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There's another theory about the Covid-19 pandemic going around, and while it is pretty cool, it's not exactly the solution some are suggesting it might be.

Hosted by: Hank Green

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Once again, there's another theory about the COVID 19 pandemic going around. This time, some are claiming that although only a very small percentage of the population have had the virus, many more are immune because they've had colds. Some are saying that because of this, we are reaching herd immunity, that point where enough people are immune that the virus can't really continue circulating. And we didn't realize it earlier because this immunity is different than usual. It is conferred by something called T cells rather than by antibodies. 

But as awesome as that would be, it's all a big misunderstanding; if you actually look at the research, it tells a very different story. 

This whole idea comes from a bunch of studies published over the last few months. And they do show that many people have what immunologists call T-cell immunoly. 

T cells are immune cells, and they work with cells that produce antibodies to identify and fight diseases. There are different types of T cells that do different things, but one of their main jobs