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In which Lindsey and Nick answer your questions about the year that passed and the one to come. There's even a Doh-moment at then end where Lindsey learns a little more about Buffy.
Lindsey: We're at the end of the year 2014, and Nick and I are going to sit down and have a chat.


L: Let's do questions!
Nick: Questions!
L: Sexiest cars, foods, songs, and voices.
N: Umm, sexiest car is the Maserati GranTurismo.
L: Audi's.
N: Strawberries.
L: Mangoes.
N: Ohhh, yeah okay.
L&N: Kiss by Prince
N: That's a sexy song.
L: Tori, Tori Amos.
N: Zooey Deschanel.
L: Christian Bale. And Loki.
N: Even I'll give in to Tom Hiddleston, that's a sexy voice.
L: I'm getting so turned on! Ughhhhh!

L: How awkward was the Halloween themed episode?
When we were working, there was still acknowledgement of two heterosexual people of the opposite sex hanging out, in a room alone, with me trying on lingerie, which meant that I was taking it off and putting it on in that room. Because we acknowledged that in a way that wasn't forced acknowledgement, it was so easy. It was like doing any other work that we had done in this office.
N: Lindsey and I have a very good, trusting relationship. I don't think that either one of us has ever done anything to one another that has in any way compromised that relationship. So, yeah, I don't think that there's any reason to be awkward. I wasn't feeling awkward, so...

L: Which Hogwarts House are you?
Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.
N: Ravenclaw has got the best name. I have a feeling I would have been in uhh..
L: *whispers* Slytherin
N: Yeah.

L: What is one question you've never been asked and the answer?
N: That one.
L: I was gonna say that.

L: How do you feel Sexplanations has affected both of your careers?
In order to answer this question I'm going to update you on our lives. Nick is no longer teaching at the University. He is doing Crash Course, and Sexplanations full-time. I am primarily doing Sexplanations and also have a private practice. I am the mother of two girls. I have a 14 year old I just adopted, and a 12 year old who just moved in this week. It has changed my career by allowing me to be a working mother more effectively.
N: Yeah, I can see that. It's just been a good thing for me on a personal and emotional level to have Sexplanations, as opposed to on a career level.

L: I have a homework assignment for you. 
N: Okay.
L: A Sexplanations meetup somewhere else.
N: You have to watch the first season of Buffy. She's not seen any Buffy.

L: How long do you expect to be YouTube content creators?
N: Forever!!!!! I think there is a time when I will probably go back to teaching. If I can find a good institution some day, that's what I'd like to do
L: You say that like it's an oxymoron. Don't you know that YouTube is the good institution? 
N: Uh, yeah, YouTube doesn't have a retirement plan at this point.
L: Well then, people that is what we need to change. I set a three year goal for myself when we started...
N: My God, we're over half way...
L: I know. If it goes longer than that, great, and if it doesn't, there are plenty of you who can pick it up.
N: I feel like if nothing else, YouTube has given everybody the idea that education doesn't have to come from, you know, from a college.
L: No!
N: It can come from a lot of different places and people now, you all can join in and be part of that, any of you can try your hand at this, and I think that's great.
L: Yeah, so stay curious.

N: That's your homework assignment, you have to watch the first season of Buffy...
L: First season of Buffy...
N: Which is interesting because the second season is the best season of Buffy but...
L: Nick showed me his favorite character which is part of the second season... The Queen...
N: Of...
L: Isn't she a drag queen? He a drag?...
N: No, that's Angel.
L: No...
N: Yeah...
L: Your favorite character is like a...
N: Yeah
L: Va va va vaaaa
N: Yeah, Lauren, the demon who sings karaoke.
L: So why are you saying Angel is the queen?
N: No no no, the series is Angel.
L: *gasps*
N: The spin-off of Buffy.
L: I'm so uneducated.
N: Yeah Lauren was never on Buffy. Lauren was my favorite character from Angel.