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In which Hank does what you told him to do. INCLUDING!

Dancing to Brazilian Music, discussing stress, Parkour (not actually), eating raw onion, interviewing the sidewalk, singing about the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a book recommendation, a couple rants, flopping around on the deck, and talking a bit about life and Subbable.

This was really fun, I shall do it again some time!
Hank: Good morning John. Time for a truth bomb. You and I have had a good month. But, you gotta admit that there is no way we could do any of the things that we do without this community. Frankly, Nerdfighteria is my biggest inspiration. That means that when I don't have an idea for a video, I can just ask on twitter, and Tumblr, and also Instagram. 

Hank: Though Instagram on the internet doesn't show me all the comments. Why? Why? That's not a complicated feature. Show more. Give me a link. That's right. I'm already doing it. I'm taking your suggestions on what I should do on my video today.

Hank: That was a good idea. 

[Music playing]

Hank: I'm here today with the sidewalk to talk about what it's like to be a sidewalk. So sidewalk, what do you think? 
Sidewalk: Well I got no complaints, except tree roots. Don't get me started on tree roots. 
Hank: Fascinating.

Hank (singing): One day i had an idea, when i was bored. I was like Bernie what do you think if the people from Pride and Predudice were vloggers? I never thought that idea would win an Emmy award, and the fact that so many people like it is totally bonkers!

Hank: This is a book you might have heard of. It's called Emma, by Jane Austen, and some friends of mine are about to adapt it into a video blog series. So maybe you wanna read up.

[Music playing]

Hank: I am, want a Wonder Woman movie, right? Like, that needs to exist. Did you know that Joss Whedon wanted to do one and Warner Brothers turned him down!? The person who made that decision needs to eat a can of poop flavored poop!

[Music playing]

[Sound of Hank biting into an onion]

Hank: Pretty good actually. I was all ready to talk about how terrible this was. huh. aaaaaaaaaaaauw! aaaaaaaaaaaaauw!

[Music playing]

Hank: ej. whoo

[Sound of chair moving]

[Sound of Hank falling on the floor]

[Music playing]

Hank: auw.

Hank: I deal with stress in two ways. Cause there's two kinds of stress. There's stress that you can take care of and there's stress that you can't. The first one, I take care of it, as fast as possible, cause putting it off always makes it worse. Things that I can't fix: I think about the fact that I can't fix them. I think about why I can't fix them and I come to terms with the fact that this is a problem that I am not going to overcome and that the world is not a wish granting factory.

[Music playing]

Hank: Alright, speech jammer. Already downloaded it, putting my headphones on. This is a very long chord. This is the free one. We're going to Speech Jam...mers work by... playing your voice back into your ears right after you speak. It interferes with the cogni..cogni...cognitive...cegogs. It becomes...aba comes difficul...aba comes...difficult, to make sure, z...very difficult to speak.

[Music playing]

[Different music playing]

Hank: Things are going good. SciShow and CrashCourse are doing well. SciShow just hit a million subscribers. Subbable. I should talk about. This is a difficult thing, launching a product, and we had a snafu with Amazon and the ability to take recurring payments. So if you set up a monthly subscribership, it got cancelled out. So you need to go back to Subbable, sign in and re-up your subscription, cause Amazon freaked out on us, cause we weren't following all their rules correctly. Now we are. Subbable has been extremely successful and if everyone goes back in and actually redoes their subscription, then CrashCourse is going to be safe, but right now only fifty percent of people have done that. So if you haven't, please do.

Thanks for all the fantastic ideas. This was a really weird video. John, I'll see you on Tuesday.

[Music playing]