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Wiif Wednesday!
(Get it? Wii + Wife? No? ok.)

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Edited by Tim Thomas


Hank: Hello, and welcome to Games with Hank, I'm Hank, this is games with me and also with Katherine, welcome to Wii Wednesdays on Games with Hank, where we play Wii games, even though Nintendo is kind of terrible about the Let's Play thing.

Hank: We're playing Super Mario 3D World, and we've just beaten some level on World--on--in World 3.  

Katherine: We're gonna go play that one over there?

Hank: Yeah, we're gonna go play that one over there.  This candy one with the cherries. 

Katherine: Oh is that the one that we couldn't play with it -

 World 2-5 Double Cherry Pass (0:25)

Hank: Yeah, we couldn't play, we couldn't play without, yea, the thing, which is not in this world. And yeah, so, it's adorable, and it looks delicious and I am actually pretty hungry and if I just- do this I poop. Poop poop poop poop poop, what do you do when you do this? 

Katherine: Kitty butt dance.

Hank: Oh you do the kitty butt dance? That's pretty cute. Alright.

Katherine: It's cuter from the side.

Hank: It's cuter from the side. (laughs) So cute! 

Hank: Oh I just got that - wait oh, there's two of me. There is twoo of me!

Katherine: I don't - I don't like that.

Hank: You don't like it when there's two of me?

Katherine: Nope.

Hank: Why not?

Katherine: Why would there be two of you?

Hank: For- To... more accurately murder! For better murders.

Katherine: hmm

Hank: Only one of us is king. I broke it.

Katherine: There's only one crown.

Hank: Both of us go.

Katherine: No, no no no.

Hank: Oh youuu are a winner.

Katherine: You tried to get it but there was a waaaall.

Hank: I thought about it. Now there's two of you, so do you like it or not? You can't have it both ways, madame Bonaparte.

Katherine:  One of my kitties is stuck. Why is one of my kitties stuck?

Hank: I think if we just go in the pipe they will come with us. Everybody will come. Yeah, everybody came. See?

Alright, two of me, two of you, this is super weird. What are those things?

Hank: Oh jeez.  Aw, man.  I lost one of my guys. 

Katherine: (?-2:05) for better murdering.

Hank: I lost--ahh.  Ehh, oh, well, thanks for saving it for me.

Katherine: What the hell, I didn't do that. 

Hank: You ground pounded.

Katherine: I didn't!  I may have accidentally--I guess I may have accidentally hit B. 

Hank: I don't know how it--

Katherine: Wow, thanks for leaving me behind here, honey.

Hank: Sorry.  Well, there was a flag, I wanted to get it, just in case something bad happened.

Katherine: Just in case.  What happened to my other kitty, come over here, other kitty!  Can you please come?  Thank you!  Let's stay together!

Hank: I wish I had a fire flower or something like that. 

Katherine: Why?  Why?

Hank: Sorry.  Sorry.

Katherine: Ooh, some of my kitties go--wow, where is THAT one going?

Hank: That's- that is, you are controlling that, you must be.

Katherine: No.  I'm the one with the crown on.  Now there's three of me?  Oh, that's weird. 

Hank: There's three of me too.  Alright, just go, just...what in the world is happening now?

Katherine: I don't know!

Hank: Oh, wait, I...I have one of-

Katherine: Can please somebody come up here?

Hank: Thanks.

Katherine: There we go.

Hank: A-ok. Danger Robinson. Alright, gettin' this. Alright! Now we're all fire man! Firemen.

Katherine: Ok kitties. Join up kitties.

Hank: Can everybody join me here cuz there's-

Katherine: Well.

Hank: I'm sorry. I can't- none of my guys have come with me. I killed them I think. But I killed him too, so he's dead now.

Katherine: well, these tubes...

Hank: I think they just take you between levels. Oh my god! Oh, it's ok the level is over. Everything's fine.

Hank: What does this mean? Four?

Katherine: Four?

Hank: Do we need four for that to go up? And I- we only have three. That's disappointing.

Katherine: awwwwwww wait a second. Wait. Is there any way I can climb? (noises of exertion)

Hank: You could've jumped that.

Katherine: ok, where is it really? Where is it actually? Cuz it's impossible to tell. ugh, I have no idea where it actually is.

Hank: I think it might be right over where the four is.

Katherine: ok. hmm.

Hank: Come on kitties. Come on!

Katherine: I don't understand what the deal is.

Hank: Sometimes you can go farther... than you did that time.

Katherine: (breathes audibly)

Hank: Should I get out of the way? (? 4:40)

Katherine: (karate noise)

Hank: Ok, good kitties. Good kitties. aw, dangit.

Katherine: Well, y'know. Sometimes it doesn't work. 

Hank: Sometimes your life just isn't what you wish your life would be. and I got 2000 and you got SO MANY points cuz you had extra kitty. ah. Not me. Not me

Katherine: (? 5:02 I'm not sure if she says something but I can't hear it)

Hank: Yeah but we're cute, at least.


Katherine: Who's the loser? me?

Hank: Me. Me loser, I'm the loser.

Katherine: aww, look at that sad.

Hank: I know, we kicked his butt.

Katherine: Chocolate hazelnut.

Hank: (laughs)

Katherine: with shoes. (laughs)

Hank: He does look like a hazelnut.

Katherine: He look kind like a little Toffifay 

Hank: Toffifay. Can we do this?

Katherine: I wanna eat it.

 World 2-castle Bowser's Bullet Bill Brigade (5:27)

Hank: We can! We can. What? yeah. Castle time.

Katherine: I'm not- I'm not sure if I'm ready.

Hank: Bullet Bill Brigade. (says it again weirdly)

Katherine: oh my gosh. My hand hurts.

Hank: I know we'll do it though. Hello little men.

Katherine: Oh no, so far so bad cuz like it's diagonal directions.

Hank: Yeah.

Katherine: I'm not good at diagonal directions.

Hank: I hit all the buttons at once.

Katherine: Should I get that?

Hank: I think probably.

Katherine: I did so-

Hank: Oh geez

Katherine: ugh

Hank: Where am I? Where am I?

Katherine: Is the Bowser box, is that something?

Hank: I don't know. (6:14) Oh jeez, I just pooped! 

Katherine: What, what do you mean? 

Hank: Uh, I was doing a poop dance, and I thought I was going to--I thought I was going to do something useful, but I wasn't.  I guess we go down now. 

Katherine: Stay in front of it.  Stay in front of it. 

Hank: Oh jeez, oh jeez, oh jeez. how did you get that?

Katherine: Ooh! Cuz it was just sitting there. 

Hank: Ahhh, ahhh, it's hard to tell what's happening.  So I feel like we should wait for a second.  We can't see what's going on up there.  Little Bills down there.

Katherine: That's fine, that's fine. Don't jump on me. Don't jump on me.

Hank: Oh, they start panicking as soon as you--as soon as you kill one of them, they all start to run around like crazies.

Katherine: Ohh. 

Hank: Oh, I ran right into a Bullet Bill, so now neither of us have--

Katherine: That's bad news. 

Hank: It is bad news.  Oh.  Uh.  Can't get up there.  Cannot happen. I am on top--

Katherine: Sorry, didn't mean to do that.

Hank: Uh, nope, terrible decision, I made a terrible decision.  Alright, I'm tiny.

Katherine: Okay, stop. 

Hank: Stop?

Katherine: Hammer time. 

Hank: Thank you.  Oh, sorry.  Sorry, I didn't realize you were getting yourself a thing, too. 

Katherine: Meow, meow, meow.

Hank: Meow, meow, meow.

(enemy barks)

Katherine: (gasps)

Hank: What, you're still angry? 

Katherine: Yeah, hit him.

Hank: Who's gonna hit him?

Katherine: Yeah, you hit him with that.  I'll hit him with this.  I'm gonna--

Hank: Oh jeez, he ran right into--I did not know what was coming.

Katherine: You can't--you can't do anything with him when he's doing this, I guess.  Haaah! 

Hank: Nicely done, my dear!

Katherine: Now avoid, avoid. Ohh, he's invisible.

Hank: Oh, he made invisible! 

Katherine: He's invisible, he's invisible, he's invisible.  He's i--hahadibididabada.  Get him, get him, get him, get him, get him, get him, get him, yeaaah!

Hank: YEAAAAUUGHH. Ohh, yes. 

Katherine: Mmmm.

Hank: I went in the thing. 

Katherine: Soooo good. 

Hank: So good.  Come with me, my brother, I'm taking you to our destiny.

Katherine: Carry me to the finish line, brother!  (both laughing) Carry me!  Get all the coins, what's wrong with you?

Hank: I'm not very good at the game, dear.

Katherine: Hooray!

Hank: I don't know that you needed that.  My face cam stopped, ran out of card space on the face cam. 

Katherine: Oh well. 

Hank: That's okay.  That's alright.

Katherine: Course cleared!

Hank: Course clear, we did it! 

Katherine: We did it!

Hank: We did it! 

Katherine: That's the end of the second level, I guess.

Hank: Yeah.

Katherine: There's things that we didn't get to do because we didn't have the pad, but--

Hank: Yeah.  Yeah.  And you won again.

Katherine: Boop bop, crown time! 

Hank: You are a professional flag pole sitter.

Katherine: That's your favorite joke, huh?

Hank: Well, I liked it a lot the first time.

Katherine: Oh, okay. I understand.

Hank: It was pr--it was pretty impressed.

Katherine: That wasn't as bad as I expected it to be.

Hank: No, yeah, that was--that was pretty easy.

Katherine: I feel like we missed a lot, though.

Hank: We just didn't do a lot of the things we could have done.

Katherine: Cuz it was kind of a panic.

Hank: Yeah, we were definitely panicking.  But panic is good sometimes, sometimes you need panic, sometimes that's what carries you forward. 

Katherine: Hm.  Or a crystal pipe.

Hank: Crystal pipes--

Katherine: Sometimes a crystal pipe carries you forward.

Hank: Crystal pipes also carry you forward. 

Katherine: And they will carry us forward next time.

Hank: On Games with Hank. Where when we will be playing next time on Wii Wednesdays, we will be takin' on that third world.

Katherine: World 3.

Hank: With me and Katherine. (Burps)  DFTBA.

Hank: She just looked at me, you can't see it with the face cam, that face, but I saw it. It was quite a face.