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When I was in London, I stopped in the Royal Academy of Arts to see their William Kentridge show, whose banner was claiming the space out front quite nicely. (0:00)

It's big in many senses, with a wide span of works from the South African artist's 40-plus year career. You start with a room of his early charcoal and pastel drawings from the 80s, bearing witness to life in Johannesburg under apartheid from different perspectives. (0:08)

Drawing forms the basis of pretty much everything Kentridge does. He animates drawings into films, and constructs installations and sculptures that set the stage. His works are full of references-- historical, art historical, musical, and personal, making a feast for the eyes and the brain. (0:24)

If you find his work, do yourself a favor and spend some time with it. Let it wash over you. Follow the rabbit holes of research it sends you down, and bask in his epic craftsmanship (0:44)