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In which John Green and Nat Wolff sneak off The Fault in Our Stars film set to answer some of your questions in the woods. Nothing creepy about it.

My tumblr post on why that stuff doesn't matter to me:

Videos about The Catcher in the Rye: and
John: So, Hank, today Nat Wolff and I are just going to go to the woods and do a Question Tuesday. That sounded weird. 
Nat: Little creepy.

Nat: Good Morning Hank! It's Tuesday! 
John: It's Question Tuesday, the day that we answer real questions from real Nerdfighters. I'm here with Nat Wolff who is playing Isaac in the movie and I'm going to ask him some questions...
Nat (pointing): Do I look here?
John: that you guys submitted from Twitter. Yeah right inside of the yeah it's right in there.

John: Alright Nat, your first question: Is Shailene Woodley a good kisser? Laughs
Nat: (flustering) Is that question meant for me?
John: Awkward panda
Nat: (still flustering) oh oh oh
John: Yeah um
Nat: I wouldn't know. I sadly, Isaac doesn't get to kiss Hazel.
John: Yeah, have you guys read the book?
Nat: Yeah, but
John: Doesn't happen. 

John: What part of the book are you most excited to see in the movie?
Nat: I'm excited to see, uh, I think, I did the trophy scene. I think that went well.
John: I'm excited to see all the scenes that don't have Isaac in them. 
Nat: Not as much for me. 

John: Who's the funniest person on the Fault in Our Stars set? 
Nat: 1, 2, 3
John: It's 
Nat and John: Me
John: It's definitely me
Nat: It's me
John: It's me
Nat: It's me
John: I know I'm 
Nat: Okay it's John
John: You're second, but it's a distant second. 

John: How true to the book is the movie?
Nat: Very true. I think it's because people, you trying to get me out of this camera angle, John? 
John: (laughs) How true to the book is the movie? 
Nat: I think people are so in love with this book and it's so realistic already, there's barely anything that anybody had to change.
John:  But I can't help but notice that you don't have blonde hair. 
Nat: Ugh. Except for my blonde hair. 
John: As the author of the book, I just want to say that that stuff doesn't matter to me at all. Um maybe I'll make a Tumblr post about why it doesn't matter to me and link to it in the video info below.
Nat: Yeah so guys, for all the tweets about me not being blonde, I'm sorry.
John: (Laughs) Its not his fault, he was born that way.
Nat: Neither of my parents have blonde hair, I just couldn't control it. They were, you know, blame them.

John: If you could only watch one more movie in your life Nat, what would it be?
Nat: Uh, it would probably be Taxi Driver. I think Taxi Driver is probably my favorite movie of all time.
John: For me, it would definitely be The Fault In Our Stars.
Nat: I meant The Fault In Our Stars.
John: Yeah...

John: What's it been like hanging out with actual teen cancer survivors?
Nat: It was, it was overwhelming. I went to a hospital and I talked to them and you know, you start off asking them questions about their disease and how they cope with it and then about 5 minutes in, you're talking about movies and TV shows and music just like with anybody else.
John: Right, Right.
Nat: And you realize they're just normal kids. They're just going through a really lame situation.

John: Have you seen me cry on set at all?
Nat: Yeah, I have. John cries at a good meal.

John: Now, this is your second movie with Josh Boone as a director, what do you think of that guy?
Nat: Ah, screw him man.
John: Yeah, its kinda lame.
Nat: Josh Boone is like one of my best friends in the world, honestly.  Hopefully I'll be working with him for the rest of my career.
John: Yeah, that's how I feel about Nat. I wanna work with him a lot but not on movies. You know, just like...
Nat: just like work on little projects. We could build a house together.

John: What's it like playing a blind person?
Nat: When I'm doing the scenes blind, I really can't see anything. I put stuff over my glasses or I'm wearing these contacts that make it so I can't see anything and its almost freeing because you become really, you loose all self-consciousness. Physically I watched a lot of videos online of blind people. I met with this guy named Ethan and I watched Scent of a Woman. So I got some of those speeches memorized you know.
John: So you got the Al Pacino blind.
Nat: Yeah its like "I'm in the dark Charlie. I'm in the dark." So I'm trying to work that into the movie somehow. "Take a flamethrower to this place".

John: Give me some Ansel.
Nat: Uh, hey, uh what are you talking about? No. Um, I'm having a good time today. Here's my John. (gestures excitedly with his arms)

John: (laughs) We're being quiet because we got in trouble. Do you have a favorite book?
Nat: I mean my favorite book of all time is Catcher and the Rye and also cos, like Hazel, I think I read it at a really important time in my life, when a book can mean that much to you.
John: Catcher and the Rye is also my, probably my favorite book. That must be why we're buddies.
Nat: Is it really you're favorite book?
John: Yeah. I made, I'll send you my videos I made about it.

John: Favorite Beatle?
Nat: Paul.
John: Favorite Color?
Nat: Blue.
John: See mine are John and Green.
Nat: Honestly John is, now as I get older, becoming more my favorite. I mean its hard. John or Paul?
John: Do you find yourself coming round to Green at all as a color?
Nat: Not at all.
John: Damn it...

John:  1...2...3
John & Nat: Hank I'll see you on Friday.
John: Lets do it one more time when its a little less lame. A little better than that. 1...2...3.
Nat: Hank...
John: 1...2...3
John & Nat: Hank I'll see you on Friday.
John: That was good.
Nat: Yeah! Finally.
John: Up top (they high five)