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A look back at some of our favorite moments from 2013 of Hank doing the messing up thing.
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Hank: It only appears blue because veins from the outside of the way-
[Hank stumbles over his word]
...penetrates skin. Did I get it right?

Hank: Teaching the history of our development with only one sex is like trying to eat sushi with one chopstick, you're just not gonna get it all- get it- get-get, you're just not going to get to it- you're just not going to get it all.

Hank: Without that PTHRP, both females and males end up with the same set of blood vessels, nerves, and plumbing, in the breast region. Breastle, in the nipple... area- nipple... What is that called? The nipple area.

[Behind camera] Areola.

Hank: The Arerer... The Areoli-area

Hank: Now you can celebrate your love of both Scisho- Is it upside down?

The Cocoa plant- [Hank makes noises]

[more noises]

I got lost...

Resear... Researchers in California recently... Researchers in California recent... [noises] Researchers in Cali... Resear... [noises]

Breastfed from male boobies... Dammit. [laughter]

The closer the high and low pressure areas are to each other, the stronger the... What? What? What? I screwed up then?

[Behind camera] ShiShow!

Hank: The difference just might be that the... The difference just might be that the use of them may not be voluntary. That is a terrible sentence.

The book written by anthropologist F. F-Flark.

I bet I could do this all in one take. That would be great. The Japanese physicians who identified this condition apparently thought that those poor... Not that time though. So they named the condition takotsubo syndrome, after the little device... after... Ah, dang it. I said the word right, and then I couldn't keep going.

Yeah, just, just give it a, just give it a, it's hard to get it myself, so could you come and pop my nose zit? Thanks Michael.

During this stage, called ketosis, our livers mata... matabolized? [laughter]

It doesn't require as much physical space as full body burials, but but but but but believe it. It doesn't require as much full bodies. It doesn't require as much [swearing(f )]

Back in the day, swiftly burying a corpt helped... Corpse, helped. Friggity, friggity, friggity.

Oh, fun...

I'm sure you're dying to know, so I'll just tell you, the average human toot contains roughly... [laughing] Average human toot... That's good.

Pituitary trume... Pituitary tumors. I'm just surprised I got through that.

But they turned out to be unable to adapt to all the changes the world around them, including the arrival of us. [noises]

And has such a weakened immune system, that you could die. You could... That... die... [swearing] I'm dyslexic.

And then other stress hormones called catecholamines. That... They.. Oh, that's a continousation of the sentence.

[shouting] But instead they got this!

Perhaps you'd rather end up as ashes, or five gravel sized bits of crushed bones as it...
[behind camera] Fine.
Hank: Fine... Five, just five gravel sized bits of crushed bone.

And pieties... And pieties aren't limited to... And... Pieites also aren't limited to the sports where... [noises]

You'd... You'd be.. You'd be... You'll be... You'd be surprised to...

Not only... Not only that...

And it really is a process. And it real... [car noises in background]


I recommend a pocket full of ginder. Ginder? Ginder. Ginder!

[cough] It turn... Turns out it all... Turns out it also...

[Hank Green sneezes]
[behind camera] Bless you.
Hank: You okay?

These guys actually... Oh my god! Stop doing that! You make that... It makes it very hard to read!

[middle fingers]

By having more blood, or EPO, your tissues... Or...

Collect and vent methane, lessening the chances of trash hole explosions.
[laughing behind camera]
Hank Green: Why do you laugh at that? In the middle of my take, you laugh.

And one of sciences most pernicious memes wath [lisp] bo... was born...

Are you okay though? [strangles camera]

Not that you were wondering, but I can assure you that this body is completely steroid free, I... That's.... Yeah... I'm sure... How could... How could you not know?

But perhaps you prefer the idea of ice over fire, then maybe the emerging practice of... [swearing (f )]

One time I flexed my muscles so hard I broke my femur.

It's weird, you have sensor receptors in your spine and joints. [swearing] 

It's enough to make... It's enough... It's enough to make me appreciate ever... It's enough to make...It's enough to make us all...


Now if the thought of burying or burning your body doesn't appeal, what about being liquefied? Not really, no...

It takes about 3 hours for the super corrosive concoction to reduce a body to mush, or more specifically, a greenish brown oily juice made up of amino acids, sugars, and salts. Once the... [gagging] Once that... Once that liquid seeps out, it can... [more gagging]

It's like clench your baby in, clench it in.

Martin A. Samuels, the chair of neurology at Boston's Brigham and Wom... Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital. Why is it Brigham and Women's?
[behind camera] Is it? I have no idea.
Hank Green: Is that what it's called now?
[Behind camera] I'm going to look it up.
Hank Green: It's a really weird name for a hospital.
[behind camera] Yeah, it's right.
hank green:It is? Okay. That's a weird name for a hospital though.
[behind camera] What's a Brigham?
Hank green: [laughter] They study women and Brighams. [laughter]

It is only marginally, if at all... [noises] Is that good? [laughter]

HGH, or human gor... gorth... gorth hormone...

But you can also have your ashes launched into space, or mixed with cement and suck into the ocean as an... Suck? But... But you can also... But you can also have your ashes launched into space or mixed with cement and suck into the... Frickity frack... but you... But you can also have your ashes launched into space or mixed with o...'re going to mix with ocean. That's just putting it into the ocean.

Side effects like psychosis, seizures, severe kidney damage, and heart attacks. Why don't we just smoke pot? Oh my god!

While me... Me... While me might feel.

Was stripped of two medals after testing positive for propranon... pranonol 
[behind camera] Propranolol.
Hank Green: Propranolol!

Will pump out more of the fair... [Swearing, lots of swearing]

Karakum desert, my goodness, what an amazing name [high pitched noise].

There's always the option of hard work and practice. I promise, you'll get better at whatever little game you're playing. [laughter]
[behind camera] Maybe not [laughter].
Hank Green: How condescending can we be?
[Behind camera] Play your little games.
Hank Green: We'll keep trying to cure diseases here at science and like, make babies not die, but have fun! With your balls!

This erratic, fear induced, heart rhythm is called ventricular fibru... Fibrillation [swearing] words...

Red blood cells use a protein called hemoglob... Hemoglob... Hemogloblah.

It was 1971 when a group of sodium petr... Sodium? Interesting pronunciation of Soviet.

I want to do that again. Go back, to close. It wasn't indie enough.

Distressed... [noises while dancing in circles]

Which is related to the chemical comp... [splat noise]

A hormone that controls your body's production of red... [swearing (f )]
[behind camera] It could have been saved!
Hank Green: Red... Blood... Cells.
A hormone that controls your body's production of red bled. Rud bled cells! Rud bled cells!
If you can raise your lead... Lead blood [noises]. Why can't I say red blood cell?

But male nipples are different from that. They aren't from some left over - [noises]

Hank Green: I'm very glad that we have our sperm today.
Dr. Lindsey Doe: Me too.
Hank Green: So, are we talking about sperm today?
Dr. Lindsey Doe: We are.
Hank Green: Okay
Dr. Lindsey Doe: If you can. 
Hank Green: Oh!
Dr. Lindsey Doe: I mean...
Hank Green: I mean I can...
Dr. Lindsey Doe: Okay.
Hank Green: I am capable of talking about s...
Dr. Lindsey Doe: Awesome. If you're willing, right? It has to be consensual.
Hank Green: [laughs]
Dr. Lindsey Doe: Okay, so...

But right now, doctors don't know how to tell who might be more vulnerable to sudden death by fear. [pauses] Until then, constant fear!

That's... what? Who cares! If my lean muscle mass is bigger..

What's that? In my pocket? Oh, it's a SciShow procket... Procket?
[behind camera laughter]

*quickly, and high-pitched* Did I do that one, really? I did that one again? That's absurd.

An estimated 16% of mercury emissions come from cremated vapour of old dental work. Why don't they take those out? Just... That's an easy fix. You guys, it's a dead guy! It is easy to remove teeth from dead people!

If you raise the level of red blood cells, you... [noises]

[More noises]

Just because something is a pop... Is a popular!

But of course as professional wrestly. Wrestleeng...

It's not winning if you're cheating!

[Noises - Turns musical]

Thank you for watching... Thanks for watching this episode of SciSho... Thanks for watching this episode of SciShow, and thanks. Thanks to... Thanks for watching this... Thanks for watching this episode of SciShow and...

Thank you for watching this epis... Thank you for waiting... And thank you for... And also, keep... Wait, no. That wasn't... there was... what do I end on? Oh, right, right.

That was like three cans of coke. It's like four cans of coke if one of them is diet. [laughter] That was my favorite joke of the day.