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Hank's friend from grad school, Bryan von Lossberg recounts his time working on NASA's Mars Pathfinder mission, and Jessi from Animal Wonders surprises us with Goma the red eyed tree frog!

Hosted by: Hank Green
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H: Hello! Welcome to SciShow Talk Show that day on SciShow we talk to intresting people about intresting stuff. Today we are talking to my very good friend Bryan Von Lossberg, we went to school together. And we indeed sat next to eachother on the first day of graduate school and you had googled me.
B: I had googled you, I had stalked you a little bit online.
H: I have not done that to you, but you were like "You're into Mars!" and I was like, I am into Mars, and we talked about Mars a bunch because Bryan worked on our first ever rover mission to mars; Pathfinder. Which, when I was seventeen years old you were working at JPL; it was a really really big deal for young me.
B: Yeah.
H: So I appreciate you doing that.
B: It was a pleasure.
H: And you also worked on some other stuff at JPL; the hovel mirror replacement?
B: Yep! On the camera system that was on the hovel that restored the visioning.
H: Yeah! The Hovel was great, and we can see... a lot less than we expected...
B: So we took the camera out, put a new camera in, big exciting multi-day space walk, well, we didn't do it, the astronauts did it. But we worked on the camera system that fixed the imaging issue.
H: But let's mostly talk about mars if that is ok with you.
B: That would be great.
H: It is my favorite planet aside from Earth. What parts of Pathfinder had your fingerprints on them?
B: So I worked on what we called the Martian Igloo; if you've seen The Martian, there is this big white structure with the JPL logo and the flag on the back of it, and Mark Watney goes out to retrive it to use it to restor communications with Earth. And it is that white structure called the ISA, the Insulated Structural Assembly. And it had to keep the electronics on the inside insulated from the martian temperatures and it had all the stuff mounted on the outside including the higan antenna and the camera system that took the three-D pictures of Mars

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