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TitleDate uploadedDate transcribedGap (D:H:M)
One Stupid Joke...2013-01-042013-01-0500:23:36
The Pronunciation of GIF2013-03-132013-03-2511:05:35
Disney, Fanart, and Copyright2013-04-082013-04-0800:01:46
My Leaving Home Story2013-04-102013-04-1706:16:06
How I Met My Wife2013-04-202013-04-2707:12:00
IT'S PRONOUNCED GIF!!!2013-05-232013-06-0916:23:23
Bloopers from the Whip-Pan Question Video2013-05-242013-06-1017:01:23
A Space Telescope for Everyone2013-05-292013-06-0204:04:36
The Full Dougie2013-06-032013-06-0400:09:35
Sexplanations Pre-Launch Sunset Party2013-06-152013-07-0418:09:42
What's Between the Cuts?2013-07-072013-07-0700:03:34
A Chat with YouTube2013-07-172013-07-2002:18:05
Happy Birthday John!!2013-08-242013-08-2500:12:06
Why are Chemical Weapons Different?2013-09-132013-09-1401:08:29
How Long is a Millions Seconds2013-10-252013-11-0510:13:56
Hank and John Arm Wrestling WHO WILL WIN!2013-11-282013-11-2900:02:53
Sisters - Covered by Hank - Just 'Cause2013-12-012013-12-0705:22:20
Hank and the Tree: Behind the Scenes2014-02-042014-02-0500:12:00
The Promised Slam2014-02-142014-02-1702:13:35
Let it Go - Acoustic Punk Cover - Hank Green2014-03-072014-03-0800:04:13
Full Time Lapse of Leaving Fort Lauderdale2014-03-192014-03-2505:16:11
I F***ing Love Science (Uncensored)2014-04-252014-04-2600:05:12
Hank's Tour Diary Part 1!2014-07-052014-07-0600:07:41
How to Deal with Copyright Claims (And More)2014-08-142014-08-1702:11:05
A Completely Unedited Video in the Style of Vlogbrothers2014-08-222014-08-2705:16:57
Question Tuesday Out Takes2014-09-052014-09-0500:04:34
Meet Kelly, The First Recipient of a Nerdfighter Indie Creator Grant2014-09-192014-09-2102:11:19
SO MANY COOL THINGS!2014-10-222014-10-2200:01:00
Goat Soap from my Mom2014-11-102014-11-1201:23:16
The Loudness War2014-11-142014-11-1400:00:37
Project for Awesome Tips!2014-12-062014-12-0600:07:06
Nerdfighter Groups Around the World2014-12-302014-12-3000:04:27
Marriage Is What Bwings Us Togevah Today2015-01-052015-01-2217:01:30
The Hunt for the Christmas Tree2015-01-062015-01-2619:15:04
Tour Because Awesome Is Coming To Your Town!2015-03-192015-04-0213:16:44
The Renaissance and the Way We Celebrate It2015-03-212015-03-2100:10:49
Vlogbrothers Takedown and Tour and Stuff2015-04-132015-04-1400:19:35
GIF RANT CONTINUES2015-05-212015-05-2100:04:07
My Whole Trip to LA According to my Snapchat2015-08-012015-08-0100:06:59
Nerdfighteria Census 2015 Analysis!2015-09-042015-09-0804:00:05
Yellowstone National Park Footage: Creative Commons Free License2015-09-162015-09-2004:04:15
How to Play Wizard School2015-10-072015-10-2214:14:47
A Long Video About Paid YouTube (YouTube Red)2015-10-222015-10-2300:20:07
An Hour of Karen Coloring an Owl (in 3 minutes)2015-10-262015-10-2600:00:56
Project for Awesome 2015 IndieGoGo2015-12-092015-12-2517:02:26
FROM THE ARCHIVE: My Trip to the Whitehouse2016-01-152016-01-2105:23:35
Why You Should Get YouTube Red2016-02-102016-02-1202:11:55
How Much Do You Make from YouTube Red?2016-02-102016-02-1000:01:31
Here's a Dumb Thing2016-04-082016-04-0900:02:27
Unboxing a Present from YouTube2016-05-142016-05-1501:16:10
Vlogbrothers and The News2016-07-152016-07-1500:05:36
Love, Appreciation, and How We Express Them2016-08-222016-08-2200:03:05
10th Anniversary Wood Cuts2017-01-032017-01-0400:20:52

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Article: Hanks Channel (hankschannel)

Hank Green's YouTube channel, on which he sometimes uploads videos.

Those vary in quality and go from iPhone vlogs to longer versions of his Vlogbrothers videos or extras and bloopers.

Some videos explain how to make videos or show how Hank writes a Vlogbrothers script.

The videos have no time limit.

Hank started the channel November 7th, 2009, with this video.

Article: Orin Green

Orin Green is Hank and Katherine's son, born on October 29 (or 30) 2016. Hank initially announced Katherine's pregnancy at the end of the video Building Poe Dameron's X-Wing, a lengthy and seemingly unimportant video, as he wished to announce the news softly and not make a big deal of it.

In mid-October of 2016, Hank began announcing plans for paternity leave, including having guests fill-in for his roles on Vlogbrothers and other outlets. On October 31, he tweeted the announcement that their child had been born, along with announcing the baby's name and gender (a boy named Orin). The next day, John made a video announcing the news on Vlogbrothers.