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In which John checks in from the set of the TFIOS movie. Look behind the scenes at all the hardworking people who are making this movie a real thing in the world.
John: Hi!

Shailene: Yes!

John: Can you say good morning to my brother Hank?  Can you say "Good Morning Hank..."

Shailene (singing): Good morning, good morning!

John: (laughter)

Shailene: Yay!

John: Hank, I'm inside of a trailer, like at, at the movie set. Look, look, it's a real -- look, there's like a thing, it's a -- there's Isaac, he's producing the movie.

Isaac: Hi.

John: So Hank I am here on the set of The Fault In Our Stars movie -- intentionally weird angle so that I don't give away locations -- and whoaaaaoooaaa. I've been laughing and, and crying; I think they think I'm crazy because I can't, I can't keep my emotions in check at all. It's just, it's just amazing. 

So Hank, I can't show you the set -- NO SPOILERS! -- However, I have had a great day today, like I got to hang out with Shailene and Ansel.

John: The camera comes on, and you just dork out.

Shailene: You're such a dork.

Ansel: Is it on?

John: It is on.

Shailene: Ansel paints miniatures.

John: Do you really paint miniatures? 

Shailene: You're going to freak out when you see what he does.

Ansel: Do you paint miniatures too?

John: Miniature what? No, I'm sorry. Honest to -- I'm sorry to disappoint you though. Miniature whats? 

Shailene: Uh, miniature Godzillas.

Ansel: No I don't paint Godzillas.

John: That's right, Hank -- Ansel paints miniature figurines. He's one of us! 

Man, I have to try some crazy angles to keep the set out of it. Also I got to hang out with Hazel's mom and dad -- I mean in the movie, not, they're, they're not real. They -- it feels real though!  

Sam Trammell: Hank what up?

John: (laughter)

Sam: We're in Pittsburgh, no we're (redacted).

John: Wait, no no no, we can't give away locations! 

Sam: No no, I mean we're in Indiana. (laughter)

Shailene: No, we're in, we're in--

Sam: No no no, we're in Alaska.

John: And also the screenwriters are here!

Scott Neustadter & Michael Weber: Hank, what's happening? Hey Hank. Congrats on the Emmy.

John: Wait a sec, Hank -- The Lizzie Bennet Diaries won a freaking Emmy? Congratulations! 

John (voice-over): So what do I do on set? Well mostly just this. I listen to what's happening on headphones while watching on a monitor. I know this looks very boring but it's actually amazing to see a story that for a long time existed only in my imagination and become visible, which is why I'm always laughing and crying.

John: Like from the Phalanxifor bottles to the costumes, I just keep saying, "Oh my God, what is air?!" And then Josh Boone, the director, is like--

Josh: Air is mostly nitrogen and oxygen.

John: At which point I say, "Clearly Josh, you are not spending enough time on the internet."

So Hank, this is a really exciting time, but it's also kind of a scary time for people who care a lot about the book, which includes me. But it also -- and this is important -- includes all of the people who are working on this movie, and there are more than a hundred of them. 

The Fault in Our Stars movie is happening because of an amazing script and great producers and a wonderful director and this beautiful, awesome cast. But it is also happening because of the many people who have read and loved and shared the book so generously.

Make no mistake, Hank, if people didn't like the book, there would be no movie, and we all understand that, so please know that everyone here on this set feels a tremendous responsibility to the story and to its readers. 

Ultimately, that's why I think it's going to be a good movie. Oh my god, I think that's poison ivy. Oh, huge mistake!

So Nerdfighteria, thank you for making my dreams come true. Hank, congratulations again on your Emmy! I will see you on Friday.