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Hank berates the earth for not being it's usual stable self and then interviews the always-amazing James@War, his favorite YouTube parody musician.


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You'll notice that this chandelier is shaking a little bit because John, that was an earthquake.

Welcome to Los Angeles. I'm standing in a doorway, because I hear that's what you're supposed to do. So I guess that wasn't a big one.

That chandelier sure is-still is movin', though. That's not-I guess that's not that impressive. It felt very impressive at the time.

John, y'know, the Earth is supposed to be something you're able to trust. Just stay in the same place, that's all I ask! Like, how much more could I ask from the Earth?

Okay, also supply us with an infinite amount of abundant fossil fuels. Do that too, Earth! Okay, the Earth does a lot for us, and we don't do a lot for it, so I guess maybe every once in a while it's entitled to a little bit of shakin'.

But man, I bet that was like a one on the Richter scale, and my heart's beating like crazy. John, this is James@War, I don't know if you remember James@War, but he made a stint of amazingly popular parody videos, so I decided that I would, ah, inter-interview him because there's Youtubers, and he's the first one that I actually ran into randomly. H: So what's up?

J: We had an earthquake earlier today, and it made a button fall off my jacket, uh.. H: The earthquake made a button-you just shook. J: I shook, and a button fell off my jacket, that's what I'm claiming happened anyway.

H: It is possible that your jacket just thought that it had too many buttons on it, in the jacket? J: That is entirely possible, the jacket thought it was too gaudy, and just said, "I'm out." H: Right, It's--I think it's much more appropriate now. J: Mhm.

H: You look like you're twelve, but I know that you have a lot of kids, so how did that work? J: Well, I started when I was six and, uh, nobody talked to me about prophylactics, so five kids at the age of eighteen. H: You have five kids.

J: I have five kids. H: And you live in Alaska. J: Uh, y-re--right now, yeah, I do.

H: Why do you live in Alaska? J: Uhhh...the Air Force sent me up there. By choice, I-I put it down as someplace I'd like to go.

Well actually, uh, moving to Alaska, where there is nothing to do in the wintertime, at least. And my wife worked as a manager at a club, and they played the same songs over and over and over again, so she came home, and she would say, "I hate this song. I hate this song." So I decided to, uh, write different words to the songs just for her and, uh, so I wrote a song called 'Pop Star', and I wrote a song called 'Hey, Harry Potter'.

And it was right at this time I discovered Youtube even existed, and so I thought, well, hey, I might as well just throw these on Youtube as well. And so I threw 'em on there and, uh, both of them went viral, which completely took me by surprise, uhm, and the rest is history. I just kept on writing songs, mostly for my wife.

H: That-That's adorable. So and then y'kinda-then y'kinda stopped. J: Yeah.

I-I stopped because, uh, of course, America is, uh, doing the war on terror, and, uh, the Air Force just, w-uh my profession, uh, the up tempo just went way up, and I just got entirely too busy, and , uh, if you-if you are in the military, and you don't want to be busy, don't get promoted. Youtube, unfortunately, had to take a back burner to, uh, the profession of arms. H: Is that gonna change?

J: That is gonna change. H: Y'comin' back? J: I'm comin' back.

H: Yeah! J: I'm gettin' out in August, not that I'm counting down the days or anything. Full time writing, full time videos, and all kinds of new exciting stuff.

I cannot wait. H: So, do y'have any plans? J: I mean, there's new Harry Potter movies coming out, there's new Twilight movies out, uh, there's all kinds of awesome new games coming out, um, and of course, that's kind of my niche, and that's-that's the stuff I'm into, and, uh, so- H: Dorkify popular songs.

J: That's right! I am the dork. Cause a dork is somebody who's, uh, kind of in to everything, but not really good at anything, and that's-thar's me.

H: Thank you for coming on our channel and talking about what's going on with James@War, and we're looking forward to having you back. thank you for coming o VidCon. J: Thank you! I can't wait for it to start, and, uh, be over with so I can make a video then.