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In which Hank plays Fancy Pants Adventure...poorly.
Hank: Hello, and welcome to Hank Green plays a random flash game. Today, I'm playing Fancy Pants Adventures: World 1. Um, it's from 2008, if you can believe it. Um, and I've played this game before, but it's been a long time. Alright, so I'll... Keyboard...  Um, start game, yes, start game. I'm, I'm not entirely sure... Okay. Alright that's the jump button. Uh, oops. So far, so bad. Ugh! Yeah. Wee! Oh, it's so cool. Oh my God, except that I'm gonna die over and over again. Just something about, you know, really good art in a game. Oops. Um, you can do it, buddy. I know that I very nearly killed you, but... Yeah, you got nothing on me. You got nothing on me, you little rat. Ahh! Ah, shoot. Alright everybody. Let's do it, Fancy Pants Man! Jump! Yeah, I did it! I did it! 'Cause I'm good at games! No, I didn't want to do that! I wanted to collect all my things! And there's a spider. Okay, I'm up here now. Duckin'. Duckin' and rollin'. Ah, I didn't even see you! Holdin' the door.