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In which Hank takes Pietro to a doctor, discovers the true traitor, and saves Machiavelli. Busy busy!

Hello! Last time on Hank Green plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0, our hero Ezio Auditore...uhhhh...infiltrated the Colosseum, acted in a play, took down a guy, killed but didn't kill Micheletto, and saved Pietro, but now Pietro has been poisoned so I have to get him to a doctor.

And I have to do it without swimming. And it seems like this is going to be somewhat boring. (background fighting noise) it this way? This way? This way. Alright everybody. You just fight it up.

(0:35) Mercenaries: Ezio, we are here to help!
Ezio: Hold the guards!

It seems like I can run a little faster anyway. Warning: restricted area.

Okay, don't see me. Thank you! Didn't see me!

Pietro, you're dying slowly! I'm so sorry. Oh wow, bink! Bink!

Pietro: Who are you?

Don't worry about...nooo..why are you attacking me? No, that's not what I want I want this. Oh shoot! Dude with the big thing!

Nooo you grabbed me! (background fighting and shouting)

Oh, Pietro is so almost dead! So almost dead--I AM PUSHING B!

Oh..(*sword clangs*) Get..I have to get my friend to a doctor! Oh my god...Can I restart this mission? TOOOOO LATE.

Okay, so the trick is, apparently, to not get detected, which I did. Immediately. Upon the beginning of this..the exit of the Colosseum. By big guys. But I thought I was outside, you know, you never know what's going to happen with this game.

 Mission Restart

I thought I outside of the forbidden zone. And that I could just get the frick out. But I was wrong.

(2:14) Mercenaries: Ezio, we are here to help!

Yes, good job. Help, help, go help.

Oh you made me drop my friend!

NPC: I'm sorry!

OK, this time...this time a little more careful.

Everybody run! RUN! Oh god.


Ohhh...What? Ezio, really?

What's going on? Shoot your gun! OH MY GOD WHAT IS GOING ON. What, why? Where's your weapon? *kicking guard in the crotch* USE YOUR WEAPON WHAT'S GOING ON? Oh, it's too late!

I don't understand why you won't pull out your freaking weapon. Oh, it's too late. It's too late. I don't understand why you won't pull out your freaking weapon. It's too late though, my dude is dead.

There it is! That was just a glitch. That was just, all it was was a glitch. I glitched, and I was not able to beat that guy. That's really frustrating. (*sighs*) Take out your freaking weapon, that's all I asked.

Okay, well, sometimes you know you have to deal with more than the average difficulty level. Sometimes it just breaks.

Oh great! Now I don't have my arrow storm. That's ridiculous.

Now I don't have an arrow storm. Well, that just makes things way harder. At least I have my assassins.

OK assassins. Do your thing. Distract them. It's all about distraction. OK. Don't see me. I'm your savior. I'm the savior of this dude who is dressed up like Jesus.

Hi Lemon!

Ezio: He has been poisoned!

Save him! I just got sneezed on by a dog.

Ezio: Hurry!
Doctor: Give him a moment!

Oh yeah, just freak out why don't you?

Hi! What do I smell like? Apparently I'm sniffy.

Pietro: I feel slightly better.
Doctor: Leeches will lead to a full recovery.

I have several jars of leeches if you need them.

Ezio: Cesare knows about you and Lucrezia.

Yup. That's why you almost died just now.

Who's that guy? Oh, it's that guy! He's alive! I just..assumed that you would have died.

 (chase scene music starts)

Why are you running away? Do I need to tackle you? He's fast! He's fast, he's faster than me.

You are fast, you are a fast little man

I don't understand why all the guards want to get me so bad.But not all of them.

Fast man! Fast little man! Fast little one-eyed man! I will get you! Ohh, thank you for making a hole for me.

I cannot catch this guy. It's not gonna happen, he is too fast for me. Okay. One-eyed man, you're starting to slow down.

What? No! No! Where is he? Where did he go? This way!

I don't know why I didn't tackle him just then. That was really...

Thank you for knocking people over for me.

OK here I come! OK--fu--NO! Come on are you serious?


Why did you run away? And now how am I going to have a conversation with you without being stabbed by 10,000 people?

Ezio: You are the traitor, not Machiavelli!

Ohhh, but you....

Traitor: LONG LIVE THE BORGIA! *ghhhkt*

Oh wow.

Ezio: Merde, I was right. I have to stop La Volpe before he gets to Machiavelli.

Wow, that was intense. Why did he, why? That's how you lived? Is that how lived?


Oh jeez, oh jeez I have a time limit. I have a time limit. Time limit. Didn't realize. One minute.

Okay, how far away. Should I call a horse?

Tried to call a horse. Oh, where did you go? Why did you do that, horse?

Shoulda got a horse. Oh, and I fell over.

(sings along with intense music) duhn duhn DUHN

Oh, no, I swam! I swam! I needed to swim, because there's only 30 seconds!

Oh I really hope I can, I can. Apparently I had plenty of time.


 scene with La Volpe, Machiavelli, Ezio

Oh, nicely done!

Machiavelli: This is good news.

Yes. It's also good news that you didn't have to die just now.

La Volpe: I am once again in your debt Ezio.

Everyone is in my debt.

Ezio: What debt is there between friends who trust one another?

Well, also....

I swam. I swam and I lost.

La Volpe: I heard the Colosseum passion play took an unexpected turn this evening..

*chuckles* Yes indeed it did. How odd.

La Volpe: It seems Jesu Christi was resurrected three days early.

That was a great little joke, friend.

Since that was all exciting and everything and we've kind of run out of stuff to do, I'm going to end this episode of Hank Green Plays Assassin's Brotherhood 2.0 right there, with these spazzy horses. Spazzing out. Walking over benches and in through each other. Walking spazzy. Spazzy walkers. What is going on? Oh yeah, that's weird. You guys need some help? *laughs* Here, uh, let me help. You, go on the ground. Hopefully that will help.

Anyway, that was this episode of Hank Green plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0. Thank you for hanging out, and next time you will not see and I will not see you but you will hear me. Next time, on Hank Green Plays Assassin's Brotherhood 2.0. Goodbye.