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Watch this dumb video! You can find out more (and also buy it) here:

Have you been thinking to yourself, "You know, I've considered buying Hank Green's An Absolutely Remarkable Thing but it's just too hard! It seems dangerous; like, if I dropped it on someone I might hurt them". Or maybe you've already bought the book and you've told friends that they need to buy the book but they haven't done it? Maybe because the price is too high?

I have amazing news for all of you people who are afraid of intimidatingly hard books or slightly more expensive versions of books. The An Absolutely Remarkable Thing paperback is out today! Right now! Available! Wherever books are sold!!!

Here it is; this is what it looks like. New cover! Very good. Still got my traditional Carl in here, you open it up it's got one of these [points to a ribbon the side of the book] where it's got this nice [ribbon] that says, "#1 New York Times Bestseller", which is amazing.

[Reading from the book reviews] "Sparkling with mystery, humor and the uncanny." Thanks! Sparkling?! Got a bunch of different reviews on the inside. I've always loved this; when I pick up a book and it's just like pages of reviews? That feels really good to have in my book! Still got this: Art. Didn't get rid of that, that's nice that we could do it in black and white. Copyright; still says "Thanks, Mom!" on it and then the book starts!

Here it is! You want to read the first chapter? Pause the video. [Shots of Hank jump cuts while showing pages of the book] Read it, read it! More! Read this; oop! [something falls out of the book] business card just fell out of it! Almost done with the first chapter, you're doing good! The last full set of pages; and here's the end of that chapter and the beginning of chapter two.

So let me know what you think about the first chapter, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, as watched through paused frames in a short video. Also if you're a reader and you have questions about the book, you can email That's Penguin Random House., email with your questions, I will answer them in a future video, looking forward to that.

Thanks to everybody who has supported this book; it's got over 36,000 ratings on Goodreads it's over four stars it's... that's huge, like... 36,000 ratings?!? Almost 7000 reviews! So I haven't read all those; just the bad ones! :D.

Lisa says, "My expectations were low and I was pleasantly surprised by how much this book exceeded them!" [Hank laughs awkwardly] I guess... thank you I guess?!

I'm sorry, the point of the video is that the paperback is out now, you can get it where books are, it makes this noise: [Aggressively flaps the book in his hand].