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Hello and welcome to Hank Green visits the awesomest Minecraft server in existence. I don't know why there's a hole there. Hello, fill it up, thank you, fill it on up. Yes thanks, OK, that's better.

We're in Nerdcrafteria once again which is, of course, not only the best Minecraft server that I ever go to, but also the only one. Man, come on! Show me the full hands! Render the thing because that's why I'm here. To look at the epicness of the creations of Nerdfighters, OK? Yes!

And some things have changed since the last time I was here. For example there appears to be just a floating block up here, which I didn't know about. What's going on? It's just, what? Oh, it's a flag, it's a flag, it's a flag. We have a flag. There it is. That looks, it actually is our freaking flag, that's really cool.

A number of things have changed since the last time I was in Nerdcrafteria. Not just the fact that the arms have changed color. In fact they've changed color several times. They used to be orange and black, because it was Halloween. Now they are orange and brown because it is fall/Thanksgiving time, and we are changing the color scheme of spawn to match with the seasons. And you might suspect that that's going to be changing to red and white for Christmas time. I guess red and green, which is the technical - I don't know. Who knows what... I like red and white better, personally, than red and green as a color scheme for Christmas. It makes more sense. I know the red is, like, Santa and the green's, like, the tree but I just like the red and white. It's a much nicer color combination. It's much more powerful.

Another thing that has changed since the last time we... There's actually Santa right here. Actually, it appears to be Amsterdam's head with a Santa hat on it. So I don't know what's going on with that but apparently you can put heads on to blocks now and we're doing that in Nerdcrafteria. I don't know, that seems maybe a little bit, maybe just a little bit not cool to put people's heads on blocks but who knows. Another thing that appears to have changed is that the lettering on these are really difficult to read 'cause they're all gray now. That used to be a different color, if it was black or white, I don't remember.

But another thing is that there's a bunch of new towns including Hanacho and Cactus Gulch, here. And there are a number of towns that aren't even on the spawn plate here. But I'm going to go 'cause I have not spent any time at all in, so I'm going to head to Cactus Gulch. Let's do that.

Wow! Wow! I was underground in Cactus Gulch there for a second. What was... Why am I... Did somebody... Oh. Somebody gave me a speed potion or something. Oh, that's awesome. Check it out. It's like... Ooh, the sunset. It's like, it's like (whistles The Good, The Bad and The Ugly theme). That's how I feel right now. And these... (laughs). Oh, that's awesome. It's a thing like the thing, you know, when you go into the saloon except I was expecting it to be a saloon and not just a wall like it's a set. (Laughs) That's interesting. That's interesting but it was well done. It feels... Yeah.

Here we go, here we go. We're gonna go in here and it's gonna... that's totally a saloon. It's totally empty. Oh, and there's, like, stuff spilled on the table, of course, course. Course there is. I'm gonna go upstairs now. Alright. Oh, there appears to be the biggest cactus that has ever existed outside. I'll totally go out there if I could but apparently I can't. 'Scuse me. Thank you. How big is this cactus? It's big. Guys, it's a big cactus. We're just flying up over Cactus Gulch here to see how high up this cactus goes. That is a little bit, maybe a little bit not what I would call possible for a cactus. A little higher than what the average cactus, I would think, would be able to do. But there's the top. It is not an infinite cactus.

Let's see if we can stand on it here. Oh, oh, oh. I don't want to die. Oh, ooh, ooh. That was close, close. "Standing on the top of the cactus, on the top of the world, in Cactus Gulch!" That's what I'm doing. It appears to have, to have created a perfect square block around me which is interesting.

If I go over to the map, let's go over to the map. Let's see, we are here right now. Let's turn off that, let's turn off... Well I turned off the players, that's good. I guess that's OK and the mark... So now it's just, so there's Cactus Gulch, there's that giant cactus I'm standing right on top of right there. You can't see my mouse, I don't think, I don't think I have it set to show my mouse. But that's where I am. And I like Cactus Gulch. I like it because it's got, it's got... Oooh. Wrong button. It's got a theme and this always freaks me out when I do this! Ooh! Oh, creative mode is awesome.

Speaking of creative mode, if you'd like to be a VIP you can get the fly command which is what I'm using right now. Oh look! A freaking train! With a light in the front and it's on train tracks. That's not, doesn't really make sense that you would need two set of train tracks for one train but whatever! You know, it's Mine...

Ooohaa! Somebody dug a big hole. I like this. This is looking good over here. It's nice 'cause it, like, still fits with the idea and the feel of the town but it's, you know, big and sort of ostentatious. What's, what's it called? It's called The Quottage. That's awesome. The Quottage. Wow. That's a, this is a surprisingly small room. Let's go on upstairs and see what happens when... This is also a surprisingly small room. The Quottage is smaller than I expected it...

Oh, there's a guy. There's several people. There's Holly. Holy. Holy_Rabbitz. I thought your name was Holly. Nice barrette. And then there's, there's Jman over here who's just, just a guy. Hello Jman. What the heck is going on here?

"There once was a baby chicken born and bred in Cactus Gulch. He was given the name Mueslicks, a name that was liked very much. Mueslicks was the life of the partay, he brought energy, fun, and style. All were busy dancing, they didn't realize he would only live for a while. One user did not attend the shindig, an admin to be more clear. Islid was the one, who never did come

Now we're rhyming? Did we start rhyming? This is, this is started... Did I, did I miss, did I miss stuff? Party, busy. Yeah, I didn't.

"But as he was of high ranks, he was used to his great power to magically set our partay roof on fire. Soon the fire dispersed and everything seemed okay. Until we turned around and saw, to our dismay, Mueslicks, an animal, a user he did not be. He was not invincible." Oh! "The fire that struck he. He did not have much time, and nothing could be done. Mueslicks soon burned to death and over was our fun." Was it rhyming the whole time and I didn't notice? "The life of the partay is killed by Islid's flame. Mueslicks the Baby Chicken, live on shall his name!"

Well that was enjoyable. That was an enjoyable thing that just happened as I was walking around. You looking, you watching me? What's up, guys? How're you doing? I'd love to chat but I can't 'cause I'm making a video so I can't. Now I'm stuck in your house. I'm stuck in your house now. How do I get out of your house? I guess I could go down this way. Oh, what's this? Floor 2. OK, well that's good to know, that I'm on floor two.

This is a great, this is a great building, I just got to say. Hold... "Sorry... Sorry to stare, Hank" says Holy_Rabbitz who I was just hanging out with. Well. "Found SEECRIT CAVE WITH 2 E's". "Started Roof". Aw, there's a whole... "We need to host a partay soon". "We need to do this soon". Maybe sometime toda...

Oh! I'm in a hole! I'm in a hole. I'm in a hole. I'm stuck in a hole. Oh! I'm deeper in a hole! Let's.. Oh, even deeper. And there's no way to get out of here, is there. I'm stuck. I'm probably stuck in this hole for ever. Well... Did you guys find a cavern down here? What the heck? Woah! This is surprisingly open for the main world. Usually the caverns aren't like this in the main world. They're usually much smaller. Anyway, I have to go back to spawn because I'm stuck. But that was, that was awesome.

As always things, interesting things are happen... Woah. Mine World is under construction at the moment so you cannot go into Mine World. I believe is what that means. Is that what that means? Yeah. Oh, that's Creative World. This is Mine World over here. I just thought that it was the Nether because it had the purple. OK, well... I don't know why Creative World is currently under construction but apparently it is. And I'm not in... There we go. Nope. Fly, Hank, fly. Public ender chest.

As always Mine World is constantly changing but always surprisingly beautiful and surprisingly well constructed. So there's the, you know, the sign so that you know what's up. Seeks' Coaster. Someone's built a... Did someone really build a roller coaster in Mine World because it's just gonna get destroyed in a week, you guys. It doesn't appear that anyone has actually built a roller coaster.

SeeksNothing, SeeksNothing, gold ing... I don't now what's going on. Probably just a store being built. Ooh! I just walked through the snow. Oh! Rain, snow. Rain, snow. Rain, snow. Rain, snow. That's not, by the way, how it works in the real world. You don't get a 90 degree angle between where the rain falls and where the snow falls, just to be clear for people who don't go into the real world and have only experienced these things inside of Minecraft. Though, to be honest, I used to live in Florida so probably if I had had Minecraft growing up I would have only experienced snow in Minecraft.

And you can see all of the epic tunnels that have been dug down in... Why is there no, why is that bridge not finished? Why is that bridge not finished? That's weird. What does it say? It says "Bridge of Aweso..." Well Bridge of almost awesomeness, it's not done! That's unacceptable. Let's, let us build the bridge. Ah! I'm falling. We have to finish the bridge, people. That's what bridges are for, so that you can walk across them. Jeez. Bridge of nearly awesomeness. Alright.

Probably this is important to... Ah! This is what, this is what creative... Oh God! Why? Why? No! Oh! Remember what I did you machine! OK, Bridge of Awesomeness is now complete. It's not quite. I missed one block. This should also... Yeah, there we go. That's better. OK, good job. I mean, I don't know why. I don't know why. I don't know why.

But anyway, now that I've built a bridge and read a story about Mueslicks, the fire, fiery death of Mueslicks, and visited snow and told you, you know, the physical realities of how it works, I'm going to end this episode of Hank Green visits Nerdcrafteria because it's beautiful in this beautiful spot here, here in Mine World. You will not see me and I will not see you but you will hear me next time. Goodbye.