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In which John digs very deep into the past to uncover the piping hot, frozen cold takes of 2011 Hank Green.
Here is the whole 22-minute thing, which is mostly just us laughing:

I will stop covering Hank's face with covers of my books when never.

(...he said, utilizing a 2011 joke construction)

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JOHN: Good morning Hank-- 

HANK: I’m still here.

JOHN: He’s still here. So Hank and I had an idea which was too look at our tweets from 2011 but because I’m smart, I deleted all my tweets from 2011 a long time ago.

HANK: Instead I guess, what we’re gonna do is just look at what I tweeted 10 years ago.

 JOHN: Yeah. So these are Hank’s piping hot, frozen cold 10 year old takes. Here we go. “Thank you Portland for an amazing night. I may never wear shoes again.”

 HANK: There’s gonna be a lot that I do not have any idea where they came from.

 JOHN: Well I’ll tell you what, the people loved it, it got 9 likes. 

HANK: [Laughs]

JOHN: This is another tweet that reflects the sort of 2011 aesthetic of a quasi-stream of consciousness Twitter feed. “Who the hell got potatoes all over my phone?”

 HANK: I have to assume it was me.

JOHN: “I am stuck inside of around 20 t-shirts. I literally cannot get out of them by myself. The initial panic has subsided I now accept my fate.”

HANK: I remember this.

JOHN: Yeah.

HANK: I remember that very specifically.

JOHN: Yeah, that was a vlogbrothers video.

HANK: Uh-huh. That’s a lot of shirts.

 JOHN: You put yourself inside of 20 t-shirts to try and break a Guinness World Record or something silly.

HANK: I know and I wasn’t even close so it was just like a challenge. I was not able to get out of them by myself.

JOHN: This is a good one even though it only got 3 likes. “Just did some official counting, $993 to keep it, $879 to shave it. Uh-oh keep it made a come back.”

HANK: Oh god. Like this... this had

JOHN: Huge, huge mistake.

HANK: Huge mistake! This had a very large-

JOHN: It had a lasting effect.

HANK: Yes!

JOHN: And you still have to deal with the after effects.

HANK: Yeah, which is that the first episodes of SciShow and Crash Course were both filmed with a goatee.

JOHN: You know what, let’s bring it up. There it is. Goodness gracious. How did it happen? Why was it allowed to go on? Why did people donate for that to remain?

 HANK: Well the thing is, I tweeted that “shave it” was winning.

JOHN: Yeah.

HANK: And that was the mistake!

JOHN: Big mistake.

JOHN: "TFIOS cover fact. John’s name is now as big as the title, which means that he’s kind of a big deal."

HANK: When did that book come out?

JOHN: It came out in January of 2012, this was October 2011.

HANK: Oh so I had just seen the cover for the first time.

JOHN: Yeah. And actually as I remember it, there was so much negative response to the cover, you were trying to find a positive spin on the cover. 

HANK: Thats right yeah. People did not like it!

JOHN: People did not like the cover. It turned out that the cover did pretty well.

HANK: It turned out that it was a good cover.

JOHN: Alright Hank, we have here a tweet about Hank Green the celeb chaser. “Is there anybody nearby who could potentially get me in touch with Skrillex?”

HANK: [Laughs]
JOHN: 14 likes.

HANK: What? [Laughs more] Why did I want to talk to Skrillex?

 JOHN: Next tweet: “Katherine and I just broke into someone’s house and then we took their dogs for a walk.”

JOHN: “Does anybody else like the everyday I’m shuffling song as much as I do?” 

HANK: [Laughs] I don’t know if that was a little ironic because it was big already, or if it wasn’t  big already and I was like, on the, on the catching the LMFAO wave. Wow that's a true snapshot.

 JOHN: “Sometimes I re-realize that the way we communicate with each other and the world is being revolutionized. And it is exciting.” Which it was. In 2011.

HANK: It’s still exciting.

JOHN: Back then it was exciting in the way that you feel when you’re going up a roller coaster. And now it’s exciting in the way that you feel when you’re going down a rollercoaster. But you’re actually going further down than you went up. And you’re like, “how far down does this go?”

JOHN: This tweet only got 15 likes but I really love it. “From the research
I have done, I am willing to assert there is no abominable snowman. I think he’s totally bominable.”

HANK: [Laughs] 

JOHN: I’m actually going to retweet it right now.

JOHN: Hank I will continue to see you right now.

HANK: [While laughing] Everyday I’m shuffling. I want to retweet that.

JOHN: Nobody laughs at their own jokes like Hank Green.