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Joy gets a big surprise when supporters donations go toward purchasing her a new home! Thank you to everyone who watches, and shares our videos, supports, loves, and donates to Animal Wonders!

Give Joy and Zapper and house warming gift!:

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I'm so excited! Because of you, every single one of you that's watching this, we can give more to the animals we care for.

Every view, every donation, every pledge goes towards caring for and educating about animals.

Whether it's making a video about skunk spray, being able to rescue another animal, providing vet care, or improving the life of a current ambassador, you are helping us do that. Thank you.


Today, I wanna give an extra special shoutout to our Patreon supporters. We've been saving up our pledges for the last few months, and we finally got to use them.

The project we did with our first batch of pledges was to improve our reptile room. We bought bigger terrariums for some of our animals, and we increased the foliage for added comfort.

It took us a while to decide what the next project was going to be, and there are so many ways to improve everyday. We're always looking for what to do next.

We finally settled on one of our ambassadors that's always gotten the short end of the stick in her life. When she was younger, before coming to Animal Wonders, she was yelled at, had things thrown at her, was covered up and shut away. We decided that it was her turn to get pampered.

We bought Joy, the blue and gold Macaw, a sweet new home. Just look at it.

It's four times bigger than the enclosure she lived in for over a decade before coming to Animal Wonders. And it's three times bigger than what we gave her for the last two years.

She's been in it for a few days now, and I would really like to say that she loves it. Unfortunately, parrot-type birds, macaws included, that have been through a significant trauma in their life, often don't adjust well to change.

But I know that she will enjoy it so much more once she settles in, which could take a couple weeks. After she gets a little bit more comfortable, I can start adding more toys that she can play with and destroy.

It makes me incredibly happy to be able to give her this gift. It's like a double gift because she gets a present, and I also get a present because I get to give it to her.

It's actually like a triple gift because Joy's old enclosure is now up for grabs. So, we'll move Zapper the Alexandrian Parakeet into the now available space.

Zapper's also had a rough life. He becomes anxious and neurotic if he's not given enough mental and physical stimulation.

The larger enclosure will allow for more space for us to provide activities for him to do throughout the day, which I'm hoping will make him a lot happier.

I hope you all know how much your support means to us. If you would like to give Joy or Zapper a housewarming gift, we have an Amazon wish list, which includes parrot toys.

For all of you subscribers, viewers, donors, Amazon wish list-ers, and Patreon patrons, thank you for supporting animal rescue and education. You're awesome.

If you'd like to go on an adventure with us every week, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel Animal Wonders Montana. If you have any questions for me throughout the week, you can find me on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

Thanks guys!


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