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In which hank hangs with livestock
Hello, it's Hank. I'm in just hanging out on the side of a road here. Beautiful, beautiful evening. Got a sunset going on here, I wanted to show you that. I also wanted to show you my friend the llama here. Hello llama. How are you? This is, I don't know. They've got some goats, some goats, cute goats here, and they've got some sheeps, and they llama. The llama's usually for guarding but I don't know what they'd be guarding from were not in the real countryside right now so I wouldn't be afraid of wolves. There's some hay here. Anybody want some hay. You guys want some hay? Here's some hay. Yes, I'm a goat, of course I want hay! I always want hay under every circumstances. All of every circumstances. Oh, does the llama want some hay? You want some hay, llama? No, I'm afraid of you. Here ya go. Oh, that didn't work. Llama is so cute. I want it to want hay but it doesn't want hay. C'mon llama. (goat bleats) What was that noise? Oh, you're a very good llama. Good llama. Alright, what about you little goat? Are you afraid of me? No, but you're not. I'm not afraid of you. I'm like I like hay. Yeah. Nope, no, no hay for you. You were too slow. Too slow goats. Nice floppy ears. I like them. Alright. That's, that's Montana on a fall afternoon. We are like right in the city right now. Maybe, ya know, two minutes down the road from the movie theater, and it's just gorgeous. Say hi everybody. Goodbye llamas and sheeps. Bye-bye.