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As election season begins, the winds of change blow dozens of dusty candidates across the cornfields of Iowa so they can tell you why everything's terrible. Hank's Channel!!:
Vlogbrothers songification!! -

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Martha Raddatz: A resignation this week of 33 year old Aaron Schock.

Hank Green: Would you say you're shocked?

MR: Who most of us, I think, remember from Instagram.

HG: Yeah. I mean what?

Sarah Gregory: I mostly remember him from my naughty dreams.

MR: The FBI is investigating.

SG: This reminds me. Every night before she tucked me in, my parole office said:


SG: Too many abs on Instagram can be the end of the line for a congressman.

Cokie Roberts: Why would you do this? You're in public office. Everything you do is public.

SG & HG: Your abs are public. If you go to rehab, it's public. Take your pride and your shame and double it.

CR: And everything your family does is public.

SG & HG: Ooooh

Van Jones: I know him. What's really interesting is

VJ & HG: He may have been dumb, but he's not corrupt.

VJ: People run down the halls of congress

VJ & HG: With big wheelbarrows full of cash

VJ: But as long as you file the paperwork

VJ & SG: It's OK

VJ, HG, SG: He may have been dumb, but he's not corrupt.

SG & HG: Unless it's a crime to have a rock hard butt.

SG, HG, VJ: It's OK, it's OK

HG & SG: He'll find another job on the runway-ayayayay. The runway-ayayay.

Mika Brzezinski: There's a band, Waka Flocka Flame.

Andrew Gregory: You know they're the best band 'cause they've got the best name.

MB: They were gonna perform on the campus of Oklahoma University.

Joe Scarborough: But they cancelled.

AG: Why?

MB: Two fraternity members caught chanting racial slurs. The lead singer says they were shocked.

Waka Flocka Flame: I'm shocked.

MB: They were shocked.

WFF: It's crazy - that's passed down.

AG: So don't be racist in front of a baby.

AG & WFF: It's crazy.

WFF: I really can't blame the kids.

AG & WFF: That's passed down.

James Inhofe: You know what this is?

Evan Gregory: No.

JI: A snowball.

EG: Oh.

JI: So it's very, very cold. Catch this.

EG: Whoa.

JI: Issues like global warming are simply not what we need to be worrying about.

EG: Cool story bro.

Donald Trump: I can truly make this country great again and nobody else can do what I do. Nobody else can do what I do. And I can straighten it out.

Ted Cruz: My music tastes changed on 9/11. I grew up listening to classic rock. Country music - these are my people. I didn't like how rock responded on 9/11 and country music, the way they responded resonated. Country music - these are my people.

George Stephanopoulos: Clinton's emails, Clinton's emails. What does she do, does it spell real trouble?

Donna Brazile: Nobody's drinking Pepto-Bismol right now.

Junkie Einstein: Speak for yourself, I chugged this bottle right now. Think of the North Korean hackers, they'll see all my naughty selfies if they try and track her. Ooh, I always knew my downfall would be a female.

DB: I'm not even interested in anybody's emails.

JE: Good, there's nothing there to see.

DB: I'm not interested.

JE: Except for the six-pack on me-ee.

Sarah Palin & Gregory Brothers: From bad comes good

SP: That's been one of my mantras.

SP & GB: From very bad can come very good. From very good can come very bad.

GB: So the only way we can be great is if we start out terrible. 'Cause if we try to be great then we'll only get worse and we're stuck in the

GB & SP: Status quo, status quo.

SP: Another Latin word.

GB & SP: Status quo. Another Latin word.

GB: Roman Empire.

SP & GB: From bad comes good.

SP: That's been one of my mantras.

GB: From very bad can come very good.


EG: Huh. Does anybody know if there's food? 'Cause that's kind of why I came.


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(From preview)

HG: John, you've got Batman entirely wrong. John we are all Bat-people.

John Green: Hank, Gotham never gets better for long. Crime is not actually caused by...