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In which Hank vlogs about the Wii U, Pikmin 3, Zombie U, Super Mario Bros. U, and Project P-100 from the PAX show floor.
Hello! This is Hank Green. Welcome to a special edition of Hankgames where today we're not playing games, we're looking at them!

I'm in the Wii U booth right now - look. Wii U. It's a new platform that doesn't exist yet. I don't even know when it's coming out. Um, I would like to know, but I've been looking at games.

There's a zombie one, there's a Pikmin 3. Zombie U apparently is a big deal. The line for that one is too long for me to wait at. But I'm not as excited about that one because I don't like... guts so much.

But I'm really excited about what's behind me right now, which is Project P100, which looks really fun. It sort of like, feels kinda like Pikmin, but more action packed, like more action packed Pikmin.

And then even more exciting for all of you and for me is Mario. Finally, finally in HD. How long have we been waiting for this? Super Mario Bros. U, which of course as soon as the U comes out and we can get our hands on it, we'll be Let's Playing, me and Katherine. I'm very excited about it. It looks pretty much like every other Mario game ever, except in HD. And I imagine the level design will be pretty fantastic because they don't really ever screw that up. So, I'm very excited about that. 

I'm pretty excited about the Wii U. I'm excited to, like, waste all of my money of new games for it. Um, and, uh, yeah! You can learn more about it, I'm sure, than I can be able to tell you. But, um, Pikmin 3, Project P100, which is not the official name of the release, I don't think, and, uh, Super Mario Bros. will be my first purchases absolutely.

Thank you for joining me for Hankgames News! A thing that will never ever happen again.