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A package arrives for the animals and Jessi is too busy to write a script for an episode. So that means you get an unboxing plus unscripted updates, plus a happy animal montage!

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Hey guys.  Welcome back to Animal Wonders.  I love this community and I love that I'm able to share topics that I find fascinating but I'm also glad that I can just give updates on what's going on at Animal Wonders.  Right now, we are just so busy.  Some days, I don't know if I'm coming or going or what's going on, but there's also a lot of wonderful things happening, too.  We have some truly amazing supporters, and a couple days ago, we got this gift in the mail.  Hannah and Jeannie, thank you so much for sending this.  Let's open it!

Alright, while I open this, I'd also like to give you some updates on what's going on at Animal Wonders.  From our last unboxing video, you guys were so kind to point out that I should get an actual box cutter so I got an actual box cutter.  Oh!  Yeah, there's a letter.  

Dear Animal Wonders,

My name is Hannah and I'm 11 years old.  I LOVE your channel and I have a farm and we have goats, horses, a donkey, 10 4H chickens, four dogs, and a cat.  My horse's name is Buttermilk and our donkey's name is Rocky.  All of my chickens are named after animals like Sarah, Cas, Joy, Zapper, Zoe, Pearl, Puzzle, Goldie, Blueberry, Chili Pepper.  (Those are our animal's names, that's so cool.)  My aunt is a vet, so I get to work with animals a lot.  When I get older, I want to be a marine biologist or run an organization like yours.

Oh!  That is so cool, Hannah, thank you so much.  I'm really excited to see what you sent all the animals.  First up, we have some Carefresh.  We go through so much Carefresh.  Thank you so much.  This is perfect.  We can always use these green terrarium liners.  They're for reptiles.  We use this for Blueberry the blue tongued skink because she does not have any toes and this is a very comfortable thing for her to be able to walk on, but she makes them pretty dirty, so it's really nice to have new ones that we can trade out the old icky ones for, and a sand mat.

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Same thing goes with these.  We have some desert animals and these sand mats are just perfect for them.  I mentioned before that we're really busy.  Where we have a full week of presentations and taking care of the animals and someone says, Hey, can you come to our child's birthday party or We're doing this event for a back-to-school for low income kids, I'm like yes, yes, I want to do those things and so with an already basically completely booked schedule, I will move things around and fit those things in, and I like that it makes my heart full, but it makes my body really tired.  

Right now, we have an old collection and what that means is it's kinda like, it's kinda zoo talk, even though we're not a zoo, it's zoo talk for when a lot of the animals that you're caring for have reached kind of their golden years and that's a wonderful beautiful time for the animal because they've all kind of fallen into their personalities and you have this great relationship, usually, with them, but it also means that they require more care, extra care in their senior years.

A lot of our animals are at that point and so they're requiring more hands-on specialized care.  I love being able to provide them a happy and healthy home, but it's also a lot more work.  So combining those two things means that I'm busier than my normal busy, which is already really busy, and when you get busy like that and your schedule is so full, it means that you have to prioritize things and sometimes, writing a script for our channel is not the top priority, but since we got this amazing package, I thought I would still give you some content, show you what our amazing supporters do for us, and give you some updates along the way.

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All right, let´s dig into some of these stuff! Chilli pepper is going to love this blanket. He´s probably gonna make this huge bed, nice comfy bed out of it. All right, what else do we have in here? Looks like some treats, aha, these are dog treats and we have some millet. And millet is perfect for training small birds, like Steve the cockatiel and agent Perry the budgeriar. They go kind of crazy for millet, and so perfect. We always need these things.
This is a hay house, I guess you´d call and it´s often used for guines pigs. Look at this! It pops open. But you know who loves it? Lollipop the skunk would love this. Speaking of Lollipop, we are working on an improvement for her enclosure. I´m really exited about it! I love doing improvements for the animals. That´s kind of an ongoing goal, everyday I think about : "How can I improve this animal´s life?". But it is challenging to focus on all this improvements when it´s our bussiest season for presentations and we are putting extra effort for all of our senior animals. Which is why   I´m hoping we can add a new member to our team soon, so we can take on all these challenges and that just means more love for the animals.
Speaking of, let´s see what else we have in this awesome gift package. We have, ah, I love this things. This is an edible natural hide in. Little rodents like guinea pigs and rabbits and chinchilllas. They love to hide under things but, they also like to chew on whatever you put on there so if it´s something like plastic they are going to chew on the plastic and these are edible. They can eat this and not get hurt, this is perfect!  Oh this is great! You know this could a bird toy, but it could also be an awesome toy for Mimi the mormoset. She loves to climb on things like this and the last one we put in there she love it so much that she rubbed all over it and she peed all over it. And it got really gross, so we took out.

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So yay, let's put a clean one in for her, and another climbing structure.  I think Mimi could use this one, too, because I mean, I've already told you what she does to her toys.  Alright, and the last thing here, this is a tiny little perch that you can put on a table and you can put the little birds on there.  This would be great for our public presentations when we bring the animals out to meet the community and Loulou and Ecuador, our little conures, this is perfect for them and it's super fun.

Well, thank you so much, Hannah and Jeanie!  I'm--this is--this is awesome.  More than I expected and I'm very grateful and I would like to now go and share all of these amazing gifts with the animals and I'd like to show you how much they love them.


Thank you guys for joining us.  I hope you enjoyed seeing all the animals enjoy all of their things.  If you would like to buy the animals some of their favorite things, check out our Amazon Wishlist, the link is below, and then you will make them super happy.  

Thank you so much.  I'll see you next week.


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