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The Vlogbrothers interviewed by Elliott Morgan from at Vidcon 2013!

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Elliott Morgan: Hey guys, welcome back. We are here doing an interview session backstage at the wonderful VidCon.

Hank Green: This is not backstage, this is front stage.

John Green: Front stage.

EM: You're right, you're right.

HG: There are people right there.

EM: Dude, I get lost every time I'm walking around, I can't tell left from right, up from down, it's crazy.

HG: That's fine. Just curl up in a ball and hide.

EM: This is... I know, I do, oh I do. I have a special booth that I go into under the table and I'm like "No, please".

So this is Hank and John Green in case you've never been on the internet before. I'm gonna try not to ask any stupid questions, I'm just gonna dive right in. Is this your guys' first VidCon?

(Hank and John laugh)

HG: Wonderful. We've done this four times and we'll keep doing it again which is a questionable decision.

EM: So how does this year differ from previous years. I know it's getting bigger but what are the other, like, intricacies that people might not know about?

JG: Well this year's VidCon is bigger than every previous VidCon combined. There's much more to do, there's more meetups, there's more stuff happening. Outside there's a festival stage where there's basically a music festival going on for the entire conference.

EM: I walked by that festival stage, it looks amazing.

JG: Yeah.

HG: Yeah, it's good.

EM: It's hard not to, like, dance.

HG: We also had a lot of feedback last year that people wanted more content about, like, how to make great videos, how to write good videos.

EM: Yeah.

HG: Just the techniques. Not just, like, audience development and making money but, like, happens to make great content.

JG: A question for us is how do you, as it becomes an industry, how do you make it a community oriented, community focused industry.

EM: Yeah.

JG: And a community driven industry because that's what separates us, that's what separates online video from the world of Hollywood. It's not just something you watch, it's something you're a part of.

EM: So what do people have to look forward to the most for this particular VidCon? What are you guys most excited about? One moment.

HG: That depends on who they are.

EM: If it's you guys.

JG: I mean, I'll tell you what I'm looking forward to. I'm looking for  to George Watsky.

HG: Oh come on, that was mine!

EM: Oh, you stole it.

JG: Rocking on stage, I'm looking forward to the Gregory Brothers, I'm looking forward to my brother singing songs about Harry Potter. And then in terms of, like, the content, I thought industry day was really interesting yesterday, but I'm looking forward to the meetups. I'm looking forward to being one of the screaming fans of Philip DeFranco.

EM: Wonderful. Oh Yeah. Phil! Phil!

JG: I love you Phil! Oh my god, Phil, Phil, Phil!

EM: Phil, Phil! We do that to him all the time. It scares him.

HG: He's like just standing right over there.

EM: It makes him very, yeah. Oh is that him? Alright, alright. Well on that note...

HG: He came over to watch you work and then now he's gone.

EM: Yeah. And then, yeah. He's always watching. His eyes are always there. OK guys, I'm Elliott Morgan, Hank Green, John Green, thank you guys for joining us.

HG: Thanks so much for being here.

JG: Thank you. DFTBA.