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In which Hank explores the many ways in which his birthday was fantastic...and thanks everyone for helping make it that way.


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A Bunny
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(in a go-kart) Good morning John, it's Monday, May 9th. (basement) 7th, not 9th. 26 was a good age. I liked it. Lots and lots of good things happened. The last day of being 26 was a great day. I woke up, came downstairs and watched about a hundred nerdfighters give me the best birthday greeting I have ever had. And then about halfway through the day my people got a call from John Kerry's people. And when I say my people got a call, I mean one of his assistants sent me an e-mail asking if I would like to interview him. Yes I- I would like to interview John Kerry! So that was a nice birthday present. And then, Katherine took me to see Spiderman 3. Which was really bad. I mean generally I like any movie that's loud enough that I can fart during and no one will hear it, but I like at least a little bit of depth. I feel like they just shaved everything off the top and decided well, pssh, what do we need a writer for? We'll just pay 300 million dollars for special effects and everyone will go see it. Ya know, they were right. But that doesn't mean that's what they should do. But what's important is that we got a call before the movie started. And it was you, John, calling to tell us Neil Gaiman had posted a link to on his blog. HOO HA! There's not much better than having someone who you're a big fan of be a fan of something you're doing. That just feels good. Thanks Neil. And then, we came home and read Brotherhood2.0 comments. (holds up box) and ate mini corn dogs. My girl knows how to make me happy. Additionally from Katherine I received: (holds up each item) Mountain Dew, Pop-Tarts, and chocolate bars. This one has baby rhinoceros chunks in it! And from people besides Katherine: A Jet Back Cowboy Bee-bop action figure from my dad. From Brian, Jim Beam Black. From Melissa, an anatomical gummy heart. And from Kelly, this amazing nerdfighter shirt (shows T-shirt with nerds united against jock). The Nerdfighters united! YOU'RE IN TROUBLE NOW! I'm gonna do it. I'm just- ya know, I might as well do it on camera. (opens and eats gummy heart) At least it tastes good. So you wouldn't think that my actual birthday could be much better than my day before my birthday would you? And really, it wasn't because I didn't wake up to the amazingness that was the Secret Project. But, I did have a bloody fantastic time. It was also my friend's Jeff Lavoy's 30th birthday, so we had a combined birthday extravaganza in three parts. First Part: Amazing Mexican Food at Heraldo's. Second Part: Qwivals Family Fun Center! (clips of time spent) I mean, really, you can't get much cooler than this. I got to spin the birthday wheel, and I won a cookie, there was a ridiculously amazing inflatable obstacle coarse, which I totally kicked everybody's ass at. Probably the awesomest part of Qwivel's is the go-kart racing. Which we did a lot, and pretty much all day. There was also miniature golf, which Katherine destroyed everyone at. Polishing off her victory with a final hole-in-one. And there was laser tag, which I didn't record any of, because it was dark and I was afraid of breaking my camera. (shows image of dragon from park) Look how happy that dragon is! Part 3! Drinking...a lot. At bars. In Missoula. Surrounded with guys with sombreros on, because it's always like that on my birthday. What are you gonna do? Thank you everyone for making my birthday so amazing. I loved all of my birthday messages from everyone around the world. I don't think anyone ever in the history of the world has had comparable birthday experience to the one I just had. Certainly, no one has eaten half of an anatomical gummy heart, washed it down with some Mountain Dew, and then said thank you to a hundred people that he's never met for wishing him such a wonderful happy birthday. And their wishes for my happy birthday somehow became manifested in reality and I had one of the happiest birthdays of my life. Thank you all so very much. John, I will see you tomorrow.