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In which John discusses his Vidcon experience, thanks his brother, and announces that you (yes, you!) need to read Part I of Ray Bradbury's FAHRENHEIT 451 by next Tuesday to prepare for our discussion in the Nerdfighter Book Club. (if you've read the book before, I encourage you to try reading it again with us!)

Vidcon was amazing. Thanks to everyone who was there, and let us know in comments if you were there, and what your favorite moments were. DFTBA!

Oh, and look: The Nerdfighter Book Club is profiled in USA Today!

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[crowd at VidCon] Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday! Got to VidCon before the 720 other attendees so I could see the expo hall and the DFTBA booth and the places where you can get food and the bouncy castle and also so I could see the stage before standing on it in front of a lot of people. Hank, backstage: ah. John, off camera: How you feelin' right now? Hank: I have to pee. John: Alright, we're ready. Incidentally Hank, about 98% percent of the time those are the last words you say to me before we go on stage. Announcer: Hank and John Green! [people being loud] John: Oh my god! [more crowd screaming] So VidCon was pretty amazing, I mean you performed live with Felicia Day and George Watsky in front of several thousand people and Megan Tonjes sang a song about my book and we met loads of nerdfighters and had the chance to talk about educational video and watch a Gregory brother hula-hoop poorly. Hank every year something at VidCon fills my nerdy heart with joy and this year it was taking an hour away from the craziness to discuss the Monty-Hall problem with Vi Harry Brady and Derek. During which time I discovered that if you have two children and both are born on a weekend and one of them is a boy born on a Saturday, the other is most likely a girl. That really blew my mind, although not as much as watching several thousand people join you in singing a song about particle physics. French the freakin' Llama Hank! So there you go, my VidCon was all about math and physics, but other people had other VidCons – more on that in a second. As you can possibly tell from the view in the mirror, I am on vacation. With the Yeti's family, which you couldn't tell from the view in the mirror. It's quite nice out there Hank, and you know what summertime at the beach means – it means it's time to slather on the SPF 50 and read some great literature together. So here in the nerdfighter book club we're reading Fahrenheit 451! Or as I like to call it when I'm trying to remember how to spell “Fahrenheit”, “Fah-ren-heit 451”. Your first reading assignment is to finish part 1 of the book, The Hearth and the Salamander, by next Tuesday! Hold on I'm gonna build a tripod. Better. So Hank we're both gonna read Fahrenheit 451 and we're both gonna make videos about it, and our readings will probably be very different, and that will allow us as a community to discuss how best to read, why we read, what we find fulfilling about reading, I'm VERY excited about this! So Hank ultimately what I love about reading together is precisely what I love about VidCon. You started VidCon, but we all make it happen together, just as Bradbury wrote his novel but it doesn't become real until WE read it. Of course even amid shared experience we're still alone, like I said earlier, my VidCon was unique and each reading of every book is unique. But what a comfort it is to share readings and experiences. How lucky we are when we get to be alone, together. Hank, thank you for starting VidCon, and a huge thanks to Carver and Jenny and Monica and Jojo and all the volunteers who made it actually happen. DFTBA, I will see you on Friday!