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This week, disaster! Chris is sick, John suffers through a workout alone, and takes on a 6am class at InCycle.

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Follow along:
John: Just keep it above my waist. Can we please skip Leg Day.
Laura: Are you not a leg guy?
John : No, I mean look at these Laura. You know. These are already perfectly sculpted. What would you change about them?
Laura: I...nothing [laughs]
John: All my problems are waist up. 

100 days intro (0:14)

John: Okay, so the last time I saw you, it was day 19. Which means we have some catching up to do. I had a pretty good weekend, like on Saturday- day 20- I ran, for about 45 minutes, in addition to having some fairly balanced meals. I also had two apples in one day, which I feel should be celebrated, plus I had a lot of protein and vegetables. And then on Sunday, which was day 21, I...uh...definitely ate too much. I started the day well, and was even tracking my food, but then the wheels fell off the wagon as the day went on. On day 22 I was back in the gym with Laura. But something terrible happened, which is that Chris did not show up, because he was vomiting. 

Chris: Saturday night...uhhhhh...I had a lovely dinner with John...and his family, and his father in law and mother in law: Connie and Marshal. Lovely people. I had a delicious plate of meat. And then the next day, uhhh my wife was gone, and then the next day, I'm um ah spending just being a hand on dad with my children. You know, engaging them in games, and riddles, and books. It hit me, and I thought, oh my gosh, I'm gonna throw up. And low and behold, five minutes later I went and I threw up. And it turns out I had- I'm not blaming it on the food-I think it might have just been a stomach flu that I had because, I really do like this restaurant. So I was just knocked down, with kind of fever chills for the next 36 hours, and came back like 5 pounds lighter. And ready to attack. 
John: This is a very good excuse, and I want to take this moment to thank him for not sharing his norovirus with me. But it did mean that I had to work out by myself, which kind of sucked. Laura had me start out on these rowing machines. I would row to 100 metres, then take a break. Then 200 metres, and take a break. Then 300, then 400. 

John: I'm so much more fit than 3 weeks ago. 
Laura: Are you joking or are you serious?
John: No, I'm serious. 
Laura: Thats awesome. 
Laura: bap... got 15 seconds. 
John: Its not hard. 
Laura: Well, pull it harder. 
John: [laughing]
Laura: [laughing]

John: And looking back, I maybe shouldn't've bragged so much about my impeccable fitness so early into the workout. But remember those two apples? I had reasons to feel confident. 
[dramatic music playing]
John: Anyway, then we moved onto some suicides, and some abs work. Laura calls this move a get-up. It was the first time I'd done it. But spoiler alert: It is not the last time you'll see it in 100 days. 

John: That is no joke. 
Laura: Now, alright, guess what? Cone suicides. 
John: No, really? [panting breath] The same thing? 

John: It was right around here, that I realised this workout was gonna be a little harder without Chris, partially because Laura kept telling me that this workout was gonna be a little harder without Chris. 

Laura: I told them before you got here, this was gonna be a rough one, for you being here by yourself. You can thank Chris. You'll send him by himself sometime. 
John: [panting heaving] Oh Chris. 
Laura: [laugh]..this one... 
John: What the f*ck is this?
Laura: [laughs]
John: Explain to me what this has to do with functional fitness? Is this for if you're pregnant with 17 babies? And needed to pull up in a car door.  And I got to do this. And I'm gonna open up the door. And open the door. Hardest I've ever worked to look so stupid. Ahhh. It has to be it, right? [HugggGhhhh]

John: Afterwards, it was back to abs work, and my new friend get-ups. Infact, we did most of the things on Laura's list twice. I'm really not a fan of these squats. You're suppose to go slow, on the way down, then quickly up. Then you switch to quick on the way down, and slowly up. Then you do them quickly, both down and up. And then slowly both down and up. Basically I hated them. And because I hated them, you're homework this week is to give them a try, and them commiserate with me over at the community tab. Because, like a lot of exercise, I found that while I hated these squats, while they were happening. I was very grateful to have done them. Eventually our hour long session on day 22, came to an end. I have to say that working out without Chris sucked. 

John: Its so quiet without Chris. I miss Chris. Oh my god, its so much easier with Chris. 
Laura: All right... 
John: [Aaghhg] Chris, you're really missing out right now. I know he's sick, I know he wouldn't fake it. Still, it kind of sucks for me though. 

John: I hated it. Its much harden to motivate myself. I also couldn't take little breaks when Chris was doing a more difficult part of an exercise. Or when he was making a joke. I've really come to count on those breaks for Chris-jokes. But also I didn't eat well the day before. And I think that has a huge impact on how I feel when I work out. 

(4:27) Day 11
John: Oh, Its the candy. If I hadn't had the candy, I'd be fine. 
John: So, as tough as it was it also reminded me that I have to have fuelled my body better for this stuff. So I had a very healthy lunch, and dinner, and some healthy snacks
(4:39) Day 23
John: Day 23 Brought 6AM indoor cycling class at In-Cycle at Carmel, Indiana. Which was led by Carmen. Sadly Chris was still pretty sick. 

Chris: You knowwww, there's been some great disappointments in my life. The 2016 presidential election didn't go how I was hoping. When I was 10, I found out there's no Santa Claus. But when I couldn't go to indoor cycling, at 6 'O Clock in the morning on a Tuesday...
John: [laughing, facepalm]
Chris:...I, uhhh.. I , I didn't see a lot of reason to go on. 
John: [giggling]
John: But Laura joined in for the class, and it was great to have that moral support, because, as I learned very quickly these classes go fast, and there's a lot of lingo to keep up with. We started slowly though, with some stretches. Kind of like Todd's boot camp workout. And most of the workouts we're doing, this one involved getting out heart rates up high, and then taking it slow for a while, and then getting our heart rates back up. We did that by adjusting our rpm's, revolutions per minute, on the bike. So to start out, she had us peddle it around 100 rpm, and then we dropped down to jog, at around 80 rpm. And here we approached our first hill. Now, in addition to this being very difficult, everyone except for me, seemed to be peddling on the beat. The same goes for when we were using these weight bars. Speaking of which, an essential part of indoor cycling is the very loud fast pop music. Like at one point, Carmen posited that Bruno Mars would get any ones spirits raised at 6 in the morning. Which is kind of hard to disagree with. And its too bad that Chris missed this one because he is a huge Bruno Mars fan. Oh, and here we are doing a sing-along to REO Speedwagon, and by we, I mean they. Because, I...ah, did not know the words to this song. I could clap along though, slightly off the beat. Ofcourse you can't hear any of these songs, because we can't afford to clear the rights- I'm sorry. So, we did a couple more hills. And then we did weight lifting. I remained off beat. I did find it pretty amusing that Carmen went around the room taking selfies with people. It was like a 6AM party. And the end solidified that. Carmen had us clapping and grooving. It made me feel a little bit self conscious to be honest, but I'm not going to lie, it was a great work-out and I enjoyed this cycling class. I do rather wish that it hadn't happened at 6 'O Clock in the morning. That a little earlier than I like to be getting up to my max heart rate. Also the people were lovely. And it was really nice to see Laura sweat for once. For the rest of that day, my meals went pretty well. I'd like extra credit for this avocado on toast, with Cantaloupe, please. And we don't have pictures of Chris's food because, well, he didn't eat much. I do want to say a special thank-you to Chris however, for not photographing his vomit. Thanks for watching, I'll see you on day 24. 
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John:[buwahhh]Oh god, Who do I have to pay so that I get 103degree fever, so I can go to bed. [Huwahhh huhh Ghhwaahhh]
Laura: Breath
John: God