H: And if you have questions, you can email Meg.  

M: Best costumer service ever.

H: Yeah, what do you got?

Keenan: This would be a sachet.

H: That's a--that's a sachet.  Okay, he wants to, Keenan wants to be very clear, that's a sachet, that's more of a sachet... than this.  I don't know.  This is kind of a sachet.  

D: Make sure they see Meg, that's who they're talking to!  

H: That's Meg. This is Meg, she will talk to you. She's like, I can't work, I cannot talk to you.  

D: She is hello@dftba

M: Yeah, I am.  I am all of customer service.  

H: Welcome--welcome to Christmastime.  

M: Oh, I know.  

H: Sorry.

M: No, it's okay.  I'm busy, but it's good.  

H: Yeah, people need to get their stuff.

M: I know, and I really want people to get their stuff.  

H: Yeah, that's right. Yeah, thank you for wanting that.

M: Thank you.

H: Valleyfolk shirts. Oh, those are nice -- this shirt, I like.

D: This is Valleyfolk?

H: No, that's not.

M: Not that's (mumbles). Those were -- pump those out. Yeah this is the, this is the one that was gonna be, um... like Patreon.

H: Oh, like the founding patrons?

M: Mm-hm. Yeah.

H: That's nice. I like that shirt better. I think that's probably some kind of... yeah. It's a-- Its A Tri-Blend, you guys. A tri-blend holy-- it's nice! Its a nice shirt for a founding patron. That's what you should get. Uhm, we have plenty of Pizza John Sleeping Masks left, so... [laughs] that might end up in a future, uh... future Products of Pizzamas Past.

H: That might end up in a future--future Products of Pizzamas Past.  We've also got lots of Pizza John soap.  It doesn't smell like pizza.  Were people concerned about that?  But honestly like, if you don't, if you don't use all the Pizza John stuff, hold on, I have to ban someone from the chat.  Um, if you don't like, if you don't use that Pizzamas, like, if nobody buys the Pizzamas soap, like, I'm gonna use it myself, so like, not the end of the world, and frankly, like, it's not like I'm not gonna use soap. 

H: Finished  orders go in this--in a bag like this and then this bag gets full when it gets up to the line.  We tie it up, we bring it over here, and I know that it looks like your orders are in a trash bag but I promise they're not.  And then those bags go on to that truck out there, we have this truck out there and that truck--well, that's actually currently just a trailer, so a truck will come by and pick that trailer up.  They've left it there over the holiday, over Thanksgiving, which was nice of them. 

H: Um, here's something where we have lots of space for future small items.  They're mostly lapel pins.  We've got Beer and Board Games, Super Carlin Brothers, DFTBA pins, pin club, this is a CrashCourse joke.  What's this one?  Fantastic McElroy pins.  Put those back in the right place, don't get them in the wrong place, Hank.  Create problems for yourself and everybody. 

H:  Kurzgesagt pin on the backing thingy.  You'll never quack alone.  This is the hard drive that contains all of my music on it.  For a while, I wanted to--oh, no indeed--and each one of them has a signed $2 bill inside, because that's what I wanted to have happen.  I gotta get some moderators.  Uh, I'm gonna turn some of you guys into moderators.  I think I can do that? 

H: Elyse, you're now a moderator.  Novathorn, you're now a moderator.  So, do the hard work.  Trying to get this hat on my head.  It's a little small.  I'm not gonna adjust it.  So the next person who orders this hat--it's been on my head.  I mean, now I kinda feel like I should apologize for that.  Are you listening to me music right now?  

O: We have the copyrights.

H: We have the copyrights.  Yeah.  Ohh, what's this?  Wow, that's--oh.  It's a lot of mugs, calendars, yeah, this--what are all of these?  

O: Kurzgesagt calendars.  

H: Okay.  Those are all unpacked Kurzgesagt calendars.  

O: The labels are [inaudible].

H: Yeah.  Cool.  

O: People are asking if they'll get a coin.  We have not reached 1000 orders yet.  

H: Okay, how many orders have we reached?

O: We're more than halfway.  So there's still a couple hundred.

H: Okay.  Okay.  So we're not--so it's gonna--it's gonna run out, is what you're saying.  

O: We will run out today.

H: Okay, it's gonna run out today.  

O: So it will be like an hour or two.

H: Oh, shoulda got more coins.  

O: That's--that's--the--you wanna pay for it?!  

H: Yeah, well, I mean, they're not here now. They're really nice coin.  They didn't skimp on those.  

H: Yeah, they're nice.  That's true.  

O: Yes, there are still some left.

H: Okay, so we've had over 500 orders?

O: Yes.

H: Okay.  Alright.  Well, hurry.  It's--is it the case that we get the DFTBA coin if we're in the next 1000 orders?  If you're in the next 500 orders now.  What pin am I wearing?  This is from the DFTBA pin pals club.  It's the Curiosity Rover, or it was the Pathfinder rover, obviously.  It says, "Find your path".  

O: We may sell mystery pins eventually.  Once the pin club is over...

H: Yeah, well, what happens is like, you know, we have to order over, just in case so we have extras and stuff.

O: Definitely selling them at PodCon.  And we'll probably--we'll do mystery socks, so we'll probably do mystery pins.  

H: Am I wearing DFTBA socks? I am!  (laughs)  What do you got, Dave?

D: Nope, no.

H: No, just normal, normal socks.  

D: Yeah.  

H: Which socks are you wearing, Brandi?

B: I don't think I have a DFTBA one on today.  Nope.

H: Nope, oh, come on!

B: So sad!  

H: Is this the book?

B: Yeah!  This is for the--

H: The Life's Library book.

B: Yeah!  

H: Nice. 

B: And--oh, wait, no, I can't show you that.  

H: Can't show me what?

B: The decal for Life's Library.  Maybe I can.  Wanna see it?

H: I don't know, yeah, sure, show it to me.  You can show it to me.

B: My sister-in-law designed it.  

H: Aw, nice.  

B: It's beautiful.  This one, not the Wyoming one.  

H: Surf Wyoming.  It's just totally in Jaquelyn Woodson's business.  You built a little shelf situation for yourself.

B: Yeah, it's so exciting.  

H: That's nice.

B: I have art from my five year old niece, it makes me happy.  

H: And your roof, it just doesn't exist.

B: No, 'cause otherwise I would get no light.

H: But you do get a space.  Yeah, right, like Dave.

B: Yeah, exactly.  The one little sad thing in the corner.  

H: Yeah, yeah, we needed him to have a roof so he could put stuff on his roof.  

B: Right?  

H: That's Dave's roof over there. Um, cool.  Nice, yeah, looks great in here. 

B: I love it.  

H: And you got your stand-up desk.

B: Heck yeah.  

H: And you're all healthy and stuff.  

B: It's fancy, with like, switches.  

H: Oh yeah, it goes down?

B: [inaudible]

H: Yeah.  We're still selling these guys.  My son was playing with them.  

B: They're really cheap now.

H: They're super cheap.  Yeah, because, I don't know, apparently people don't love bobbleheads as much as they used to.  

B: Bobbleheads had their day.  

H: Hi Rachel.

Rachel: Hi.

H: Can I come into your office?

R: Yes, you can.

H: I'm a vampire, I have to ask.

R: Yes.  

H: Um, how are you?

R: Good.

H: What are you working on?

R: On getting a CrashCourse poster up.  It's--

H: On the site?

R: Yes, it's actually gonna be really cool, 'cause it's an AR portal.

H: Oh, it's that thing!  That's a secret, kind of.  

R: Well--

H: I don't know, is it?

R: It's...I mean, it's supposed to go up today, they just haven't--I just don't have the description yet, but--

H: Someone has to type that up.  Can I transcribe it for you?  

R: Well, they're gonna send it to me.  

H: Okay.

R: But that's the reason why it's $25.  

H: Right.

R: Is 'cause--

H: It comes with content.

R: Yes, and like, 'cause, they're like making all the code and stuff.

H: Yeah.  So this is the thing.

R: Yes.  

H: So you have to download an app, and then if you have an app and the poster you can get--

R: Yes.

H: Alternate reality content out of the poster.

R: Yeah, so it's pretty cool.  Just came in today, like, the image.  What else do you wanna know?  Karen Hallion sent in some really cool stuff.

H: Oh, yeah, she makes poster--oh, yeah, calendar.  

R: She sent us a bunch of posters, calendars, and--

H: Just as presents?

R: --three pins.  No, no, to sell.

H: Oh, okay.

R: You can buy 'em!  

H: Okay, that makes sense.

R: But I was making the product page for that.

H: Great.  Yeah.

R: Did you talk about Flair Club?

H: Are you excited about Flair Club?

R: Yes.  

H: What's in the first Flair Club?

R: Um, there are--it's a sticker pack, so there are five stickers.  There's a beanie and a big old button like your John button.

H: But it doesn't have John's face on it?

R: No.  I should wear this, huh?  So, there's a John button and then a lanyard--

H: A big button, not a John button.

R: A big--no, not a John button.  A button and then a lanyard that you can put your stuff--your flair, as they say.  

H: Tell me about the beanie.  What's that?

R: The beanie is...

H: Ordered that yet?

R: Yeah, we have a picture.  It's on the product page.

H: Oh, okay.

R: So you can see it. 

H: It wasn't on the product page last night when I looked.

R: Oh, no.  

H: No, no, I did that this morning.

R: I did that today. 

H: Oh yeah, nice.  Neat.  

R: So yeah, it has like, the pompom and it has like, the little--it's gonna be embroidered.  

H: That's my business right there.  That's exactly how I want, like a toque.

R: Yeah, uh-huh.  So I wanted it to be like, cute, but also--

H: Yeah, mhmm, a little more low-key.

R: Low, mhmm.

H: Kind of like my toque, which is really--asks people to look at it.  

R: Yeah, I was looking at different beanies and there's like, a bunch of like, bright red, bright stripes and stuff and I was like, Rachel, you gotta turn it down.

H: Yeah, I mean, I love your fashion sense, I like wearing it under my pants in my shoes.  

R: Yes.  I like bright colors everywhere, but--

H: Yeah, I like that.  Yeah, I think that's a good--anybody would like to wear that hat.

R: It is.  I am--I want to wear that.  

H: Yeah, I can't wait to wear the hat.

R: Yes.   

R: What else do you wanna know about stuff?

H: That's all.

R: Okay.  Well--

H: I mean, other Flair Club, $30 a quarter for a year.  

R: Yes, yes, it's not--

H: Comes in a big package with a bunch of stuff.

R: Mhmm, it's not monthly, so that's the nice part is that you only get charged every three months.

H: Every three months.  

R: I keep forgetting.

H: So it's like $120 a year, 'cause I did that math.

R: Mhmm, but you get a lot of stuff.

H: You get a lot of stuff and it comes--yeah.  And instead of--and it's basically like, we--I felt bad about paying like, $3 in shipping every time we sent socks to someone.  I'm like, this shipping is as much as the socks, so we can put more stuff in a package and do it less frequently.

R: And shipping's included.  

H: And shipping's included.

R: You do not pay extra.  

H: Yeah.

R: So.  

H: Great.  

R: Do you like my--my lair?

H: Yeah, what is that, just--oh, to prevent the flourescence.  Good.  You got a roof.

R: Yeah.  I do.

H: You got half--unlike Dave, you've got the best of both worlds.  

R: Sure.

H: Unlike Dave, who has a roof and doesn't get any light.  You get some light, not direct on your...

R: Yeah.  Yeah.  

H: Dave's got windows?!  I've seen Dave's "window".

R: His great big window.

H: Yeah, his window.  It's--affixed to the--oh, yeah.  We would love to move to a place where Dave can have more than just this window.  

D: Someone called the Dave Cave. 

D: Yes, my colleagues bought me windows.

H: Oh, is that--is that how that happens?

D: Yeah.  

H: Yeah.

D: It was very nice of them.  

H: Yeah.

D: It's beautiful to look at a sunrise.

H: It's a weird sunny tree.  It's summer all year long.  Until you go outside.

D: Yeah.

H: Oh, yeah.  This hat.  I just can't wear snapbacks because I turn into a 16 year old immediately.  They wouldn't let me buy a drink if I had that on.  

D: And you just got a haircut.

H: I did just get a haircut.  You wanna hear the story of me getting a haircut?  

D: Okay.

H: We go to the place to get Orin's first haircut, and Katherine also wants to get her bangs trimmed.  We walk in and she--the woman's like, noooo, I do not cut little kid--like, baby hair, and we were like, okay, and she was like, I just don't.  And she was like, flustered.  She was like, really nervous, 'cause she's just never cut like, it was his first haircut and she was like--so, instead Katherine was just gonna get her bangs trimmed, I walked around the block with Orin, I came back, and the woman was like, well, I have time, do you want a haircut, and I was like, yes, I do, so I got a haircut and by that time, she'd like, spent enough time with Orin that she was like, maybe I'll give it a try.

D: Did she?

H: And she did.  She just cut his bangs, 'cause that was his main problem.  He had this like, one hair that he'd had, like, this clump of hairs that he'd had since he was born that was like, wuhhhh, and then every other hair, like, the vast majority of the hair on his head's like that long.

D: How'd he do?

H: He was great.  He had no, yeah, he just sat on my lap and got his bangs trimmed.  

D: [inaudible]

H: Yeah.  He--and he had just watched me get my hair cut so I think he knew sort of what was going on.  It was very cute.  

D: Good for Orin.

H: Make DFTBA pajamas happen.  We did Pizzamas jammie pants.  

D: We did Pizzamas pajamas two years in a row.

H: We did Pizzamas jammie pants.

D: No, and then we did the sleepy top.  

H: Oh, the sleepy top.  Oh, and then we did the sleepy top, that's true.  Those pants were not the b--

D: No, they were good, they were good.  

H: The process of getting them was difficult.

D: Yeah.  

H: Yes.  Yeah.  

D: I think they're fuzzy.

H: Yeah.

D: We could do Hank and John pajamas.  

H: I think that we could find pajamas that people would buy, but I don't think that they'd buy pajamas that just said, like, 'Hank and John' on them.  Maybe like, Nerdfighter pajamas or--

D: Ooh, the Nerdfighter backpack is still available.  

H: Yeah, I just walked by.  

D: Oh good.  

H: I was using mine yesterday when I was cleaning out my office.  

D: Pajamas are not high on our list, but we could--

H: Not high on our list.  Any other ideas, anybody?  I would--if people say "I would buy those".  Hank, can you make DFTBA baby merch?  I've been th--like, tell me the story of DFTBA and baby merch, Dave.

D: Okay.  The Pizzamas onesie that we did--

H: Yeah.

D: Maybe two, three years ago, probably, was the worst selling piece of Pizzamas merch ever.  So--

H: It was the worst-selling piece of--maybe people just don't want Pizza John on their baby.  

D: I mean--

H: Yeah, I don't know, I want Pizza John on my baby.

D: It's not like the baby has a choice.  Parents' choice.

H: Yeah.  

D: We get asked--you know, people will- make kids' sizes and we've done kids' sizes for some creators but--

H: Yeah.

D: I don't know.  Maybe it's time to try some more baby merch.  You know, Nerdfighters are getting older.  

H: Yeah, no, I think in the last two or three--I've done the survey, I haven't compared to last year, but last year, there was a fair number of people who filled out the survey who were parents, um, and--

D: I think a onesie's a good--I think, like a DFTBA or Nerdfighteria onesie would sell good.  

H: Mhmm, yeah, I like--so [inaudible] made me one when Orin was born, that was just the breast part of the Risa Rodil hoodie, so the hand that says DFTBA.  So just that, like, as the chest, like fits just fine on a onesie.  

D: Just a red onesie with John's face on it.  

H: Right, yeah, and that was really cute and they did a good job on it.  So like, they just have that screen ready to go and they just did it, so we could do that.  I think that's like a really, like, Risa's stuff is really, like, cute.

D: And yeah, lends itself to [inaudible]

H: Yeah.  So--we'd have to repay her for it probably, to [inaudible]

D: Yeah, I'm willing to try it again.  You know.

H: Yeah, I think it might be time.  It might be time.  Uh, Lee says, "I would buy a DFTBA onesie for myself."  Just do like, full-sized.

D: Hannah's carrot onesie did sell very well.

H: It did.  

D: I still wear it for Halloween every year.  

H: Do you want to tell the story of that carrot onesie?  'Cause that was a nightmare.  

D: I mean--

H: It wouldn't be again.  Like, if we did it again--oh, you forgot about that?  If we did it again, we would know what to do.  

D: We had customs issues.

H: We had customs issues with those.  They were stuck in Alaska for like a month.  Dave was on the phone a lot.  

D: Yeah.  Uh, what kind of adult onesie would we make for Nerdfighteria?  

H: Uhh, a giraffe, an anglerfish would be amazing.  

D: It would literally cost--I mean, how much--

H: How much are you willing to pay?

D: How much are you willing to pay, 'cause that's probably like a $65 or $70--

H: A buttfartman onesie?  The whole point of buttfartman is that you don't need special products. like, you just wear a shirt on your bottom and it works just fine.  Space?  Space is good.  Like a galaxy onesie.  

H: Seen the new hoodie?  Oh yeahh.  I wish--we don't have any test prints of that, do we?  

H: Yeah, one of the Pizzamas artists.  The robot-face Pizza John did a DFTBA hoodie for us for this year, which I want to be wearing right now.  I mean, SciShow onesie--onesie?--hoodie's also good.  Do we sell these or was this--this was just a staff product.

D: Yes.

H: Sorry, you can't have this hoodie.  Yeah, that was just for the staff.  

D: I'm willing to--ehh, I don't know, adult onesie, maybe not.

H: Oneside with a Pizza John on the butt flap.  For a human.  For an adult.  Babies are also humans.  There's that company in Missoula that makes those like--

D: They sell [inaudible].

H: Yeah, and it's like, at the airport, too.  It's like full body long johns basically, with butt flaps.  

D: Oh, for adult humans, too?  

H: Yeah, mhmm.  

D: I don't know.  Would be amazing to do a Hanklerfish costume.  

H: Yes.  

D: For next Halloween.

H: I mean, it doesn't have to be a costume.  It can also just be for sleeping.  

D: What?  People--?

H: I don't know! 

D: I think it would get really hot to sleep in that--

H: Yeah, I don't know what people do with the carrot one.

D: I don't either but we sold a lot.  Ask Hannah.  

H: Kitchen apron.  Do we sell any aprons?  We sell some aprons.

D: Yeah, we sell aprons for Hot Thai Kitchen.

H: Hot Thai Kitchen has an apron.  That's it.  Yes.  

D: Unless there are Pizzamas aprons still, which I don't think there are.  

H: What else do they wanna know?  Uhh, you should sell DFTBA glasses.  Like, these glasses or like, glasses?  

D: We've done sunglasses.

H: We have done sunglasses.   

H: People--the drywall's fine!  It's just not finished!

D: This is a functional office. 

H: Yeah.  

D: I've already got windows.

H: That's actually the--one of the most expensive part of hanging drywall is covering all this stuff up and doing the actual wall texture.  This is just so Dave, this space, where he can keep all his junk.  Is that a Christmas present?  Star Wars Lego?  

D: Oh, Jamie brought that in.  One of my kids. 

H: Right, okay.

D: It's just been sitting here for a long time.  

H: Yeah.  

D: They like puzzles, so. 

H: Orin likes puzzles but mostly he likes to watch me do it, 'cause it's a bit of a mystery for him still.  Alright, I'm gonna go--I think I'm gonna try and pack one package myself and not fail.  Okay.  Thanks.  

What are you packing?  

D: Uh, still pins and little tiny things. 

H: You tried to do what?  

D: I tried to cover the addresses.

H: Oh, good for you.  

D: Lots of sticker packs.  

H: So people just getting one button and a sticker.

D: Mhmm.  We did tons of just the buttons.  People love the buttons.  

H: And Christa like, separated these out for you?

D: Yep.  

H: Cool.  

D: Yep, circled all the doubles, if there's anything special, some things get special stuff, so.  Very helpful.  

H: And you wrote your name on it?

D: Yeah, so it's initialed just to kind of keep our record straight so you know who packed it for you.

H: So if it's packed wrong--

D: Yeah.  We try not to do that.

H: We can be like, heey, what does it say on the thingie?

D: Yeah.

H: Okay.  

D: Yeah.   

H: And you have a little trash can there?

D: Yeah.  Oh man, got lots of little dudes that come off your package.  

H: Yeah.  That is just so many things.  I wouldn't want to pack that one.  It makes me nervous.  I don't wanna pack that one.  I wanna pack this one that's just a Pizza John eye mask and that's all.  Three things.  Oh, God, but I don't know where anything is anymore.  What is the--what does the code mean?  Do these mean things?  DEPJ?  

D: It's our locations.

H: Oh, they're our locations.  Keenan's gonna help me. That's D142.

K: So D142, the way that this works, the letter tells you what main area, so right now, D is just this one section.

H: Okay, pretty small section.  

K: D runs all the way to the back.

H: Okay.  

K: First number tells you what section of shelving.

H: Keenan designed this whole system.

K: The second number tells you what shelf.

H: Okay.

K: Third number tells you what slot on that shelf.  

H: Ohh, I can find anything.  So D142, oh, oh, it's right there.  It's just a button.  Button, okay, and my next one is E3021.  That's a poster.  Okay, should be--

K: Is it this one?

H: it's not that one.  It says Pizza John poster.  You're wrong.  That's 4.  That one.  Pizza John poster!  Then, my next thing is PJ141.  

K: Kinda doesn't fit within our system, but it's just the Pizza John stuff.   

H: Uh, it's the throw pillow, though.  Ooh, just on top there.  141.  How the heck do you pack all of these items of various sizes into one thing?  That's a hard one.  

K: So the poster goes into the tube.

H: Yeah, I know how to do that.  Okay.  I used to do this.   The system is different now.  It's better and easier and a little more...  Oof.  Gotta roll them tight.  Those are in.  Oh, you're going in a box.  Put this in the box.  Okay.  Where are the caps?  Here they are.  Alright.  There it is.  There's your box.  And then where do I put the label? 

K: Label can sit right on the side.

H: Well what about the packing part of the label?

K: You peel that off but you just throw it in.  

H: And then I need a pen so I can mark down who packed the box in case I did it wrong.  Yay.  

H: --according to the chat.  And then this goes on here.  This goes on here?  I don't wanna mess this up.  Okay.  I did it.  Now I can pack anything.  I didn't know we had a whole system for finding stuff.  When I worked here, you just remembered where everything was.  Yeah.  Just got more Hank Green going.  Gotta love that tape song.  What?  How many SKUs do we have?  Just under 1000. 

H: It's hard to remember where everything is, yeah, it's definitely hard.  There's a big shirt section.  Well, that's--let's sit down.  Now I'm gonna go back to my little spot.  Here's my hat that I tend to wear in the wintertime.  This might get replaced by that DFTBA toque, 'cause this is--you know, don't exist anymore. 

H: How many orders get placed a day?  I mean, it varies wildly, so like, on our biggest days, we'll sell thousands of items.  So today, we'll probably sell more than a thousand things.  I was asleep, Shauna, for my Desert Bus video, 'cause I'm a dad and I go to bed at 10.  If I pictured a man named Keenan, that wouldn't be him.  What do you mean?  People want wallets. I'm excited.  Let's do it.  Um, and, what was I talking about?  Oh, how many orders.  Um, but on an average day, we probably sell like, hundred to two hundred things and then like, and then some days we'll sell--we'll be packing like literally 10,000 things.   

H: I don't know what's--Keenan probably knows the record for the most stuff we've ever sold in a day.  Keenan, what's the record for the most stuff we've ever shipped in a day?  Ummm, can you check it, like, actually look that up?  What do we do on like, an average boring, like day in April?  Like 100 orders?  

K: This is our last few years.

H: Okay.  So like, 150, 190, 342.  

K: Marked yellow are like, our top selling days.

H: Yeah.

K: Our biggest day was, let's see, November 19th, so let's see, this weekend of two years ago, we sent out 10,704 packages.

H: I remember that.  I remember that day.  

K: It was a lot.

H: Yeah.  We will not do anything like that this year.  But what--there must have been, like, multiple things happening at the same time.  

K: The calendars?

H: It was the, yeah, the Kurzgesagt calendars at the same time as Black Friday.  We've pushed that--

K: Pizzamas.  

H: Yeah, all at the same time.  

K: We got a little better at planning.

H: Yeah. 

K: But yeah, typically, this time of year, we'll have a couple dates that are over 4- 5000 that we'll send out all at once.  Coming up here, first week of December, we'll have all of Life's Library going out so that's--

H: 6,000 things.   

K: 5,000 physical ones.

H: But we're sending out stuff for the digital, too, right?  

K: I don't think so...

H: I think we're sending out, like, stickers and stuff.  

K: Maybe?

H: Maybe you're right.  I think you're right.  I think you're right.  It would make sense if you were right.  Of the two of us.  Okay, yeah, I think he's right.  Alright, so now we know.  Um, history of science, we always do pretty bad at figuring out what's gonna be good CrashCourse merch for a particular series, so we just have stopped doing it.  I wish we did, but like, I don't know, we--it's partially because like, we're filming them more ahead of time than vlogbrothers, it's partially because like, I don't know, I just like, think that people are less likely to be like, dedicated CrashCourse fans that want a shirt, though, though, we've sold a ton of Mongols shirts so, of all the things. 

H: Everybody wants a Carl onesie.  I don't know what that looks like.  You design it for me, I will--I will let you know.  Ooh, I like it.  I like it.  Sorry, I just got a thing I need to do real quick.  Nyerp.  Okay, alright, I like that one, it's 1x1 pinned orange drop shadow two.    Just doing work, you guys.  My bad that I have to do this right now, but I do.  Okay.  Okay. 

H: Where to send our designs?, Carl onesie in the subject line.  Okay.  Well, I hope that you guys liked our little bit of a tour around DFTBA's warehouse to see what we're doing, what we're up to, how it works, and I'm glad that I got to do a little bit of that myself.  Thanks to everybody who's out there packing orders, making it so that you guys get stuff in time for Christmas and we do still have--I can actually check right now and see how many orders we've had today, 'cause that is something I have access to. 

H: That's the wrong thing.  It's loading up.  And I'm gonna tell you how many as soon as I log into my thing here.  How many orders we've had today.  Carl Christmas tree ornaments is a great idea.  It's a great idea!  It's too late for that.  We can do it next year.  I almost definitely can't get a Christmas tree ornament done.  We've ordered--how many orders have we had today?  Today. 

H: We still have--there's 284 visitors live on the site right now and we have had 1400 people on the site today, but we have had still--you still have plenty of time.  We've had over 500 orders but not over 600 orders, so go.  Get.  Um, it is, when we're getting--I'd say that we're probably getting about 100 an hour.   

H: So, in the next five or six hours, we should run out of those coins and we'll let you know and I'll Tweet about it and maybe we'll put a notification on the site, too.  I'll definitely put a notification on my video.  Alright, everybody.  Thank you for hanging out and Pizza John or Santa Hat, Mars merch please, ooh, I could just do Mars merch, but then I'd feel bad 'cause like, why should I get the money for Mars merch?  Mars should get that money.  Tuatara plush!  Oh my God, I just died, that's a great idea.  Okay, I gotta go.  Bye, everybody. 

H: Thanks for hanging out, and, free shipping on everything over $50 no matter where you are in the world and the next 500 orders or so are gonna get a coin and then we'll run out and I'm gonna keep mine forever 'cause happy 10th anniversary, DFTBA.  Thank you all for your support over the years, in general, in all the ways, and have a lovely rest of your week and weekend, which is coming up real soon.