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In which Hank takes a walk down memory lane courtesy of the wayback machine.

And yes, at the beginning when I say "we've recently gotten 10,000 subscribers" by that I meant "1 million."
Hello! Today, we're going to take a trip down memory lane with the help of the internet archives Way Back Machine. John and I have just recently gotten 10,000 subscribers and so I wanted to take a little tour of the history of Brotherhood 2.0 and Vlogbrothers the YouTube channels and what was going on in our lives and all of the things that happened to us over the years and how weird Youstube used to be--YouTube used to be--Youstube you'd to be. So this is the vlogbrothers channel on Jan--December 1, 2007, which was almost a full year after we started--it was eleven months after we started--we had 9,751 subscribers, which is not a very impressive number nowadays but it was very impressive back then, which is interesting and I don't--I want to theorize about what that means, but I don't want to do it here, I'll probably do i tin my vlogbrothers video. We have some recent ratings, several Songs From A Hat. I don't know if anybody remembers Songs From A Hat, but that's Abby from Songs From A Hat, and then we have things that have been subscribed to, including Secret Brother Tom, and these people who ate horseradish, along with John. There's a Filter Franco video--look how young he is. And over here's some YouTube drama! Subscribe to Household Hacker: Number 1 YouTube watchdog has 20 videos removed due to TOS violations. Renetto deleted 250 videos because YouTube is now Big Brother! Dave Days becomes YouTube paid partner after only three months on YouTube! So apparently there were paid partners back then. And then there's like comments, lovely comments from people saying that they like us and that they enjoy what we do.

So a little bit of information on the design here, for people who are particularly curious about that. This is the--the Nerdfighters logo here is directly taken from the Arrow Fighters logo, which is a game that John thought said Nerdfighters but actually was Arrow Fighters so I just sort of adapted that very slightly. The Brotherhood 2.0 thing here was rendered in Lightwave, because I used to do visual effects for a living. 

We're going to go now to the next page--oooh, now it is, what is it. May 14, 2008, so we have progressed significantly. We now have--whoa. We now have 25,000 subscribers. So that happened really fast. It took us a year to get the first 10,000 and then the next thing we have--no it's not. There's one in between there. There's one like, this is December 15. So two weeks later we have over 10,000 subscribers. So that was very exciting, we had 10,000 subscribers, and here's some more things that we rated. And is there more YouTube drama? There is more YouTube drama! Oh my gosh, Renetto says the YouTube community is on its last breath because of telemarketers! Oh man. There's been drama forever. Don't worry if you ever feel like there's a lot of drama.

This is not what this page looked like, by the way. I don't know what happened. The wayback machine is not getting all the CSS, or something. But this was our Project For Awesome layout, so we changed the layout of our page for the Project For Awesome to this terribly, ugly, horrific design which this moving gif in the banner, because you could do that back then. And it's worth noting that we have 25,000 subscribers and we are 58 Most Subscribed all-time directors. Directors, vs. partners, vs. gurus, like that was a distinction that doesn't exist anymore. And there's this video--BLOOD: I'm a KILLER!--that's the video I made the first time that we had had enough views that we had basically had an entire human lifespan spent watching our videos. So that's amazing. What've we got in the comments here? I see some comments. This one, "Love you guys," uh, "I assume you would enjoy this YouTube singer/songwriter ReinaDelCid." I remember ReinaDelCid, she sang a song called Emily, and I liked it a lot, and I wonder if that's how I found her, through that comment there.

So we're going to go to the next one. Ooh! Better design. Uhh, yes. This is not--I swear this is not what it's supposed to look like. Also this did not get captured. But this, the skull and crossbones Nerdfighter design thing, you will be interested to know was designed by none other than . . . Vi Hart! Back before Vi Hart made videos, she made that design. So that's weird. That's just weird internet trivia. Oh, and down here we have the first Hank and John--the appearance of the Hank and John heads. Actually if we click on some of these videos, you might actually see--yeah! There's more Hank and John heads. Locate another Harry Potter song. Here's what the YouTube watch page looked like. Remember that? Remember those? Whoa! Ooh, download, you could just download them. They don't let you do that anymore. Um. And these Hank and John heads I designed for--for vlogbrothers to stick in various places. And they actually--Penguin has stolen--I think I can say this--Penguin has stolen the John head and put it on, like, on the tour bus, and on the Barnes & Noble gift cards, so this John head now has like a huge life outside of me. And no one ever asked my permission for that, but I don't complain about it. . . .

All right, another design, we are now on December 24, 2008, another year has passed, we now have 53,000 subscribers. So the first year we got 10,000 , the second year we got more than 40,000 subscribers over the year. This was a terrible, terrible design, again this is not what it's supposed to look like but this is still.. it's terrible. That's nice, I like this. So Paper Towns is out, and I've done this little advertisement for John.. I love him. Ooh, some underappreciated youtubers.  [05:50]