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In which Hank answers real questions from real nerdfighters....with the help of some friends, most of whom are him. But also, Henry from Minute Physics makes an extremely brief cameo:

People who helped!
Stefan Chin -
Michael Aranda -
Henry Reich -
Emily Graslie -
Good morning, John! It's Question Tuesday... on Friday, the day that we answer real questions from real Nerdfighters. Go! [Question Asking Hank] What countries is Nerdfighteria bigger than? [Normal Hank] Uhhh...who are you? [Question Asking Hank] I'm the you that asks the questions. [Normal Hank] Thaaat's not normal. [Question Asking Hank] Yeah, I don't think that we do normal. Like, the last video you did, you used the phrase "passive-aggressive robot sack of ketchup pee," and the one before that was about cat GIFs [guiffs]. [Normal Hank] Did you just say "GIFs" [guiffs]? Because we say "GIFs" [jifs] Not that either of those are incorrect. [Question Asking Hank] Yeah, actually, I'm thinking about changing, because the president used "gif" [guiff] in one of his speeches. [Normal Hank] Well, I'm not thinking about changing, and you're me! [Question Asking Hank] Yeah, that's not, uh... whatever. What countries is Nerdfighteria bigger than? [Normal Hank] Well, that depends on how you count. Uh, I've done some research on this topic, and if you're counting by the number of people who watch regularly, we are bigger than 61 countries, including the Barbados, and if you count by the number of people subscribed, we're bigger than 85 countries, including Djibouti, which has the smallest population of all countries in Africa. [Useless Trivia Hank] It also contains the lowest point in all of Africa. The shores of Lake Assal are more than 500 feet below sea level. [Normal Hank] Ehhhhh... that is... just got used to the question-asking me! Who the heck are you?! [Useless Trivia Hank] I'm Useless Trivia You. Did you know that volleyball was invented as a safer alternative to basketball in the 1890s? [Normal Hank] No, of course I didn't know that! No one knew that! [Question Asking Hank] Thoughts on YouTube paid subscriptions? [Normal Hank] Yeah, I don't know, uh, how people are going to end up using them. Hopefully, in innovative and interesting ways. I am in favor of people being able to make money from the content they produce, but I will tell you that John and I will never put our content behind a paywall. [Useless Trivia Hank] Did you know that the first picture uploaded to the internet was of an all-female comedy group based at the CERN Laboratory in Switzerland? [Question Asking Hank] Is Batman really a superhero, or just a super rich guy? [Normal Hank] I mean, there are a lot of super rich guys that didn't become Batman. I would almost venture to say that Batman is more of a superhero than other superheroes, because he doesn't have anything that makes him super special. He doesn't have any mystical super powers. He just has a bunch of money. [Useless Trivia Hank] Cousin Larry from Perfect Strangers would have played a villain called Man Bat in a cancelled follow-up to the George Clooney Batman movie. [Normal Hank] Wow, you are both amazing and terrible. [Question Asking Hank] Can you teach me how to Dougie? [Normal Hank] No... [Useless Trivia Hank] I can, I can teach you how to do the Dougie! [Question Asking Hank] How can light be affected by black holes if it has no mass? [Henry] Well, Hank, gravity is actually an interaction between the objects with energy and momentum, which light has. [Useless Trivia Hank] Was I just momentarily replaced by the guy from Minute Physics? Also, did you know that he's actually a really good mandolin player? [Henry plays guitar] [Question Asking Hank] Marvel or DC? [Normal Hank] Dark Horse. [Useless Trivia Hank] Stan Lee's birth name is Stanley. [Normal Hank] Just to be clear, all the extra Hanks in this video did not streamline the process. So yeah! Two Question Tuesdays in one week... what? I will say, though, mine was little bit more ambitious, but the best answers of this week's Question Tuesday? Those definitely go to Nerdfighteria. Like Patrick McGuire, who said that if he were invisible, he would to to Paris and beat up a mime. But not to be mean, no, because the applause that he would get, the recognition would be astounding. And then there's Rachel's take on the Great Gatsby film. Quoting Gatsby, saying, "Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had." Her take on the movie, thus, being that the people who created it must not have had the same advantages she had in having read the book. And then there's the Vampiress, here, who is excited about ferrets. They totally are tiny dog otters! So, thanks, Nerdfighteria, you guys are good at answering questions. You should feel free to answer the questions that I just answered, even though there weren't that many of them, because of all of the whip panning. Thanks to all of the people who helped with that: Henry from Minute Physics, Stefan, and Emily and Michael were all in this room while we were doing that. John, don't do a Question Tuesday next Tuesday, because that would definitely be overkill. I'll see you then. [Endscreen; dances Dougie]