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Crawmads and Sputtlefish and Waddlepus, oh my!
Hello and welcome to Hank Games times two, the gaming channel that respects your time! Today is Exploration Day 29. I have lost all of my fruit juice and a fair amount--Garden of Hope? Is that really where we are? I don't know. Whatever, it's telling me to go to Garden of Hope, I'm going to Garden of Hope. Uh, and we've also lost Louie, who had our, the knowledge at least of where our Cosmic Drive Key was.

I had like 27 jars of fruit juice, man, and now I have two. And if we don't have fruit juice at the end of the day, we literally die. Or at least get really tired and don't want to go on anymore.

The onion, now at its full form with all of the different types of Pikmin in it, is, is just, that's, it's just gorgeous. That is a really beautiful piece of rendering. I mean I am--this is a beautiful game...and like, yeah. But that is like the masterpiece of it. I love it so much.

Alright. I'm just gonna take, uh, blues and pinks, so I don't have to worry about water. OK. Even though sometimes the pink guys just manage to murder themselves anyway. Probably shouldn't have taken quite so many pinks, 'cause now I can't make any more blue guys. But I guess I don't really need them.

Alright, so we went over here before...just try and kill all the things we have to--what is this? I don't know what it is. What do you think it is? Can they dig it up? No, they can't dig it up.

This is where that giant lobster beast was. So attack its eyes. Alright, regroup everybody, regroup. Oh, oh, oh, it just did--it just--it just opened its belly for me to attack and I missed the opportunity. Oh man, they love eating its eyeball. Where'd he go? Why did you--where did he go? Attack! Why are you always attack the same eyeball? What, what are you doing? I don't really know what's happening here.

Get its belly! On its belly! Do I have to throw you guys? Do I have--do I have to freaking throw you? Is that what's up? Okay, well, thanks for future reference I know that I have to throw you. Get its eyeball! Just that one eyeball. Every time. Onto the belly! I don't know why I'm using only pinks, which are the saddest, most useless. Don't--I don't even know if I'm supposed to be doing this right now.

Oh no you don't! Jerk! Face this way. Hello? Hello?! In the eyeball! Oh jeez. Oh come on--nooo! Jeez that was close! No, wrong thing, wrong thing, wrong thing, wrong thing! Excellent.

I really don't need you guys to take him back just for pink--pink fly--pink fly kind. But I will let you carry him for a little while. Question is, do I take him for blues? I think I do. I take him for blues. I don't know why I'm even coming back, I should just go back over there. Who needs it? Nobody. Nobody, I don't need this.

Oh, I can rebuild this thing. There's a hole that he made, and here's some terracotta. Get it. Oh, well, you guys are going to be totally useless for that actually, so never mind. I have exactly the right number. Heh, so cute! Okay, there's a pipe. How much of this have we made? Not enough of it. Good try though little men. Good try.

'Kay, we're going to go through the pipe. Through the drain pipe! Or the bucket with the rusted out bottom, whichever. And what do we got here? Clipboard, okay. Okay, fruit, fruit's good. The only problem with these clipboards is that they get stuck, but I guess they came off. Okay, you all out? Okay.

What's this way? Oh, I've already been here! This is a place I have already been to! Oh, I totally went like from behind there, didn't I? What's that? What's that? What is it?'s some pieces of another bridge that I need to complete. So many things to do you guys! So many things!

Alright, let's split up. Go! Nicely done. Sputtlefish! I love cuttlefish though, I don't want them to die. Waddlepus! Oh jeez. Woah, jeez! I don't know--oh, excellent, excellent. Get it! Go get that dirt wall!

Now where are you? There you are. Are you trapped in there? Oh no! You are trapped in--oh there's a door. There's a door you guys! It's over here. Come on. Come here. 'Kay, good. Alright, spacesuits man. Super convenient. Did you guys already break that wall down? Oh right right right, we're going all the way back to the original onion now. That makes sense. Great, let's go.

Alright. I should've just sent one of them back but I went back with everyone, I don't know why I always do that. But hopefully the rest of the terracotta is over here. Good job guys. It is! Why can't I throw them? Hello? Oh, man. Woah, man oh man oh man! Where you guys going? Oh I just killed a frickin' ton of my...okay. That was terrible. Toady Bloyster. Oh, you gotta attack its butt. That's the trick. You gotta attack its butt, I guess. Yes, time continues to pass. Go!

I'm going to explore here by myself, which seems dangerous,'s a frog thing. He can't hurt me. I'm too awesome for that. Wawrp! I've been here before! This is a place I have been before! What'd you guys just finish, a bridge or something? There's nothing over there. Is that a fruit? I don't even know. What does that say? This says: "Yellow Wollywog. It can't jump when it's weighed down with Pikmin." Okay.

Where--where are you guys going? Okay, this isn't working guys. We've got Pikmin to include in our party. Quite a lot of them. Okay, ten of them on that. Nope, shoot. Now I have to try and get these guys. Where are you? There we go.

Now let's follow them to see where the heck they're going, 'cause I was pretty sure my base was in the opposite direction! As long as you guys keep moving, you'll be safe from this thing. That is what I've learned. Oh great, fire breather. Well I'm glad they didn't have to walk--oh look at that! Good job. Stay here.

Um...oh, you're all over there, huh? I don't know that I'm gonna make it. That's quite a ways. Alright. Go, Willy, go! I mean Alphie, whatever. Three! Two! Oh jeez! I got some of them. I didn't get all of them. Ohhh no, oh no, oh no! I'm just kind of a Pikmin murderer when it comes right down to it. I kill a lot of those little guys. It's, um, not something that I'm proud of. But it's something that happens, you know? It's something that happens. So...I'm ashamed. Does that, you know, make me a good person?, it doesn't really. That's really what you do with your shame.

"Ooh, you know what? This would be great for blending! We could get a nice mix of flavors!" Well do it! Mix up that Searing Acidshock with that thing that I won't know what it's called until you--til you show me. Oh jeez. This is's a Velvety Dreamdrop. Nom nom nom. I would eat that. I mean drink, I guess. "We have to catch that Hocotatian!" I agree! He's got all our stuff! I don't know where he is. But I'm...workin' it. I'm doing my dang best. You gotta know that, girl.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I gotta be careful when I'm telling my pink guys to attack something that's underwater, because they will do it. They will do it, um and yes. It's terrible.

"The leaf on a Pikmin's head can develop into a bud or a flower. It appears that if Pikmin sprouts are left in the ground, (these) leaves will develop over time. This is very much like a plant, and yet once they are plucked out of the ground, they have eyes and limbs like the cutest creatures ever! So fascinating!" Love, Brittany.

Thank you for watching this episode of Hank Green Plays Pikmin 3 on Hank Games times two, the gaming channel that respects your time. You will not see me and I will not see you, but you will hear me next time. Goodbye.