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In which Hank wraps a compact fluorescent lightbulb around his head and challenges john to ask congress to Step It Up!


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Good Morning John, it's Friday April 13th. I don't know very much about Kurt Vonnegut, but it's pretty clear that the English nerdfighters do, and with them I mourn. In times of mourning, it's easy to concentrate on the increase of worldsuck, but Brotherhood 2.0 isn't about recognizing when suck levels increase, it's about decreasing suck levels. This stuff on my head is for Kurt Vonnegut, but this video is for decreasing worldsuck. Let's spend a little bit of time talking about global warming. As my last video showed, I spend an awful lot of time thinking about global warming, and while a vast majority of Americans have decided that global warming is a really big deal and that we really need to do something about it, so far no one is doing anything about it. I mean, we are individually, people are buying Priuses and turning off lights and using compact florescent light bulbs, which I heartily encourage you to do. What needs to be done, can't be done just by individuals. There are pretty much three types of entities in the world: there are people, there are corporations, and there are governments. We got the people... we need the corporations and the governments. And I'll tell you what, it feels like we have the corporations more than we have the government, which is just screwed up! So if you want to talk about decreasing suck levels worldwide, we need to talk about decreasing temperatures worldwide... Or at least decrease carbon emissions. And just by coincidence, tomorrow is Step It Up Day. Step It Up is a campaign started by Bill McKibben, the guy who wrote that book I told you to read. Basically, its a campaign to say "Okay, Congress...uh, now we all agree that there's a problem, and you all agree that there's a problem, now... you... should... do something." And the good news is that almost everybody can participate in a Step It Up event because they're like, they're everywhere. We've got one in Missoula, and one in Glacier, and one in Corvallis. I mean, in terms of Montana, that's like having three block parties on the same block. This is a big deal. There's like 400 of these things going on in New York City alone. Basically, everybody's getting together and having a bloody fantastic time, trying not to emit very much carbon, and getting really angry at Congress. I mean, I love being angry at Congress. John, I know that there's a bunch of these cool things going on in New York, and I challenge you to attend one of them. I want to see video of you at a Step It Up rally, even if you have to have a Step It Up rally of one, I want to see you asking Congress to step it up for 2007 and actually make some change. Also, I know there's some eco-nerdfighters out there, I want to see you guys stepping it up too. My personal step it up project, I am going to turn off my house... all of it... a-all of it, you won't see me on the internet, I won't be there because my house will be off. I will also be attending a rally in downtown Missoula and, uh I will be gardening, because that doesn't take any power,'s a good thing to do anyways. I have to go because this thing is falling off my head. I'll see you on Monday.