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In which John attempts to track down his car.
ANNOUNCEMENT: We have read your comments about the length of these videos. So, from now on they will only be released as six-second Vines. Jk. Next Friday's episode will be longer. We promise.

John: Fortunately it turns out that, that I can choose between this guy and Franklin and I'd like to do that now, I would like to choose to be Franklin. I, I... See, he's very violent and he's a weird jumper and I just want to go, I want to...

Michael: Buddy, s'up?
Man: Hey.

John: I want to go back to being Franklin, that's what's up. Yep. And then I would like to be Franklin. Yes! Good bye weird rich dude. Hello Franklin. Me and Franklin are headed all the way to the top. OK, Franklin. Are you going to pick up our son? Well I am going to have a conversation with Lamar about what happened to the proceeds from that stolen motorbike.

Franklin: ...crash his car into the dealership.
Lamar: Hah, you crazy ** in this partnership. You better spend them while you got 'em.
Franklin: Yeah, if you say so.

John: Alright, how much money do I have? Oh. Well I don't want to play Michael missions. Michael doesn't interest me at all. He's just a regular, corrupt, rich guy. Franklin, on the other hand, is a fascinating and complex character. He likes to knock... Now quick question, where is my car? I believe I left it back at that rich guy's house and I need, I need a car. Meredith, is there any way to not steal a car in this game or do you have to steal them? Wait, OK. What about... Now, I just, I'm not going to steal it, I'm just gonna borrow it. Oh, oh! Oh. Oh my. OK. Just gonna borrow it to get back to my car which hopefully is still in the same spot.

Do you remember, per chance, where that rich guy lived? You think he's at the M? I don't think he's at the M at all, I think there's more bad news for me at the M. I just want to leave Los Santos entirely. Is there any way that Franklin can just drive to Chicago and try to start a new life? I mean, I just want to get back to that rich person's neighborhood, get my old car back. Oh, I'm sorry. I feel bad. And then the police will find this Jeep and everything will be fine and they'll give it back to its original owner. I do remember driving past that crane so perhaps I am going in the right direction. I don't know. I just want my car back. I'm nostalgic for it. It was a nice, white sports car that was given to me by an extremely corrupt non-repo person who's apparently involved in credit fraud. Oh of course, there's an incoming...

Franklin: Eh look man.
Simeon: Look! You were like a son to me! 

John: I was not like a son to you! You're a cheater and a bad person!

Franklin: Man, the dude had a gun to my head.
Simeon: No loyalty! No integrity!

John: You don't have integrity.

Simeon: You should have taken the bullet. My business, my totally legitimate business! You are my boy! !

John: Oh, wait. We can't still be friends?

Man: Man, look the * out!

John: Yeah, excuse me, I am trying to make some progress here toward that rich guy's house so that... I don't feel like I'm going in the right direction. Meredith, I'm just not, I've never been someone with a map in my head. Yeah, I'm gonna just, I think... Oh, watch me fly. Ah! I'm so good at driving now. Look at that! I'm just trying to go to that mission sign because I do realize now that my only hope forward is to religitami... Oh wait! This is a rich person's neighborhood, Meredith! I did it! I did it totally by accident! Maybe you're right, maybe that is where my car is. Oh God, I've missed you, car. I'm so excited to get reunited with you.

I want to apologize to the guy who I stole this car from. It's not like me, you know, as a person usually. And I tried, I tried to steal, you know, a car that, I don't know, I just, I'm just, I'm not proud, that's what I'm saying. Wait, wait, wait. Where is my car? It's not here. Meredith, where's my car? You think it's at my house? Via magic? You think they, they were kind enough to return it to my house? Well, I'm just gonna be honest with you, I don't know where my house is. You think it was hard for me to find this rich guy's house, I mean, at least he lives in a mansion. I just live in a regular house. I guess I'm just going to get out here and...

Alright, I just, maybe I just need to go back here and just get my car. Is my car here? Whatever. I don't mind stealing one of Michael's cars so I'm just gonna... This won't feel like stealing because he put me in a very bad situation, remember? Remember what he did to me, Meredith? It was very stressful and uncool of him. Oh, now they have no cars. Of course, they're a car-less family now, now they are. Suddenly the richest family in Los Santos can't find itself a freaking car. Agh! There's a beautiful bird flying overhead. What? Oh. Day turned to night, of course. Oh. Life is difficult. Wait, what just happened? Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh, hey Michael, it's me, the guy who you put the gun to the head of.

Michael: What do you want?

John: I need a car.

Franklin: I come by for that drink you offered. That's all.

John: No, no, no, no, no. I want my car back.

Michael: I wasn't really serious about that. Let's take Amanda's car.

John: Yeah, OK. I mean, I would like to take anyone's car because I'm in a tight spot... No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I don't want to be you.

Michael: Hey Jim, I'm going for a drink w...
Jimmy: Dad,  *! I'm in our boat going down the Western Highway. It's, it's been stolen.
Michael: What? The yacht's been stolen?

John: Is that Jonah Hill?

Jimmy: I was trying to sell it. I know you didn't want it sold, but I need money, and they don't want to buy it, they just want to take it. I'm hiding in the head.

John: Are you kidding me? Jonah Hill.

Michael: Alright, I'm coming for my boat!

John: Well, you know what though, Meredith? This is a mission I can get behind. It's just a rich crook who wants his yacht back. Haven't we all been there?