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In which Hank and John answer real questions from real nerdfighters at the warehouse in beautiful Missoula, Montana.

Hank: Good morning, John.

John: Good morning, Hank. Where are- oh it's Fort Awesome! We must be at the warehouse. Whoa. Oh where's the camera going?

Hank: Goodbye, camera.

John: It's question Tuesday, the day that it's- it's- it's- it's- it's question Tuesday, the day that we answer- it's question Tuesday, the day that we answer real questions-

Hank: I'm gonna leave all of those in, just by the way.

John: I know you will, I know you will. It's question Tuesday, the day that we answer real questions from real nerdfighters.

Hank: It's Friday!

John: Are you sure that you don't want to upload this on my day?

Hank: I'm sure.

John: Alright.

Hank : I've just asked on Twitter if people have any questions for us, John. Would you like to answer some questions for people?

John: Yes, that's how question Tuesday and Friday work.

Hank: Jessica would like to know, "What were your first cars?"

John: My first car was a 1991 Volvo 240 named Arlo.

Hank: Funny! That was my first car, too.

[John laughs]

Hank: Actually, uh, after Arlo, uh, got the same car again, but, uh, white...

John: White.

Hank: ...and smelled more like vomit.

John: Hank, how, after so long, have you guys not gotten tired of each other?

Hank: Oh, I'm so tired of you.

John: My question is, how, after all this time, have you guys not gotten tired of us.

[Hank laughs]

Hank: Hey, John.

John: Yes?

Hank: Evelyn would like to know, "How do you find a nerdfighter at your university?

John: One of my favorite ways is to wear some kind of, uh, nerdfighter clothing because that tends to attract them. Lots of colleges now have nerdfighter clubs.

Hank: And if you don't have a nerdfighter club at your university, you should start one.

John: You can start one. Michaela asks, "Who is playing Margo in the Paper Towns movie?" Hank?

Hank: Uh, I am.

John: Yes! We have been begging Hank. There is no other Margo Roth Spiegelman. That's what we've been saying. It's not a passion project for Hank. It's just...

Hank: I'm really not interested in the project itself.

John: ...purely financial.

Hank: I'm the Nick Cage of John Green movies. I'll do any John Green movie as long as you pay me enough.

[John laughs]

John: Poor Nick Cage. Oh, God.

Hank: Hopefully, he doesn't watch.

John: He's-

Hank: I am a huge Nick Cage fan, actually. "This wood is fake."

John: That Christopher Walken?

Hank: No, that was Nick Cage from Moonstruck.

John: Is that Jack- Jack Nicholson?

Hank: How about you sing the answer to the next question?

[John grunts.]

John: Yes.

Hank: Hey, John.

John: Yes?

Hank: Beth would like to know, will she be able to buy one of those posters you signed?

John: Yeeessss. Is that how you sing?

Hank: We are at the warehouse right now because John's been  signing posters all day and I've just been watching him.

John: By the way,, link in the dooblydoo. Or just go to, you can just type it, just five letters.

John: Hannah asks "Any advice on strengthening relationships between siblings?"

Hank: Make a video blog together.

John: I am a big believer, actually, in shared projects, like Hank and I are a lot closer because we do stuff together.

Hank: I think that goes for most relationships.

John: Henry and I were just making Legos and it's so fun! 

Hank: Yeah, like yeah. Father son-

John: He wasn't really doing anything.

Hank: Right, you made Legos and he-

John: And he was like "Go, dad. Do it" And then he would be like "That's the bad guy." And I'd be like "I don't know. I mean aren't villains complicated? Isn't it - you know we don't know that person's backstory; we need to learn to imagine them complexly", and Henry would say "He's REALLY bad." 

[Hank laughs]

Hank: I have a question.

John: Yeah.

Hank: Tell me some more stuff Henry says.

[John laughs]

John: I will tell you one more thing; we're emphasizing learning, how like knowledge is power, Henry said to Sarah the other day "You know what's a good kind of learning?" and Sarah said "What?" and Henry said "Learning how to turn on the TV."

[John laughs]

Hank: How does Henry feel about me? Is he a fan of Hank?

John: Yeah, no, he said right before I left to come about here, he said "I would like you to give a message to Uncle Hank and Auntie Katherine, okaboasdsanfdeanrokloghahhh.".

[John and Hank laugh]

Hank: I'm glad - well I'm glad that that message got passed on.

John: It was literally the last thing he said to me before I left, so and I was waiting, you know I was waiting like I love them, I miss them, I can't wait to see them, okasafdseslknrtksdfn.

Hank: He probably watched my videos and he knows that that's how I talk.

[John laughs]

Hank: John.

John: Yes.

Hank: Thank you for doing question Tuesday with me.

John: It has been my pleasure. 

Hank: I'll see you on Tuesday but also...

John and Hank:

Hank: It was good.

John: The world may be broken, but hope is not crazy. I love unironic enthusiasm.

Hank: How do you express your unironic enthusiasm?

John: Gigigigigigigigigigigigigi generally. Some version of that. Sometimes it's internal.

Hank: Can I try?

John: Yeah.

Hank: Gigigigigigigigigigigigigi!

John: That's much better than your Nicholas Cage impression. Now you have to put it in the video!

[Hank Laughs]