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John and Chris “water ski” (not really), repeat an early 100 Days workout, and play a few games of pickup basketball. Which Chris is really, really good at.

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 Intro (0:00)

C: I thought you were gonna push.

Laura: [laughs] Don't look at me that way! You're scary. What? You could be a really good clown.

C: Wow!

Laura: [laughs]

J: That's one of the meanest things anyone's every said to Chris.

C: [laughs]

[100 Days Intro]

John: [voice over] Welcome back to 100 Days. So Day 84 was a Sunday. I walked on the treadmill for about an hour, and continued my streak of impeccable food tracking. Chris, meanwhile, took just one picture. 

 Day 85 (0:30)

John: [voice over] On Day 85 Laura brought us outside for this humiliating water skiing run as a warm up. I was the boat first, and then Chris. 

J: I wonder if I can even stop this train. Or if I'm just gonna be along for the ride. 

L: [laughing] John!

C: Drive those legs! 

J: Ah, it's hard.

John: [voice over] Then we did our rower metric. Chris was first rowing at 400 watts with a 138 bpm heart rate, and then I rowed at 340 watts with a 159 heart rate. Now that's a higher rate for me than last time, but I was rowing at a higher wattage and we had quite the aerobic warm up, plus I was already on the stair master while Chris rowed.

Laura had us repeat our workout from our third session with her because she wanted us to see how much progress we've made since we're constantly asking her how much progress we've made. It was a lot of stuff that we've gotten pretty used to, and maybe you have as well. Wall sits, lunges, mountain climbers, dips, squats. 

L: So how do you feel two months later?

J: I mean it's easier than most of your workouts. 

L: [laughs]

John: [voice over] We were able to get through it pretty quickly, so she had us do it all over again, including the water skiing run. For the second round of exercises she wanted us to give everything, so we were definitely pushing ourselves here. So even though we were about equally exhausted as the first time we'd done this workout we were doing more reps at a much higher intensity. Also during week two I felt like I was gonna throw up the whole time, and now I was actually having fun.

J: Alright Sheridan, get my cool move. Nailed it! That's too much Chris, that's too much, that's too much big bird. 

L: Even for him

J: Even for Chris.

L: Even for big bird. Is it?

C: No, it's perfect. 

John: [voice over] We finished up with some ab work, and then we were done for the day. And here's my day 85 food. Chris did not give us any pictures, but as you can see we had dinner together so I took pictures for him. 

J: Is it a video?

Sarah: Yeah.

J: Oh great.

 Day 86 (2:38)

John: [voice over] On Day 86 we headed to the health and recreation complex at Butler University where we met up with a group of men who work at the school that spend their lunch breaks playing pick up basketball. 

C: I'm just gonna set screens for you!

John: [voice over] So it's probably not going to surprise you to learn that I was, ya know, never a competitive basketball player, but Chris was a star on his high school basketball team. And I'd heard a lot of stories about his basketball career, but I'd never actually seen him play because we're old. So it was really fun to see, like, how good he is. I mean, he hadn't played in years but he was still our team's leading scorer. 

J: Good shot Chris!

John: [voice over] As for me, I made a couple rebounds, and scored twice, but both were disallowed because a foul had already been committed. I had a lot of fun though. It was more sprinting than we were used to doing so it was challenging to get up and down the court, but not so challenging that I needed to tag out, which felt great. And playing basketball also reminded me that one of the things this show has taught me is just how many different ways there are for people to be active. That might mean joining a local roller derby league that practices after work, or getting up at 6 A.M. for a yoga class, or spending 45 minutes on your lunch break playing a sport with your co-workers. 

J: Did it make you feel young again? Or...

C: It did - I mean well just the feeling of running up and down the court, the communicating, working together as a team, it's just, it made, it just felt so good. It was the funnest activity that I did all of 100 Days.

J: Really?

C: Hands down. Other than the self directed golf workouts.

J: [laughs]

John: [voice over] After three games of basketball, which for the record we won all three of, we met Marissa - a student trainer from Butler. She walked us through some dynamic stretching, weights, ball slams, planks, and TRX rows. Because we've gotten so used to Laura's personal training style, it's cool to see how another trainer might approach our fitness, and it was interesting to see how much overlap there was between the exercises we were given. And then at the end I was forced to stretch my hamstrings which didn't hurt at all. Just kidding, it was the worst!

J: Oh my god!

John: [voice over] And here's my Day 86 food - still crushing it. And we got one photo from Chris. So I had a lot of fun playing basketball but afterwards my back hurt so badly. Like, I am a 39 year old person, I do not spend a lot of time jumping up in the air and reaching my arm as high as it can go. So I'm gonna go lie on a bunch of ice now and I will see you on Day 87. 

[credits screen]

J: The other thing about basketball is that Chris sweats so much that he broke the mic.

C: We will put that up for auction with all proceeds going to Exodus Refugee.

J: [laughs]

C: I'm thinking we can get 5 figures for that, uh, for all the Chris fans out there. 

J: Chris is sweaty mic! Available now!

C:  [laughs] I am sorry Sheridan.

J: [laughs]